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Chapter 426

Chapter 426: A Master in a Welfare Institute


Xiao Luo was stunned at first, but then he chuckled . He said, “What do I do in Jiang City? Didn’t you investigate clearly?”

“But I don’t think you are as simple as what is written on that basic information report . ”

Su Li walked over, bringing with her a faint fragrance .   “You can speak French, Russian and Arabic . You have a high level of language proficiency . You also know how to race, and your driving skills are first-class . But your information says that you are just an ordinary employee in Luo Fang . Judging from your ability, how can your identity be as simple as an ordinary employee?”

“Then according to Miss Su, what kind of person am I? Or, what identity is more in line with me? ” Xiao Luo asked with a smile .


Su Li was stumped . Indeed, although she felt that Xiao Luo was more than a mere employee at Luo Fang, she couldn’t figure out what kind of person was a ‘person’ who knew several foreign languages and possessed very high driving skills .

She pursed her lips, “I don’t know . ”

Xiao Luo smiled, “That is because you think too much, I am just an ordinary person . ”

He didn’t want Su Li to know what happened in Jiang City . He also wanted to turn over to a new page of his life and leave the bloody chapter behind .

After a pause, he added, “The foreign languages and racing were learned in my spare time . ”

“Learn?” Su Li exclaimed in surprise .

“How else did it come from? Out of thin air?” Xiao Luo questioned back .

That’s true!

Su Li found it somewhat easy to accept this statement, but Xiao Luo’s competence still shocked her . He learned four—again FOUR, foreign languages . That feat requires high talent, the same with the high level of racing . She suddenly feels that the man in front of her is a genius .

“If there is nothing else, please go back . Remember to close the door . It’s getting late . It’s time to sleep . ” Xiao Luo whispered .

He’s kicking me out?!

She would be lying if Su Li said she was not irritated right now, this was too humiliating for her . Is she that unlikeable?

At the same time, her heart was somewhat melancholy . She tied the man down with a contract with the hope that their feelings would increase if given enough time . She had been trying to get closer to this man, but he had not been showing any interest . Soon, she would be busy with her work . This job would probably take two or three months if it was busy …

She said, “You and I will accompany Su Bei tomorrow night . ”

“Are you going to get busy with your work?” Xiao Luo guessed .


Su Li nodded . She looked at the man, thinking that Xiao Luo would continue to ask her work place and work content .

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But the man only uttered one word, “Okay . ”

She looked back somewhat disappointed, “That’s all, you can go take a rest . ”

After she said that, she succinctly turned and left .

Su Li felt that she was out of her mind, but she was hoping for the man to show some concerns . Since her debut, she had long been used to being independent but…

She was sick of being alone … tired of being alone . The feeling of being alone was too excruciating . She needed someone to face the weather with, a shoulder she could rely on .


She had been in the entertainment industry for years, the only person she had to depend on was herself .   Why did she suddenly crave for a man’s care right now?

She suddenly felt that she was being ridiculous . A fake was a fake after all, nothing could make it genuine .

Xiao Luo watched her leave, with a complicated expression on his face . Su Li dared to jump from the balcony without hesitation to force him to marry her .   She then bought him a wedding ring, and filled a closet with new clothes and shoes for him . It was impossible to say that his heart remained steadfast . This woman was not only strong, she was also very proud .   He thought it definitely had a direct relationship with her success, he just couldn’t get used to it .

It always felt like their feelings were never on the same page, or their personalities were constantly clashing against each other .

He didn’t want to get too entangled in this kind of thoughts anymore so he took his pajamas and went into the bathroom .

The next day, after eating breakfast in Su Li’s apartment, Xiao Luo hurried downstairs .

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An Audi was parked by the road outside the hotel gate . After seeing him come out, Ji Siying pushed open the door and came down .

“Mr . Xiao Luo!”

Her voice was sweet and melodic, it was exactly like a female subordinate greeting her boss respectfully, whom she was also secretly in love with .

She was wearing white slacks and a pink coat that complimented her beautiful complexion .

She looked capable .

“Siying, did you investigate last night’s affair?” Xiao Luo asked .

“Not yet . ”

Ji Siying shook her head and said, “But my guess is that the men-in-black from last night were probably thugs from the MLM organization . The reason why the bureau assigned this task to you was to see if the MLM organization in Xia Hai was also inextricably linked with the Japanese anti-China forces, and the Aso family was one of them . They never stopped trying to break our country’s security . ”

“I see!”

Xiao Luo suddenly nodded . If MLM was just an ordinary crime, how could NSA bring him in for the task? Everything started to make sense now .

“There is another one, Hong Ji, the old beggar who Mr . Xiao Luo injured on the evening of the 10th… After we investigated his identity, it was revealed that he was the Dean of Tianci Welfare Institute . ”

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“Dean of a Welfare institute?”

Xiao Luo was surprised . Didn’t Hong Ji say he was a sect leader? How was he now a Dean of a Welfare Institute?

As if she could sense his doubts, Ji Siying explained: “Hong Ji is indeed the leader of the contemporary Beggars’ Sect . However, as the living standard of the people has improved significantly, most of the beggars living in the streets are professional beggars, the number of true beggars has reduced significantly . Furthermore, those few true-beggars are weak due to physical illnesses and have no other skills to earn money .

“Forced to truly rely on begging, the Beggars’ Sect is no longer what it used to be, the talents are in a decline, and Hongji is basically an army of one now . The reason why he turned into a hired-thug and took you on that day was to earn money to pay for the living expenses for the orphans, the old and the disabled that were adopted by Tianci Welfare Institute . But he didn’t expect to meet a strong opponent, and got taught a lesson instead . ”

Xiao Luo listened with a heavy heart, “Take me to Tianci Welfare Institute . ”

“Hmm . ” Ji Siying nodded .

Of course, she knew that Xiao Luo wasn’t going to continue to look for trouble with Hong Ji, because she knew this man . Although, he had a butcher’s knife in his hand and wouldn’t even blink an eye when executing his kills, but deep down he had his own justice and kindness .



“Our country hides many dragons and crouching tigers . Although the bureau has received many powerful fighters, there are still many outstanding masters hidden in the bustling city . Hong Ji is one of them . ”

In the car, Ji Siying earnestly explained to Xiao Luo . Her reason for doing this was another way of saying that he should pay more attention to his safety . China was not as calm as it seemed on the surface . Last night, the men-in-black were well trained, and they were extremely skillful . There may be S-Ranks or even Super-S-Rank monsters . Once confronted with these people, the situation would naturally become drastically dangerous . She was very concerned about Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo didn’t discern her hidden meaning… He just sat in his seat and looked out of the window, somewhat regretting that he had laid such a heavy hand on Hong Ji that night .

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