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Chapter 420

Chapter 420: Another Miracle at Devil’s Corner .


Now that there was a nearly straight two-kilometer road, Xiao Luo’s advantage in passing the turns stopped . The structure of the car body and the limitation of the engine only allowed the Chuanqi to reach 200 mph at most .

At this time, Lei Shijian and Shen Qingyan’s supercars accelerated as soon as they arrived at the straight road . Their speed suddenly increased to about 300 mph, almost catching up with a high-speed rail train .

Two supercars, one after the other, sped rapidly on the road like lightning, quickly shortening the distance of the Chuanqi!

“The supercars’ performance and specs is finally brought into play . We can see that Wolf King and Queen, like mad beasts, are chasing to catch up to the Chuanqi . The Chuanqi has only managed to be where it is now because of the turns and curves . But now that such an advantage is gone, these two supercars could easily take the lead back . Only more than 20 meters left, alas…

“Soon, Wolf King and Queen overtook the Chuanqi in tandem, and returned to the situation at the beginning of the first lap with the Chuanqi being quickly dumped and left behind . It is undeniably innately inferior to supercars, and it isn’t possible to fight for the first place in this straight road . But the Chuanqi is being driven by a ‘God’, so who knows?”

The commentator magnificently explained the situation into the microphone . Because he worked too hard at his job, sweats were profusely dripping down his forehead and face . When he shouted loudly, his throat showed blue veins, and his voice became hoarse due to constant shouting in this period of time .

The two supercars had already put a distance of more than 50 meters from the Chuanqi, and the distance was still increasing . Although the Chuanqi caught up in the first lap, who could guarantee that it could still catch up in this lap?

A group of people started protesting along with a large number of messages on the live stream .

⸺This time, you must videograph the Chuanqi . If you don’t, I will smash your stupid car .

⸺Yes, give the Chuanqi the attention that it should have . We must appreciate its drifts!

⸺It’s okay not to film Wolf King and Queen, but you must for the Chuanqi . Otherwise, whether your video team has backing or not, I will chop you down one by one with a machete today .

This meant that if the Chuanqi didn’t get some air-time, problems would ensued .

Under the pressure of the masses, the video team had to make the unmanned aerial vehicles focus on filming the Chuanqi . As they watched the huge screen, the Chuanqi pass in and out of the turns at the speed capable of shocking the soul, even the people in charge of the filming were shocked and subconsciously mobilized all the unmanned aerial vehicles to film the Chuanqi at 360 degrees without any loop-holes .

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There were many perspectives on the screen; sky view, side view, etc . The multi-perspectives fully displayed Chuanqi’s drifting movements in everyone’s eyes . It made people exclaimed happily . It was like the Chuanqi was not only driving on Wolf Mountain, but also into people’s minds . It brought unparalleled visual enjoyment and soul impact .

“It’s so beautiful, its arcs from drifting every beautiful!”

“There is no buffer when it drifts . The transition from drifting state to the ordinary driving state is very effortless . ”

“It should be said that it completely disregards the existence of centrifugal force when it drifts! I mean, just look at it . ”

Everyone was fascinated . The Chuanqi was so legendary, like the spirit of Wolf Mountain, beautiful and at the same time, unbelievable .

Lei Shijian and Shen Qingyan looked in their rearview mirror from time to time while racing against each other, because they had a feeling that the Chuanqi could catch up .

When they arrived at the Devil’s Corner again, there was a dazzling light reflected in their rearview mirror! It could only be one thing…

“Sh*t, I knew it would catch up!”

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Lei Shijian’s rough voice sounded with a hint of anger . This damn Chuanqi was like a nightmare that couldn’t be shaken off .

“Boss, what should we do?” The man in the passenger seat was feeling extremely uneasy . A five million compensation was not a small amount .

“What to do? There is still such a long distance . As long as I don’t make mistakes, it would be difficult for him to surpass me . Even if I take 10,000 steps back and it surpasses me, I can still easily overtake him on the straight road . I don’t have to panic at all!”

Lei Shijian was confident . He felt he still had everything under control, and the Chuanqi could just be ignored . What he should pay close attention to was Shen Qingyan . It seemed impossible for Shen Qingyan to surpass him . After all, their driving skills were similar . Plus, he prepared and installed a nitro so that he could surpass Shen Qingyan in the Devil’s corner . Shen Qingyan, who didn’t have a nitro installed, wouldn’t be able to find any opportunity to surpass him .

“Well, we have come to the thrilling Devil’s corner again . We can see that Wolf King and Queen are about to turn into the corner, and the Chuanqi is still 60 or 70 meters away . It is impossible to do anything at this Devil’s corner . We should pay close attention to Queen’s movements . Will she do anything unexpected at the Devil’s corner?

Without nitro, she could only choose the outer lane to drift at Devil’s Corner . Now let’s look at Wolf King, who is preparing for the turn at the Devils corner, it is very fast and natural . Wolf King’s skill is really not all boast . He is really the King of Wolf Mountain . Oh, no, no, no, my God, what did I just see? Queen actually chose the inner lane to drift . She . . Does she want to surpass Wolf King at the Devil’s Corner?”

The commentator suddenly brought the atmosphere to the suffocating peak . They knew the Devil’s corner’s power, and since there was no nitro to enhance the centripetal force, drifting into the turn at this speed would make the car go out of control . Of course, the Chuanqi was an exception, because it was operated by ‘God’ .

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Did Queen have the same skill as God?

They couldn’t help but look at the huge screen seriously and closely . They really wanted to know whether Queen could drift the inner lane at Devil’s Corner just like the Chuanqi, and surpass Wolf King .

“Into the turn, Queen chose the inner lane, and began to drift . The supercar’s tires and the ground’s friction is making blood boiling noises . She’s very close Wolf King, but the centrifugal force was too strong, and the left side of her car seemed to have lifted off the ground . Will we see a tragedy? Is our beautiful Queen going to die here?”

The commentator shouted in the microphone in a near-roaring voice, it made people’s hearts tightened in anxiety .

“This woman is crazy, too?”

Lei Shijian had a horrified expression on his face . He only saw one person who succeeded in drifting at Devil’s corner without nitro and that was, the Chuanqi in the rear . He didn’t think that Shen Qingyan would be so bold as to dare and try to surpass him here . Had she really lost her mind?

At the same time, Shen Qingyan shouted, “Stabilize for me!”

She released the handbrake and turned the steering wheel sharply . The Maserati, which was about to lose control, miraculously stabilized, and its left side body drop back to the ground .

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