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Chapter 46

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"Luo Shen, let him go, you are handsome enough!"

Anhuan also persuaded Xiao Luo, after all, this is in class, but also in school, she didn't want Xiao Luo to be punished .

Xiao Luo grabbed Tang Yuze by the collar, drew him near, and smiled playfully: "With so many people urging me, I'm not too embarrassed to hit you, so, apologize to me, and I'll call it a day . "

I . . . . f*ck, you!

Tang Yuzhe was bitter in his heart, he got beat and still have to apologize, is there such a truth in the world?

"Won't apologize? Then I will continue! "

Xiao Luo smiled and pushed Tang Yuze away, toward his head was ready to sweep him again .

"I'm sorry!" 、

Alarmed Tang Yuze exclaimed loudly, "I was wrong, I was wrong, I'm sorry!"

"Pshh ~"

The wind howled, Xiao Luo's right foot stopped at Tang Yuze's neck, and the leg wind brought by Xiao Luo blew Tang Yuze's glossy hair to stagger . This guy almost peed his pants .

The whole classroom is stunned, for a while there was no one who said anything, everyone, deeply felt Xiao Luo and his vicious strength .

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"Xiao, dare to touch me, this Daddy kill you!"

At this moment, in the middle of the classroom aisle Song Jian was looking hideous, towards Xiao Luo he fiercely pounced .

Potential of a bull, roar like a thunder!

A rowing palm shadow with unparalleled breath met Xiao Luo .

The tsunami-like force swept through his arms . Xiao Luo felt slightly paralyzed and tingling on both sides of his body, and his body was out of balance . This force of Song Jian'an exceeded his expectation, forcing him to withdraw four or five steps backward .

And Song Jianan was also forced back a few steps, the anger on his face was replaced by shock, he didn't think that with this look, Xiao Luo packed great strength . The explosive force of his body is no less than him, one must know that he started to practice martial arts since childhood to achieve what he is now, in addition to having a good kung fu, his body is refined by him to the extreme, his fat content is only about 4%, and almost all were muscles .


Song Jian'an picked up his disdainful eyes, as those who could fight hard against hard with him were enough to make him pay attention .

"Is it because of you that you are a practioner?" Xiao Luo coldly asked .

"Well, I asked for nothing, die! ! !”

Song Jian explosively roared, his momentum surged, his beast blood was boiling towards Xiao Luo .

"What a big tone . "

Xiao Luo disdained, taking the initiative to meet his strike . He clenched his right fist, such as a roaring cheetah, he bared his teeth, hissing loud .

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"Peng ~"

The two men's fists collided in the air, and a dull sound followed, exploding .

The strength of the boom, can let the person watching scalp's tingle . They've only seen this kind of fight on TV before, but now they witnessed it . That kind of power and that burst aura, all shook everyone's heart .

Only then did the interpreter return his absolute being, he picked up a book, threw it hard at the platform, and there was a loud "bang" . The whole classroom seemed to explode like a thunderbolt, which made people shiver uncontrollably .

"Want to do, what do you really want to do, take martial arts movies? Everyone wants to be a knight-errant? Believe it or not, I will drop you out of school so that you could go home? " The interpreter was furious, he was flushed red and was shouting . The students really didn't take him seriously so much so that during the class they were fighting . It was really too much .

Song Jian'an, terrified of dropping out of school, took the lead in withdrawing his hand and grinned: "The teacher misunderstood me . We just felt itchy . We couldn't help learning from each other . People who practice martial arts all have such a shortcoming . Please forgive me a lot . "

"Don't smirk with me, you three are not here for class at all . Get out of here, or I'll call the school security department . " The interpreter took out his mobile phone and threatened .

"No, no, since the teacher doesn't like us, let's go . "

Song Jian 'an bowed slightly to the interpreter with a false smile on his face, then waved and said to Tang Yuze and Chen Jie, "Let's go!"

Saying that, he turn round and left .

Before leaving, he didn't forget to mercilessly stare at Xiao Luo, and then looked to the seat of An huan and made an "I love you" gesture .

"Get out of here!"

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The Interpreter spit on the door of the classroom, turned around and looked at Xiao Luo, "Xiao Luo, how about you? Do you want to go out or stay and continue listening? "

"I chose to stay and continue listening . " Xiao Luo squinting, laughed .

With that he's back to being bright with no signs of the prior fight . Song Jian's temperament is completely opposite, the latter was gloomy, puffed up, confident . The former was smiling, and easy-going .

Everyone in the classroom can't help but have such an illusion, just Xiao Luo before and Xiao Luo now are two different people!

"Then what are you still doing standing there? Why don't you go back to your seat and sit down? " The interpreter turned his face straight .

Xiao Luk said nothing and took a new seat .

"If so, please remember to ask him to report the damaged desk after class . This is the destruction of school property . " The interpreter said .

"Yes, sir . "

Huang Ruoran stood up and replied, then glanced at Xiao Luo disgusted before sitting down .

"Well, let's continue our class!" The interpreter cleared his throat, his tone turned into positive color .

But the girl's heart in the class was unable to calm down for a long time . They were able to see Xiao Luo exchange a few moves with Song Jian' an, president of the Sanda club .

"What did Luo Shen do before?"

"Yes, the disparity in size is so huge, but he is only in a little disadvantage to Song Jian 'an . What did he grow up on?"

"I think he must be a boy with a story . "

Everyone was whispering at the bottom of the aisle .

"He has been a soldier for two years and trained in the army . What's so strange about his skill?" Chu Yue's word, solved all doubts .

Yes, Luo Shen came back to college after two years of military retirement . His skill must have been developed in the army .

An Huan directly handed Xiao Luo a small note: Luo Shen, you were so handsome and cool just now . After class, let's go to the back of the school . I want to draw a portrait for you!

Xiao Luo looked at it and wanted to laugh, then with a sign pen, he replied, "Draw me, you'd better draw blue sky and white clouds!"

He is now moping about compensating for the loss of his desk after class .

Xiao-fei Zhu and Ding Kai were almost brain-dead . They were very anxious to stick to Xiao Luo's side like two boneless worms . They also didn't expect, Xiao Luo to be incredibly strong to the point where he can compete with Song Jian, this is too much to imagine .

You know, Song Jian 'an's weight is 2450kg, and his whole body is full of strong muscles, just like Nba's Howard, which looks horrible when viewed from a distance btw, but while Xiao Luo's weight is more than 130kg . Compared with Song Jian 'an, it is like the difference between a thin arm and a thick thigh, there is no comparison at all .

At the same time, Song Jian 'an, who walked out of the teaching building, spoke .

"Boss, do we just forget it?" Chen Jie asked .

"Of course not, that Xiao Luo, I'll show him! ! !”

Song Jian 'an looked at his trembling right hand fiercely, just that one punch to boom, his hand was as unconscious as waste, if it weren't for him forcing it to endure, he would make a fool out of himself in the classroom .

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