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Chapter 416

Chapter 416: ‘Wonderful’ Competition .


“Ladies and gentlemen, the long-awaited contest between Wolf King and Queen is about to begin . I am honored to be your commentator tonight! Now let me explain the rules of this competition . Oh, no, it should be two competitions, almost forgot that one . It is already a no-win at the starting line and there is no suspense at all . However, in order to respect the contestant and reward his courage, let us applaud and cheer for him!”

The volunteer emcee of the night was a tall, thin young man, he stood in front of the huge screen holding a microphone in his hand . He made the announcement in his generous and booming voice .

His rhetoric was very entertaining . With these words, everyone present and the viewers on the live stream laughed with mirth . Many people listened to his words and applauded the Chuanqi, but their playful smiles ultimately showed their ridicule .

“Brother Xiao, this is probably the biggest loss of face in my life . This is like throwing me in the middle of the Pacific Ocean . ”

Su Canye was anxious to leave this place . He was even willing to stick his head in a hole somewhere to hide his embarrassment . It didn’t even matter if he was buried alive . It would be easier and more comfortable to suffocate to death than to be laughed at while living .

“Don’t be too pessimistic, you haven’t even seen my skill . ” Xiao Luo on the other hand was still calmly sitting in the driver’s seat .

“I dared to ask you for help BECAUSE I have seen your skills . If you were using my friend’s supercar, there is fifty-to-sixty percent of winning against Lei Shijian, but this isn’t the case . If we didn’t use your money to make the bet, I wouldn’t have stuck with you till now . ” Su Canye grinded his teeth in anger .

Xiao Luo turned his head and said seriously, “Let me correct you a little . I LENT you the money . So if we lose, you have to pay me back . ”


Su Canye’s eyes widened with horror, he then scolded, “You Uncle!”

At this moment, the blonde that was with Lei Shijian gracefully walked to the front of the cars . She held two small flags in her hand . Her great figure was clothed with a miniskirt and a tight top-crop . Her long legs seemed even longer in high heels that were at least ten centimeters high . Her proud chest and sexy face made people daydream infinitely .

She counted down in English…



The engines of the three cars rumbled and the car bodies trembled . It was like the roaring of bulls before they charge .

“Baby, wait for me tonight, hahaha …”

Lei Shijian lewdly laughed at the Maserati . He seemed confident that his victory was guaranteed . In his eyes, Shen Qingyan was a delicious meal readily plated, only waiting for him to enjoy and savor it .

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“Start! ! !”

The blonde girl signaled the start of the race with a fierce swoop of the flag, the three cars sped out like lightning; galloping like the wind . As the three cars roared past her, the blonde’s long hair danced wildly .

The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) started to get to work, and the precision camera equipment installed on it tracked the three vehicles while recording them .

“Alright, let’s see… The contestants charged through like angry bulls! Wow … The Chuanqi really lived up to expectations and fell behind . The Wolf King, coming second, is already 50 meters ahead of the Chuanqi . This is the difference between supercars and ‘tractors . ’ ‘Tractors’ may be fashionable but they aren’t fast . Oh sorry, the topic shifted a bit there… Anyway, let’s get back to the race . Queen takes the leading position!

The tall, thin young commentator described the race using ‘inspiring’ words . When he talked about the Chuanqi, he deliberately put on an exaggerated expression of surprise which made everyone laugh . People kept saying that the commentator was humorous .

The situation was just as he said . Shen Qingyan and Lei Shijian’s cars were very-very-very much better than Xiao Luo’s Chuanqi . Driving in a straight line (straight road), they completely crushed the Chuanqi in terms of pure speed . Soon, the two leading cars couldn’t see the headlight of the Chuanqi anymore . It was too far behind .

The situation immediately evolved into a single match between Shen Qingyan and Lei Shijian!

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Shen Qingyan’s Maserati took the lead, while Lei Shijian’s Porsche closely followed behind her . Their distance was very close, less than three meters . During the actual race, Shen Qingyan’s eyes became extraordinarily sharp, as if there was another soul living in her body that occupied the dominant position of her body at this moment .

When she arrived at the first turn, she calmly handled the car, turning the steering wheel sharply . She then pulled the hand brake, and at the same time, stepped on the brake (foot) and the accelerator… The Maserati started drifting! From her perspective, the front of the car was aimed at the inner mountain wall, it seemed that it would crash to the mountain wall at any time, but it was actually sliding and gliding gracefully ‘along’ the wall and not ‘into’ the wall . Su Li in the passenger seat closed her eyes as she held the handrail above her tightly .

Lei Shijian’s Porsche arrived at the turn almost at the same time with her and drifted together . They were like professional racers!

“Wow, what a beautiful turn! What a wonderful drift! Queen and Wolf King almost drifted at the same time . This is too visually shocking, it’s amazing! Drifting so close to the wall that the front of their cars are almost crashing into the wall is simply the limit . This is too thrilling . Yes, this is too exciting . If you’re the one sitting in the car right now, I guarantee that you’ll be pissing your pants…” The commentator looked at the video playback on the screen and gave an in-depth explanation and his ‘opinions’ .

“Ha ha ha … . . ”

The audience laughed while their eyes stared unblinkingly at the huge screen; tracking with their eyes the two cars chasing one after the other, shown on the screen .

“Come, let’s take a look at the third-ranked Chuanqi . Almost forgot about it . But alas, we can’t even see its headlights… Oh well, in order to save some drones, let’s only pay attention to the competition between Queen and Wolf King . ”

“Ha ha ha … . . ”

There was another burst of laughter . Someone laughed and said, “This commentator is too damn funny!”

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The race continued . The Maserati was leading in front while the Porsche was right behind it .

“Li, are you still not used to it?” Shen Qingyan looked at Su Li’s slightly pale face, and asked with concern .

“Hmm . ”

Su Li gently nodded . Indeed, although she had previously sat in Shen Qingyan’s car many times, she still couldn’t adapt to driving at this super-high speed, things could get out of control at any time .

“It’s fine . It’s just like motion sickness . Just sit a few more times and you’ll get used to it . Come, it’s another turn . Hold on!”

Shen Qingyan reminded Su Li, and then the Maserati drifted gracefully again . Its tires were hugging sharply against the ground giving off bursts of shrill sounds and white smoke .

Lei Shijian’s Porsche followed in sync, turning swiftly and clinging to the Maserati’s rear .

“Boss, you can’t eat her dust all the time . You have to surpass her and let her taste ours instead . ” In the passenger seat of the Porsche, a young man of medium build said excitedly .

“What’s the rush? My ideal time would be at the tenth turn!”

Lei Shijian already lost to Shen Qingyan twice . Hence he specially studied the video of the two competitions, and there was an obvious chance for him at the tenth turn . Shen Qingyan was drifting in the outer lane, while he could drift in the inner lane, so he had a ninety-percent chance of overtaking her there .

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