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Chapter 423

Chapter 423: Men in Black .


The end result was that Xiao Luo got his money back and gained an extra five million dollars in his account . Su Canye also got his Bentley back . He was feeling inexplicably excited and jubilant, whistling and hooking up with the beautiful women around him on the spot .

Because of her special status as a star, Su Li stayed inside the red Maserati in order to avoid being recognized, but her eyes were always on Xiao Luo . She found that this man displayed an indescribable charm at the moment . Although he was dressed in head-to-toe black, his clean face and dark and deep eyes made him look particularly noble and elegant .

She couldn’t really see through them . Just like watching flowers in a dream, she thought she saw his true colors, but it was proved that it was just an illusory veil . He could speak fluently in four foreign languages, and possessed a more excellent driving skill than her best friend Shen Qingyan . Such a guy could not be an ordinary migrant worker at all .

Shen Qingyan got out of the car and went straight to Xiao Luo . She asked eagerly, “Tell me, where did you learn to race?”

Xiao Luo glanced at her faintly, “Self-taught . ”

After he said that, he opened his car door and slid into the and the driver’s seat . He then looked toward Su Li’s direction . He knew that Su Li didn’t want to be exposed, so she didn’t say hello . He started the Chuanqi, made an 180 degrees turn, and drove off .

“Too awesome, too handsome, is this the style of a God?”

“This is not a style, this is the attitude that a God should have . ”

“Leaping over the cliff, what a feat that is . He deserves to be the racing god of our Wolf Mountain!”

Both the live audience and the stream developed an almost crazy worship of Xiao Luo . The stunning and shocking leap off the cliff still being replayed in their minds . That scene would become the legend of Wolf Mountain .

“Brother-in-law, wait for me!”

Su Canye came to his senses and quickly got in his car, he took off with his Bentley and caught up with Xiao Luo .

Although the process was painful, the result was beyond joyful . He had to admit that this brother-in-law of his had earned his respect . Not only physically, but also deep in his soul . It was so great that he wanted to hold tightly to Xiao Luo’s thigh .

“Su Canye is such an *sshole . He got his car back but didn’t even give a simple thank you . ” Shen Qingyan sulked . Her hands were on her waist as she commented .

Su Li spoke for Su Canye, “Well, don’t be angry, I’ll buy you a drink!”

“Li, if he isn’t your brother, I would’ve slapped him till he turned into a dead pig!”

Shen Qingyan helplessly got in her car, and drove the Maserati away .



Xiao Luo found a roadside stall and ordered Sanxian noodles just like when he was in Jiang City . He likes this slippery soup which was not greasy at all .

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Su Canye, who caught up with him, also sat down on the side . He wiped the stool and table with a paper towel thrice before he sat down . His face was full of disgust and asked, “Brother-in-law, why did you come to this place to eat? Look at this stall, it is too dirty, and it is on the side of the road . There is dust everywhere . If you eat something here, you will definitely have diarrhea . ”

Xiao Luo looked up and gave him a blank look,  “Did I ask you to come with me?”

“Ahem … Well, I have to come even if it takes thick skin . ”

Su Canye coughed a few times to diffuse the awkwardness . In order to have a common language with Xiao Luo, he raised his hand and said to the stall owner, “Waiter, get me the same thing as my brother-in-law . ”


Hearing this title, the stall owner was obviously stunned . He nonetheless smiled politely, “OK, please wait a moment . ”

Fortunately, it was the middle of the night, and there were only two customers, Xiao Luo and Su Canye . Otherwise, Su Canye’s way of addressing the owner would definitely make people burst into laughter .

Xiao Luo couldn’t help laughing, “You are like some (ancient) young master . ”

“Oh please, I ain’t poisoned by costume TV series (old dynasty drama etc . ) . My dear brother-in-law, it is unsanitary to eat at such roadside stalls . If it weren’t for you, I would … Oh no, I wouldn’t come here . You have money, right? It’s better to go to a high-end restaurant . ” Su Canye ‘advised’ .

Xiao Luo shook his head and replied, “The food in our country is in the people, in the streets and alleys, not in the restaurant where you said the decoration looks magnificent . ”

“Really?” Su Canye was dubious .

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Xiao Luo didn’t say more, he only sat waiting patiently .

Before long, two bowls of steaming Sanxian noodles were brought up . Several pieces of Chinese cabbage were added to the noodles, which looked enticing .

Xiao Luo picked up his chopsticks and started to eat .

“Does this really not give you diarrhea?”

Su Canye frowned and hesitated, but then there was a ‘rumbling’ protest in his stomach . In addition, his nose smelled the fragrance of the Sanxian noodle, Ahhh f*ck it, YOLO .   Plus with this, I can have a common language with my brother-in-law .

After giving himself an excuse, he started to chow down .

“good noodles, good noodles!”

Su Canye praised and ate without a care for his image . The Sanxian noodle was very smooth and delicious, which made his appetite rise .

Xiao Luo shook his head helplessly . Of course, he could understand Xia Hai dialect that Su Canye was saying, he meant to say ‘delicious’ .

At this time, a black commercial vehicle drove near . It braked sharply at the stall . When the door was pushed open, a group of sturdy men dressed in black vests, holding baseball bats and steel pipes came down .

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The leader was none other than Lei Shijian of Wolf Mountain!

“Why did their Wolf Mountain team come?” Su Canye’s response was slow, he scratched his head in confusion .

Xiao Luo smiled faintly, “Unfortunately, people are not really all good . ”

“Do they want to take back the 5 million from you?” Su Canye got frightened .

As soon as his voice fell, Lei Shijian, who had already come over, pointed the baseball bat he was holding at Xiao Luo and said maliciously, “Boy, if you don’t want to be beaten, spit out the 5 million honestly and quickly . ”

A companion next to him threw a POS machine on the table . The machine landed roughly because the companion wanted to be fierce, Lei Shijian immediately reprimanded, “Wtf are you doing? Are you trying to break it? Are you buying me a new one?”

“Shh …”  Xiao Luo suddenly looked up and made a gesture of silence at him .

At the same time, bleak murder filled this space, not to mention Xiao Luo, even Lei Shijian and Su Canye felt it . It was a kind of cold yin (negative energy) that caused the temperature to plummet suddenly, as if there was a dangerous beast with its eyes locked on them .

“This way!”

Xiao Luo turned his head and looked to the east of the street .

Lei Shijian, Su Canye and others also looked at where his eyes were directing . When they saw the scene, their minds couldn’t help but tremble . Two men in black, with a pair of silver moon-shaped machetes in their hands, approached their group under the cover of night . They walked without any sounds of footsteps . If it wasn’t for Xiao Luo’s signal, they wouldn’t have noticed the existence of these two people at all .

“Wtf, are they playing assassins for a costume film?” Su Canye could not help but exclaim in surprise .

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