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Published at 31st of October 2020 10:51:16 AM

Chapter 422

Chapter 422: Desire .


No one expected that this would happen, and no one dared to believe that such a thing could happen in reality . They couldn’t help asking: How the hell did this work? The car literally leapt over the cliff . Is this a horror film with ghosts making this happen!

“What the f*ck, what is that?”

Lei Shijian, who had just arrived to the place adjacent to the U-shaped bend, witnessed the scene of the Chuanqi leaping over the cliff . His face went pale as he exclaimed in surprise .

“It’s the Chuanqi, it’s the Chuanqi, it’s … it’s leaping over a cliff…”

The man in the passenger seat was also amazed, he couldn’t even speak coherently . Such a scene challenged his psychological endurance limit . If he didn’t see it with his own eyes, who would dare to believe that a car could spin like a tornado .

Shen Qingyan and Su Li inside the red Maserati were equally stupefied, their eyes trembled violently . The Chuanqi leaping over the cliff, deeply shocked their hearts .

At this time, with a heavy noise upon its landing, the Chuanqi firmly fell back on the road on the other side of the U-shaped curve, and the timing was very precise . The landing was as perfect as it can be . After landing, it then continued to speed forward rapidly as if it was taking a scenic drive on the night street .

It was unscathed and clean after leaping over a cliff more than 20 meters wide!!!

Shen Qingyan swallowed a mouthful of saliva, “Is that bastard really God?”

She took pride in her extreme talent in racing and always looking down on others . But now, when Xiao Luo drove the Chuanqi to leap from the Devil’s Corner to the other side of the cliff, she has to admit that there is a long distance between herself and Xiao Luo . She can learn to drift in the inner lane of Devil’s Corner, but she can never learn this tornado-like trick .

In addition to having superb skills, he also seems to have extraordinary psychological qualities and courage, which she doesn’t have .

“He is joking about his life!”

Su Li came to her senses from the shock . She didn’t approve of Xiao Luo’s actions and behaviors . Yes, if he was lucky, then all would be great . But if he was not fortunate and failed, not only would the car be destroyed, even their life would be endangered . One was her husband and the other was her brother . She didn’t want either of them to have an accident .

On the other hand, the audience from both live and stream were cheering, shouting and screaming after Xiao Luo’s feat . It made everyone’s blood boil to its peak . The commentator shouted loudly with excitement until his voice became hoarse, “It flew (jump) over successfully! This is the most shocking scene that had happened ever since the races started being held on Wolf Mountain . It’s magnificent, it’s incredible, who can tell me that I’m wrong?”



After the ‘leap of fate,’ the competition was coming to an end .

The Chuanqi gained a distance of more than 200 meters, and increased its advantage of more than 500 meters in the subsequent turns .

Shen Qingyan ranked second, followed by Lei Shijian who came last . After passing through the turns in Wolf Mountain, Shen Qingyan began to frantically chase after the Chuanqi . The foot of Wolf Mountain was filled with cheers and chants, the sound was very crisp and uniform . All of them were cheering for the Chuanqi, even the viewers of the stream . Everyone was looking forward to the Chuanqi taking first place .

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“The final stretch of the race has come, let’s see if the Chuanqi can keep its first place to the end . Let us cheer for the Chuanqi, cheer for the car god in our hearts!” The commentator held his fist and cheered for the Chuanqi . His sound was amplified by the stereo and it echoed throughout the wolf mountain .

Three cars, just like roaring beasts, drove furiously toward the two burning petrol cans at the foot of Wolf Mountain .

The black Chuanqi was leading the way, while the red Maserati was after it, and the silver Porsche chasing at full speed like its master’s anxious mood .

“It is I who’ll take first place, who dares take it!!!”

Lei Shijian grinded his teeth and growled . He floored the accelerator .

It was like the final sprint of a long-distance marathon . Every runner would exert all his strength to reach the finish line .

“They are getting closer! 200 meters … 100 meters … 50 meters … 20 meters … Their speed is too fast . With only our naked eyes, we saw that the three cars crossed the finish line at the same time . So let’s come and watch the slow motion playback . ”

The commentator then asked the video team to play the slow motion on the huge screen . It quickly displayed the scene of the three cars chasing each other . After slowing down 20 times and saving a screenshot, the first place was confirmed, the Chuanqi was the first to rush to the finish line, the second was the red Maserati, and the last was the silver Porsche .

“The first is the Chuanqi, the Chuanqi won first place in this competition like everyone expected . Ladies and gentlemen, let’s give the dark horse our warmest applause and cheers!”

This young tall thin commentator very excitedly screamed for the Chuanqi .

“Car God! Car God!! Car God!!!”

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At the foot of Wolf Mountain, this chant echoed like an explosion . Everyone’s attention was on the Chuanqi that was coming to a stop . Their eyes were full of fanatical worship .

Before, they didn’t even give the guy a second glance, However this time, their minds turned a complete 180 and acknowledged him as an existence akin to a god .

“Bang … Bang . ”

The two doors of the Chuanqi were pushed open, and Xiao Luo and Su Canye alighted from the car . The former was calm and collected, while the latter hugged the ground right after he got out of the car .

“Shrimp!”  Xiao Luo looked at him and assessed in a low and light voice .

I ~! @#¥%……

Su Canye raised his head . He wanted to scold back, but before he could do so, he proceeded to vomit in the next second . This time, he suffered a lot . He didn’t feel anything inside except for extreme nausea . Even after he got out of the car, he still felt everything around him was still turning on its axis .

The commentator approached Xiao Luo with the microphone, and interviewed Xiao Luo like a reporter . At the same time, people from the video team used a camera and began to film Xiao Luo .

“Car God, you are my idol . Can you tell us how you feel after you got first place?”

“Go away, don’t film me . ”  Xiao Luo responded coldly, while using his hand to cover the lens of the camera at the same time .

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He promptly turned and walked straight to the silver Porsche that had just parked .

The commentator was embarrassed and mumbled, “Car God really has a ‘character’!”

Under much-anticipation, Xiao Luo walked step by step to Lei Shijian who just got out of the car . At this moment, the members of the Wolf Mountain team gathered around them .

After looking at the red Maserati with deep eyes, Xiao Luo extended his hand to Lei Shijian, “Return my money … pay me the 5 million!”

Lei Shijian looked at the man in front of him in horror and asked in a trembling voice: “You … Who are you?”

This kind of person made him feel a deep sense of apprehension in his soul . It was hard to imagine that he was defeated by only using a domestic Chuanqi .

Xiao Luo said indifferently, “Don’t worry about who I am, and just transfer the money to me quickly . I don’t have time to waste here . ”

Five million was not a small amount, it was enough to cover the team’s expenses for half a year .

Not pay?

Lei Shijian thought about it, but he couldn’t do it . There were too many people watching the competition . If he dared to negate the deal at this time, the whole underground racing industry of Wolf Mountain would collapse in a flash, he couldn’t afford such losses .

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