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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:18:26 AM
Chapter 47

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An assassin has appeared and that is unfavorable to Chu Yue . Xiao Luo's nerves are in a state of high tension these days . Whether in class or in class choral exercises, he is especially sensitive to any stranger who appears .

Chu YunXiong miraculously got the assassin's information .

So Xiao Luo not only knew the assassin's name and nickname, but also his appearance was engraved in his mind .

Frowning, he looked at the dense forest nearby, lost in thought: if I were him, then when and where would I choose to start?

Thinking to himself, a melon-shaped face suddenly appeared in front of him, a pair of glazed eyes staring at him angrily, it was the class monitor Huang Ruoran .

"What?" Xiao Luo lightly asked .

Huang Ruoran accused loudly: "Everyone is concentrating on practicing chorus . Only you have been standing here absent-mindedly . What are you thinking?"

"Everyone's spare time is very precious . We have practiced singing for two hours today, and our voices are almost hoarse . Isn't that enough?" Xiao Luo rightfully rebuked .

In the past, when he was in college, he was also very disgusted with the choir performance competition held by the school . It was meaningless . It was better to let the students use the choir practice time to do something they like to do .

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These words resonated with the English major girls, who spoke in succession .

"Yes, squad leader, let's call it a day . My voice is hoarse and my legs are sore . It seems that they are not my own anymore . "

"Two hours is long enough . Anyway, there are still two weeks and a practice tomorrow!"

"I really want to have a rest . If I continue to practice, then we won't be able to sing anymore . "

It takes a lot of physical strength to practice chorus standing up, and all the English majors now feel like they need to stop .

"No, the ranking of the chorus competition directly affects our professional collective honor . Now we can't even sing the song" Yellow River "neatly . How can we participate in the competition? If we go on stage, we will certainly make a joke . Two weeks seems a long time, but there is not much time left for us to practice . It takes us 28 hours to play and count . We must have a sense of crisis . " Huang Ruoran righteously said .

"Even if you have any sense of crisis, you have to eat . It's 11: 55 now, and there are five more minutes to eat at the peak . You still have to queue up for anything you want . " Xiao Luo lightly smiled .

People need to eat not to mention the Time got to the cafeteria!

Chu Yue's heart could not help but agree, she did feel her empty stomach .

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Huang Ruoran took out her mobile phone and looked at the time . Then she shouted, "We will dissolve after singing five more times!"

What? You want to sing five more times?

God, please help us!

Hearing this, the girl who was already feeling tired and her legs and feet were sore and numb immediately began to cry .

Xiao Luo did not contradict her any more . But he did not come to Hua Ye to be controlled though, nor did he come to sing this damned chorus . He was only an invisible bodyguard, and there was no need to be too competent as a student .

"Sorry, you practice it . I'm hungry . I'm going to eat!" Leaving a word, he turned round and left .

"Luo Ge, wait for us!"

Xiao-fei Zhu and Ding Kai were also fed up with this, they have long been fed up with the oppression of the girls . Now they feel that it is their boys' turn over to be the master of the moment, this is an opportunity to rise .

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An Huan sipped her lips and muttered to herself, "Luo Shen, is really going opposite!"

The three men left . This was a bare and naked challenge . Huang Ruoran, as the leader of the squad, ran after them recklessly . She stretched out her arms and blocked the way of the three men . Her silver teeth were clenched and her eyes were almost burning with fire . Like an angry female leopard, she said slowly: "I said to sing five more times before disbanding . You three didn't hear?"

"Monitor, we are really hungry . You see, I am so hungry that my chest sticks to my back . " Xiao-fei Zhu patted his chest and said .

He said this inevitably very funny, his chubby figure just with chest stick back together, this is an open-eyed nonsense .

Ding Kai also echoed: "I'm also starving to death, class monitor, have mercy and let us go to lunch . If I faint due to low blood sugar, you will take full responsibility . Then I will go to hospital, registration fee, consultation fee, medical fee, nutrition fee, etc . You will reimburse me all!"

"Shut up!"

Huang Ruoran was furious . She clenched her fist and stared angrily at Xiao Luo . She ordered, "Go back and sing for the last five times . Then you can go wherever you like . "

"After two hours of practice, even two consecutive classes should be over . "

Xiao Luo explained, "Chorus is not such a practice method . When everyone no longer wants to practice, don't rap five more times . Even singing 50 or 100 times won't have any effect . It's just a waste of time . "

"Don't make excuses for your laziness!" Huang Ruoran coldly replied .

Xiao Luo shook his head: "I'm not looking for any excuse . You are the monitor of the class . You gather everyone to practice chorus after school . All of us will come to this pavilion to practice singing without saying anything, but you should also consider for all of us . "

After a pause, he went on to say, "Two hours of continuous chorus practice, not to mention standing all the time during this period, just singing with your voice open, will make everyone feel a little overwhelmed . After a long practice, everyone cannot sing" Yellow river "neatly . You should stop and think about whether your training method is wrong, instead of letting everyone continue to sing for five more times . "

Although this time Xiao Luo is contradicting Huang Ruoran, the English major girls all support Xiao Luo's statement . Even the girls who have always supported Huang Ruoran also think Xiao Luo's statement is very reasonable at the moment . After all, they already practiced for nearly five days, but everyone still cannot sing "yellow river" neatly . It must be the wrong training method .

"I think he is right this time, tsk even after pretending . " Chu Yue pie mouth .

Bai Xeiwen feel the same way and nodded, and then shook her head, because she felt what Xiao Luo said before are also very reasonable .

Huang Ruoran consciously managed the class in an orderly way, but when this Xiao Luo came, everything changed . Her monitor authority was hit by an unprecedented impact . She bit her silver teeth and rushed Xiao Luo . "Xiao Luo, why do you always have to deal with me?"

"You think too much, I haven't had a hard time with anyone . Believe it or not, I've already turned over the previous events . Otherwise, I wouldn't have come here to practice choir in the first place after receiving your short message . But you ask yourself, is our choir practice too long? Even if this choir competition is really so important, we should still rest when we need rest, am I right?" Xiao Luo said indifferently .

He had already forgotten the event in the last oral class . He would not dispute with a girl for so long . This time he defied Huang Ruoran's meaning because he just felt that Huang Ruoran's arrangement was very unreasonable .

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