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Chapter 437

Chapter 437: Time is Precious .


After carefully reading Guo Taining’s basic information, Xiao Luo took Si Yueting and Liu Yiyao to the Municipal Women’s Insurance Institute with the company’s contract .

At present, the Municipal Women’s Hospital was located near a vegetable market . Therefore, due to heavy foot traffic and the very narrowed alley, the surrounding environment was chaotic and inconvenient . On both sides of the alley would always be stalls selling fruits and vegetables, intermixing with the flow of people .   Previously, an emergency rescue incident occurred, and it was very difficult for ambulances to pass through . It was reasonable to relocate to a new location . Moreover, there was absolutely no problem in terms of funds .

“Brother Luo, can we really win this order?”  Si Yueting asked in doubt while standing in front of the gate of the Women’s Insurance Institute .   How could it be possible for their Group 3 to persuade the customer when even Mao Jianyi and Ling Fei couldn’t even do it?

Liu Yiyao didn’t speak, but her expression was tense and apprehensive . Apparently, like Si Yueting, she didn’t have any confidence .

“Things aren’t absolute!”  Xiao Luo smiled and then stepped in .

Si Yueting and Liu Yiyao smiled bitterly at one another and followed behind him . However, their professionalism was still quite high, as they automatically put  a smile on their faces upon entering . A person wouldn’t be able to see their internal nervousness from the outside, they could only see confidence .

Like any other hospitals, the air inside was filled with the smell of antiseptic due to the use of disinfectants . But soon after, the smell faded as they arrived at the inpatient wing . From time to time, one could hear a baby crying in the ward .

On their way to the administration building, they met with numerous parents who were holding their children .

Liu Yiyao suddenly asked curiously, “Luo Ge, are you married?”

Xiao Luo thought for a moment and replied, “Yes . ”

“Do you have children?” She asked again .

“Yes . ”

In Xiao Luo’s mind appeared Su Bei’s innocent smile with her crescent-like eyes squinted .

“I heard that having children is just like keeping up with the scaffold . How did it feel when Luo Ge and Sister-in-law were in the delivery room?”

“I can’t answer this question for the time being . ”  Xiao Luo laughed . I didn’t experience it, so how would I know?


“Yiyao, why do you have so many questions? Did you forget our purpose?” Si Yueting interrupted .

Liu Yiyao explained, “I am curious about having children . Besides, talking about these topics can relieve my nervousness . ”

When Si Yueting heard this reply, she felt that it was reasonable . In the end, she shook her head and sighed, “My sister told me that she wanted to commit suicide when she was in delivery . There was an unbearable pain, it felt like her soul was torn in half . She also said that the delivery room was full of crying sounds from other mothers .   It felt like she was in hell . With this, it’s impossible to have children . I will never have children in my life!”

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“That’s because you haven’t met a man who could make you fall in love . Once you do, you will be willing to give birth for him . ” Liu Yiyao ‘preached’ like an ‘experienced’ person .

“Come on, I don’t want to suffer that much pain . I’ll just go to the welfare home to adopt one in the future . ” Si Yueting replied .

As the two talked, their mood became more relaxed . Xiao Luo just raised his eyebrow, but didn’t make any comments .

The three of them soon came to the administration building . Si Yueting and Liu Yiyao already stopped their chit-chat .

“Hello, this is the administrative department, if you’re seeing a doctor or visiting a patient, please go to the building in front . ”  A well-dressed woman greeted them with a smile .

“We are not seeing a doctor, nor are we visiting a patient . We are here to meet with your Dean Guo . ” Xiao Luo immediately cut to the chase .

“Looking for our Dean?”

The woman was stunned for a moment and then asked, “Who are you?”

“We are from the sales department of Huayao Group, and we are here to talk to President Guo about business cooperation . ”  Xiao Luo replied truthfully .

Based on what happened with Guo Taining, Xiao Luo could see that this Guo Taining was a straight-hearted person, he would never pull tricks nor conspire .   Hence, if he did not disclosee his true identity, then Guo Taining would just outright refuse to see him and reject Huayao Group .

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“Didn’t you just send someone here this morning?” The woman frowned .

“They came in a hurry, there were still some matters that were left unclear . ”  Xiao Luo explained .

“Then wait here, I’ll report it first . ”

“Please!”  Xiao Luo nodded slightly .

“Will Dean Guo see us? Why do I feel that we will not even see his face during this trip?” After the woman left, Si Yueting whispered to herself .

“Certainly, Guo Taining is someone of high calibre . He may not see people who are like foxes (smart and clever), but he will never block people who visit him with sincerity . ”  Xiao Luo said confidently, this was his conclusion after reading through Guo Taining’s information . He more or less had a general grasp of Guo Taining’s character .

As if to confirm what he had said . The woman soon returned and told them that Dean Guo was willing to meet with them .

After thanking the woman, Xiao Luo led Si Yueting and Liu Yiyao to Guo Taining’s office .

The office was located at the end of the corridor, on the third floor . As soon as they entered the door, they saw a middle-aged man with half-white hair sitting in an office chair and looking at medical books carefully .

The office area was not big, only more than 30 square meters . It was simply decorated with a green bonsai situated in every corner; a bookshelf stood against the wall .   On his desk were some files waiting to be sorted, and a globe .

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“Dean, they are here!” The woman knocked on the door .

The middle-aged man nodded . Then without even looking at Xiao Luo, he asked while still looking at the files, “I had already made it clear to your Sales Minister . What else did he ask you to do?”

“Dean Guo, we are here, on behalf of Huayao Group, to discuss with you about a possible cooperation . ” Xiao Luo humbly stated .

“Don’t say that I didn’t give you young people a chance… So, if you can move me within a hundred words, I will place an order in your Huayao Group . ” Guo Taining still did not lift his eyes .

Only one hundred words?

Si Yueting and Liu Yiyao intensely frowned . Minister Mao and Leader Ling Fei didn’t even win the order despite having the entire morning .   However, now they needed to persuade Guo Taining within one hundred words? How could that be possible?

“Dean Guo, we are here with sincerity . No matter how much preferential conditions Renhe Pharmaceutical gives you, our Huayao Group will double it . ” Si Yueting urgently bargained .

“Yes, Dean Guo, please consider our Huayao Group . Whether it is medical equipment or medicine, our two companies are almost the same in quality . If you can buy the same thing for less price, isn’t it a good thing for you? You can use the saved money for the construction of the hospital . Isn’t this better?” Liu Yao chimed in .

“Time is precious, don’t waste my time, and don’t waste your time . ”

Guo Taining’s attitude was very cold, it was almost like he was not giving opportunities at all . His eyes never lifted from the medical books .

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