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Chapter 436

Chapter 436: No Weakness .


“Have you heard? The new leader of Group 3 in the Sales Department made a big fuss in Boss Shen’s office! He said that he would take back the Municipal Women’s Insurance Institute’s order from Renhe Pharmaceutical’s mouth . ”

“Really? He has such confidence as a newcomer? Guo Taining, the Dean of the Municipal Women’s Insurance Institute and the Sales Director of Renhe Pharmaceutical are old acquaintances . Wanting Guo Taining to abandon Renhe Pharmaceutical, to purchase from our Huayao Group instead, is harder than climbing to heaven . ”

“Of course it’s true . On the day of his interview, that leader won the order from the Princess of Dubai . It must have gone to his head (ego) and I guess this is the reason why he’s so confident right now . I also heard that President Shen and Vice President Shen took this opportunity have a competition . ”

“What? What’s the situation?”

“Well, if the Group 3 leader successfully gets the Municipal Women’s Insurance Institute’s order, Vice President Shen had to resign and just go home to support the elderly . However, if not, Vice President Shen would be the new President . ”

“No way, such a major bet . ”

“Not only that, but Group 3 leader also joined in the bet . He gambled with Vice President Shen and the Group 2 leader from the Sales Department . ”

“My God, am I smelling a bloody rain? Who is this leader of Group 3? He just entered the company less than a month ago, and now he made such a big move?”

“Who knows, but there are rumors that he is President Shen’s lover . ”

“Wow, this news is too exciting!”

What happened in Shen Qingyan’s office swept through Huayao Group like a storm . Within two hours, almost everyone was aware of what had transpired . People were curious about the person who won the order from the Princess of Dubai and tried every means to find out more information on Xiao Luo .



At this moment, the atmosphere in the sales department was very strange .

Everyone was pretending to be busy, but their eyes betrayed them as they kept straying to Group 3 area, because Xiao Luo had been sitting there ever since he came back from Shen Qingyan’s office . He just turned on the computer and played minesweeper .

Didn’t this guy say he was going to get the order from Municipal Women’s Insurance Hospital?

How can he have the leisure and elegance to play games?

They were quite puzzled, especially Guan Tong, who was very anxious and very much wanted to rush up to Xiao Luo and give him a big scolding .

Xu Le, whose head still wrapped in white bandages, looked at Xiao Luo in a daze . He couldn’t help but grit his teeth, “Fool, still playing games here? Hah! I’ll just watch you die then . ”

Mao Jianyi also glanced at Xiao Luo through the blinds, and then gave a call to Shen Xingqing to report the situation, “Vice President, he hasn’t set off yet, he is sitting in his seat playing with the computer . ”

“Playing? Is that bandit out of his mind? Ha ha ha … ”  Shen Xingqing was amused by Xiao Luo’s behavior .

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Mao Jianyi frowned slightly . After hesitating, he expressed his inner concern: “Vice President, nothing in this world is absolute, in case he…”

“Succeed? Do you really think he will?” Shen Xingqing sneered .

Mao Jianyi didn’t speak anymore . Reason told him that it was indeed really impossible for Xiao Luo to succeed . Even though the chance was at 1 in a 100, his heart still felt uneasy .

“I’ve dealt with Guo Taining before . He is a man who is very upright and has no dirt on him . Money, women and power? These three things that can make men lose themselves are all easy for him . Guo Taining has no weakness . If there is, you and Ling Fei wouldn’t have come back empty-handed . In addition, his relationship with the minister of Renhe Pharmaceutical Sales Department is very iron solid .

“When they were young, they worked in the same hospital . The minister was his assistant at that time, and because of this relationship, he chose Renhe Pharmaceutical without even considering it . Shen Qingyan, that little b*tch, told you to negotiate with Guo Taining as if she didn’t know all of this…”

Shen Xingqing sat calmly on the sofa as he held the phone cheerfully . “That bandit stood in the wrong team and went against me instead . Unless I crush him to dust, he wouldn’t know that the sky was blue . ”


Hearing these words, Mao Jianyi was reassured, and his uneasiness completely dissipated .



“Luo Ge, this is the relevant information of Guo Taining, the Dean of the Women’s Insurance Institute . ”

Si Yueting and Liu Yiyao put Guo Taining’s data into a pile and placed them in front of Xiao Luo .

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Xiao Luo frowned . “What I want is his basic information . Why do you give me so much?”

He glanced at it roughly . It was all about Guo Taining’s social circle, hobbies, eating habits, places he often went to, and so on . It seemed that they could even collect all the information about when Guo Taining went to the toilet .

“I’ll take this one . ”

Xiao Luo picked up a file that contained the basic information about Guo Taining, such as his age, height, photos, character history and so on .

Si Yueting asked nervously, “Luo Ge, are we really going to get the order from the Municipal Women’s Insurance Institute?”

“Hmm . ”

Xiao Luo carefully looked at the data and nodded his head .

“It’s almost the end of the month . I understand that Luo Ge wants to deliver a good performance, but this order is too big . Can we really win it?” Si Yueting felt that her brain was overloading . She never would have thought that she would witness a 170 million yuan order!

Liu Yiyao also shivered, “We haven’t even fully understood the task in the novice village, yet we’re already facing the Big Boss . It is terrifying just thinking about it . ”

Xiao Luo didn’t say a word, but continued to read the basic information on Guo Taining in earnest . The data was not much different from Baidu Encyclopedia as it recorded the important timeline in Guo Taining’s life .

“Ling Fie?!”

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Si Yueting suddenly cried out .

Xiao Luo also noticed that there was someone looking at him in close quarters (distance) . He looked up and faced a cold and prideful woman . It was Ling Fei, the number one sister of the Sales Department .

“Xiao Luo, it’s not too late for you to bow your head to Vice President Shen . You don’t need to participate in the fight between him and President Shen . No one can win the order of the Municipal Women’s Insurance Institute . Guo Taining will only place an order in Renhe Pharmaceutical, and no one can change it . ” Ling Fei ‘advised’ .

Xiao Luo snorted softly, “Are you speaking for Shen Xingqing?”

“No, I speak for myself . I just don’t want to see my colleague fall victim to the storm between President Shen and Vice President Shen . ”

“Do you think I will fail?”

“No I don’t ‘think’ you’ll fail, you ‘will’ fail . ”

Ling Fei said calmly and gravely, “Guo Taining’s attitude is extremely determined . Whether it is kickbacks or price reduction, he is unmoved . I have found that he has a strong friendship with the Sales Director of Renhe Pharmaceutical .   Otherwise he will not be so indifferent to the various preferential conditions put forth by our Huayao Group, and even throw us away without considering it . ”

“Well, thank you for your advice!”

Xiao Luo expressed his affirmation, and then went on reading Guo Taining’s basic information .

Ling Fei’s eyebrows tightly puckered, she then turned and walked away silently . She already said what she could, and since Xiao Luo didn’t listen, it had nothing to do with her anymore . Besides, she and Xiao Luo didn’t even know each other very well . She only came here to say such words because they were both colleagues .

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