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Chapter 424

Chapter 424: Non-human .


The night was silent . The two masked men in black were approaching them unhurriedly . The silver crescent-shaped machetes in their hands reflected the light from the street lamps . The bleak murderous aura that had filled the space was precisely because of these machetes .

“Boss, I don’t feel right . Do you want to withdraw?”

A member of the Wolf Mountain team whispered in Lei Shijian’s ear .

Lei Shijian pulled himself back from the shock and smacked that member hard on the back of his head, “Retreat my fart!” He then stared at Xiao Luo, and gave a ferocious shout, “Boy, do you think this will scare us away? Hah, I’m a (greedy) pig! But so what? What can you do? These two wannabe assassins? Golden Eagle, Cool, you two go up and beat those two up . Remember, don’t stop until they call me Grandpa . ”

“Yes, boss!”  Two burly men nodded and stepped forward from within the Wolf mountain team . Holding their steel pipes, they intimidatingly went up to the two men in black . Their expressions suggested that they would eat these men in black alive .

“Hey, I want to see what tricks you are playing . I’ve heard of people pretending to be police, but I have never heard of people pretending to be assassins . Well this seems f*cking new . ” Lei Shijian was not in a hurry to force Xiao Luo to give back the 5 million .   Present, he was more interested in the two men in black, who suddenly appeared, than the 5 millions .

“I’m afraid that your two brothers are gonna have to say goodbye to you forever . ” Xiao Luo chuckled .

These two were clearly not veterans when it came to killing people, and Lei Shijian told them to go up . These men in black’s bodies reeked of strong murder intent . This was undoubtedly akin to giving them a death sentence .   However, Xiao Luo did not feel that he was under any obligation to save their pathetic lives, they weren’t even aware that they had been put under the butcher’s knife .

“Yo–yo–you think I’ll believe this? Come on then, just keep pretending . Let’s see how long you can last . It’s a shame for the film industry if I don’t give you an Oscar . Damn you’re so good at acting . ” Lei Shijian didn’t believe him at all . He had decided and concluded in his mind that this was a prank being played out by Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo smiled and did not speak anymore .

At this time, the men in black’s movements suddenly accelerated . They moved quickly like the wind, but as quiet as night . Their hands gripped the machetes’ handles at their right waist . A flash of coldness ran across their eyes .

The two Wolf Mountain team members who were walking towards them were shamefully frightened . This was an aura that made their souls tremble . But before they could respond, death had already arrived . The men in black acted in unison, like a combination of shadow and mass . Their machetes sliced down .

“Poof … Poof . ”

The bodies of the two team members were cleanly sliced through, from the top of their heads to their crotches; splitting into two halves . The two parts of the body fell to the ground separately, the internal organs and blood splashed everywhere making the ground bloody .


Lei Shijian and his companions, as well as Su Canye, inhaled a deep breath with their eyes wide open at this very moment . They felt the roots of their hair standing up uncontrollably . Who would have thought that such a scene would happen . Only a second ago, these two people, made of flesh and blood, were alive and kicking .   However, at this moment, their halves were splatter on the cold ground . Even when they were more than ten meters away, they could still smell the thick scent of blood in the air .

“Ah … Murder, murder!!!”  A frightened scream was heard, the stall owner was scared sh*tless and knelt to the ground . He then fled in a desperate mess, even leaving behind his stall .

Su Canye followed suit and also shouted “murder”, but he couldn’t continue after shouting out a few words . He just ate some noodles and combined with this bloody scene, he started vomiting .

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“Eldest brother, Golden Eagle and Cool are dead, they … They were sliced in half …”

A team member of Wolf Mountain tearfully cried . What had just occurred at the moment destroyed their psychological fortress in a flash . They were frightened and were shivering uncontrollably .

Lei Shijian wasn’t stupid . He looked in horror at his minion’s bodies that were split in halves . His brain was unable to process a single thought . He was still talking to them moments ago, and now they were dead?

Unacceptable, and even more inconceivable .

He looked at the two men in black, who now looked like the Grim Reapers in his eyes .

“What you said just now is right, you really are a pig!” Xiao Luo took the opportunity to denounce him coldly .

Seeing the eyes of the men in black combatively staring at him, his right hand grabbed the edge of a table in front of him and with a tug, the square table was thrown by him; spinning in the air and slamming towards the men in black .

The men in black’s expression didn’t fluctuat (without emotion) . Their eyes were still cold . They raised their machetes and made a vertically cut .

The flying table was sliced apart, and even the legs that were made of stainless steel were not spared . They were split into pieces by the machetes .

“Try this one!”

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Xiao Luo came to the stall owner’s stall .

The stall was a modified pedaled tricycle, on which a set of gas stove equipment was placed, as well as cutting boards, oil and salt, powdered ingredients and other sundries . He kicked the tricycle on one side .

“Bang ~”

With a loud noise, the stall weighing more than two hundred jins was volleyed up, heading straight towards the men in black .

Oh my God, is he still human?

The Wolf Mountain team members could only leave their mouth hanging as they gaped at this horrifying scene . It was terrifying, how could a person’s leg be so powerful? Normally, such a scene would only occur when a speeding car slams into the stall to deliver such an effect, but this actually happened…

Su Canye was also flabbergasted . Although he already saw the non-human side of Xiao Luo at the Kendo Hall last time, it didn’t matter at all, it still made him shocked . It was simply too frightening .

When facing the flying stall smashing towards them like a meteorite, the men in black just chopped down synchronously with their machetes, without losing their composure . Their machetes were fierce and overbearing, and every swing made fragments of the stall separate from its original body .

Just when they wanted to re-lock Xiao Luo’s position, Xiao Luo had already bolted towards them like lightning . His right hand then struck both of them on their chests one after the other .

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His timing was exquisite . He hit them the moment their hands were down leaving their chests wide open . The palm Xiao Luo sent towards them felt like the power of massive waves pounding against their chest .

“Bang … Bang”

The men in black were sent flying like broken kites . After they landed about 5 meters back, they couldn’t help spewing out blood, soaking their black masks .

“Who are you?”

Xiao Luo walked towards them step by step as his rage slowly brewed .

The men in black finally realized that they had miscalculated their target . They looked at each other’s eyes and only saw horror being reflected back . After sending signals, they reached a consensus . They immediately acted . From their pockets, they took out two black balls .

Trying to escape?

Xiao Luo narrowed his eyes slightly, and instantly rushed towards them, unfortunately he was still too late . The men in black struggled to throw the black balls on the ground as quickly as they could, and then…

“Bang . ”

With two dull explosions and the black balls exploded, two smoke screens wafted like mushroom clouds and enveloped Xiao Luo . The smoke was too thick, the visibility was very low, and there was also the effect like that of tear gas . In order to prevent himself from being injured, Xiao Luo had to quickly exit the smoke screen . When the smoke finally dispersed, the men in black had already disappeared .

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