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Published at 30th of October 2020 11:21:43 AM

Chapter 421

Chapter 421: Tornado .


“Stabilized! Queen stabilized her Maserati! The car didn’t lose control and roll over!  The car didn’t lose control and roll over! The car didn’t lose control and roll over! Yes, it is important to say it three times! Queen’s drift trajectory was the same as the Chuanqi before . It basically did the same thing! Maybe Queen was able to analyze the techniques of how the Chuanqi drifted, and then able to pull off the drift in the inner lane of Devil’s Corner? If that is the case, then Queen is simply a genius!!!”

The commentator explained passionately, “Look, Queen overtook Wolf King at the Devil’s Corner and regained the first position . ‘Where she fell is also where she got up . ’ Such a phrase is the most applicable to the present Queen . The Devil’s Corner is the key to winning . As long as there are no major mistakes, Queen will always maintain the leading advantage . It can be said that Queen has already solidified her place . ”

“Queen is good!”

“She is worthy of being called Queen! No one can match her skills . ”

“Too great!”

Although many people have been already captured by the legend, Chuanqi, there are still a large number of viewers who are happy to see Shen Qingyan take first place . At this time, they all cheered .



“Did you just learn from him?” Su Li lightly asked .

“Well, that bastard is really abnormal . If I hadn’t seen him do it, I’m afraid I wouldn’t even know that it is possible to drift in the inner lane of Devil’s Corner in my life . ”

Shen Qingyan generously admitted that she indeed learned from Xiao Luo’s Chuanqi drifting in the inner lane . Now, she did the same thing he had done, literally just after she learned it .

Su Li no longer spoke after that . She just turned and looked back . She was looking forward to Xiao Luo absentmindedly… To be more specific, she was looking forward to Xiao Luo catching up and overtaking them .

Lei Shijian’s face in the Porsche turned dark . He was unwilling, and couldn’t help but swear, “This stinky b*tch actually has this kind of skill . I installed a nitro, thinking that this game is mine for sure to win, but turns out that I still can’t win against her . Motherf*cker!”

“Boss, it doesn’t matter if Queen wins, but don’t let the Chuanqi win, otherwise we would have to pay the 5 million compensation . ”  The man sitting beside him said .

Lei Shijian shouted manically, “Him winning? Didn’t I just say it? He may catch up at the Devil’s corner, but I will overtake him just before we reach the finish line (recall that it’s a straight road after the turns) . If he wants to beat me, then he can only dream in his life!”

“Having said that, boss must not take it lightly . That guy is very evil . ”

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“What with you and this bullsh*t?!”

Lei Shijian rebuked in displeasure, he stared at his companion angrily making the latter shut his mouth .

At the same time, Su Canye on the Chuanqi car cried, “We can’t win, there’s too big of a difference between a supercar and a domestic one . This is simply a difference between heaven and earth…”

“Can you be quiet for me?”

Xiao Luo snapped at him . Under his driving, the Chuanqi accelerated towards the Devil’s corner, and prepared to drift at the speed limit (maximum speed) of the car .

Su Canye was shocked, “This is too fast . Before wasn’t as fast as this time . If we drift at this speed, I think we’ll probably end up chatting in Yellow Spring (hell) . Step on the brakes quickly . I don’t want to die at such a young age!”

However, his yelling didn’t have any substantial effect . The Chuanqi only continued to accelerate, the engine sounded like a beast roaring .

“Moooom! The Great Immortals! Please manifest and bless my life!”

Su Canye closed his eyes and grabbed the car handle . Like most people, he began to ask for the blessing of Bodhisattva when faced with the threat of death .

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At the foot of Wolf Mountain, upon seeing the scene of the Chuanqi heading for the Devil’s corner on the silver screen, the commentator was filled with happiness, “As you can see, our dark horse, the Chuanqi, is soaring towards the Devil’s corner . It will probably drift in the inner lane and draw a beautiful arc, but its speed seems to be a bit fast . Is it just me who thinks so?”

As his words sounded, the Chuanqi began to drift .

The commentator raised his voice again, “OK, look, it’s drifting into the turn, and with a very crisp tail flick, it starts sliding as if on ice .

It will leave a perfect arc on the ground and make the people… Wait, something happened . Oh, no, the Chuanqi’s left body lifted off the ground, its centripetal force was not enough . It’s going to roll over . My God, how did this happen? What happened? Wasn’t the previous lap smooth sailing?”

At the sound of his voice, all the people watching held their breath, they were filled with nervousness and anxiety that they even forgot to breathe this time around .

The Chuanqi’s left car body was lifted higher and higher . With a loud bang, it rolled over, and the whole car jumped out of the outer guardrail, and fell hard to the high cliff .

The commentator screamed and shouted, “No, the Chuanqi is out of control and is falling to a cliff . This cliff is more than 400 meters high . If it falls, Grim Reaper might greet them . God, who will save the legendary star tonight?!”  As a commentator, he obviously put a lot of personal feelings into the Chuanqi . When he saw that it was going to crash, his voice became uncontrollable .

The Chuanqi was finished!

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Almost everyone had this thought in their minds . If it fell off the cliff, it was no use to salvage the situation, and he could only wait to die .

However, a jaw-dropping scene appeared . The Chuanqi did not fall straight off the cliff, but instead flew to the other side of the road with the help of the rotating force generated by the rollover!

“Oh, my God, I … I … I … What did I see? The Chuanqi flew in the air . Did I return to the time of watching the cartoon ‘Four-wheel Drive Brothers’? Isn’t this the super tornado Victory Charge?” The commentator exclaimed, almost losing his voice, his voice trembled with shock .

All the people who have been paying close attention to this competition had widened their eyes, their eyes were shaking, and full of disbelief and shock . The next second, the entire audience from both live and the stream boiled up, all the people were screaming like crazy .

“What did I see, the Chuanqi … The Chuanqi is flying over the cliff!”

“It must be a god driving this Chuanqi, it must be!”

“Is this a performance of car juggling?”

When the scene that could only exist in movies occurred in reality, everyone’s soul got deeply stirred with shock . They all received an unprecedented strike .

After a momentary shock, the commentator immediately regained his bearings and explained, “After the Devil’s Corner is a U-shaped corner with a cliff more than 20 meters wide in between . If the Chuanqi lands on that side of the road accurately, it will take back its first place position, and it will be at least 200 meters away from Queen and Wolf King . My God, this is crazy!!!”

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