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Published at 25th of October 2020 11:51:21 AM
Chapter 415

Chapter 415: Begin!


“You mean it?”

Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows as his interest got piqued .

“Yes, I mean it!”  Lei Shijian pointed to himself with his thumb and declared boldly .

“What if I win but you don’t pay?”  Xiao Luo asked while frowning .

Lei Shijian smiled, shook his head and patted Xiao Luo on the shoulder . “Brother, you think too much . The most important thing in racing is reputation . I can’t ruin our reputation just for 2 . 5 million . If that were really the case, who will dare come in Wolf Mountain in the future? That’s like digging your own grave . ”

“Well I asked just in case . ”

Wolf Mountain’s team members and the spectators around them all showed mirthful smiles on their faces, as if to say, You don’t even know (capability-wise) who you are facing, but you want to win the race already . Who gave you such courage and confidence?

Lei Shijian smiled helplessly: “Brother, if I don’t pay, I’ll cripple my hands and never drive again . Is this fine?”

“Yes . ”  Xiao Luo nodded .

“By the way, having said so much, where is your car?”

Lei Shijian glanced around and wanted to see which brand of supercar Xiao Luo’s car was .

Speaking of this, Su Canye rubbed his forehead, feeling particularly ashamed . Everyone else had their own modified supercars, whilst theirs was a domestic Chuanqi costing at about 200,000 yuan, heck it might even be lower than 200,000 yuan . It was like a player equipped with level 99 armor and weapons against a newbie with starter equipment .

On the other hand, Xiao Luo used his eyes to gesture to Lei Shijian while saying, “That’s my car . ”

Looking at the direction Xiao Luo was looking at, Lei Shijian and the others saw a black Chuanqi . Although its design, curve and appearance look very high-grade and it would never let its driver lose face when driving it on the highway . However, this was racing! This was Wolf Mountain! Such a car was nothing but shabby in quality .

“You’ll use this Chuanqi to compete with him?”

The one who asked was Shen Qingyan, anxiety obvious on her face . It seemed that if Xiao Luo dared to nod and say “yes,” she would beat Xiao Luo to death in the cruellest way possible .

Xiao Luo glanced at her faintly and then nodded, “Yes . ”

When it was finally confirmed, the audience fell into a brief silence . Everyone was stunned . But it did not last long as the next second, waves of laughter resounded throughout the area .

“Wtf, he’s actually driving a domestic car? Isn’t this going against heaven?”

“It’s not against heaven, this is obviously going to land … in dirt, haha!”

“Where did this kid come from? He actually came here, to Wolf Mountain, to compete? Such ignorance! F*cking hilarious, hahaha …”

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Ridicule echoed from all directions . Some people laughed so much that they started tearing up . Lei Shijian was slapping his thigh and patting his companion’s shoulder as he exaggeratedly laughed up to the ninth heavens . His loudness alone could be compared with three people .

“What are you? A fool?”

Shen Qingyan’s beautiful eyes stared at Xiao Lou . She rebuked as she pointed to the Chuanqi, “You’re going to use that cheap car to compete with a supercar? That’s just dreaming . ”

Su Li, who was in the red Maserati looked at Xiao Luo, her gaze under the sunglasses were full of doubts .

Xiao Luo did not answer Shen Qingyan, and instead asked Lei Shijian, “When do we start?”

“Right away, hehe … right away!”

Lei Shijian was still in the moment and couldn’t calm down from such a ‘joke . ’ It was too funny!



Not long after, three cars stopped side-by-side at the foot of the mountain with two burning petrol cans as the starting line . The middle one was a Porsche supercar, while a Maserati and Chuanqi accompanied it on its left and right .

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in various places and areas have also started to take off, while a huge silver screen installed on the cargo compartment of a truck received the video feeds of those UAVs; broadcasting the scene in each area live .

Everyone present, with unblinking eyes, stared at this huge silver screen . The long-awaited match between Wolf King and Queen was about to begin . They were all feeling extremely excited, especially the bet . If Queen lost, she would have to sleep with Wolf King . It was exciting to think about and certainly made a man’s blood boil .

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In addition, the live stream of Wolf Mountain was boiling up with heat as millions of viewers were waiting abatedly for this thrilling competition online .

“How many people support Queen?”

“How many brothers are on Wolf King’s side?

“What is that wild flower, Chuanqi, doing there?  This is a competition between Wolf King and Queen, how dare he inserted himself?”

On the stream chat, all kinds of comments were being sent one after another .



The rule of the competition was to lap thrice around Wolf Mountain, and whoever arrived at the gasoline-can line, which served as the start and finish line, would win the race .

“Li, I think your husband is mentally retarded…”  Inside the Maserati car, Shen Qingyan twisted her head to look at Su Li .

At this time, Su Li had already taken off her sunglasses revealing her beautiful eyes that were as dazzling as stars . She glanced at the Chuanqi, and her red lips parted gently, “Compared with his IQ, I care more about where money came from . ”

“You don’t have to ask . Your brother has too many friends . It’s not impossible to borrow 2 . 5 million . I already decided to help and get the car back yet they still added another 2 . 5 million to the bet . ”  Shen Qingyan complained .

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“Let’s not discuss this now, I will settle accounts with them after this is done . ”  Su Li lightly sighed .

Shen Qingyan also looked at the Chuanqi and adjusted her mentality so that she could perform her best during the competition .

“How sure are you in winning against Lei Shijian?”  Su Li asked .

Shen Qingyan thought for a moment and replied, “Seven-to-eight out of ten . His skill is not bad . For the first two times, he lost because of overconfidence . This time though, he changed his car and will probably try his best .   Seven to eight is still high . ”

“Also what’s with agreeing to the disgusting condition he just put forth?”  Su Li frowned .

Shen Qingyan charmingly smiled, “What’s wrong with agreeing? I already promised to be more disgusting than this when I was abroad…”

Su Li’s eyebrows frowned deeper, she really couldn’t imagine such a disgusting condition .

Inside the Chuanqi, Su Canye sat in the passenger seat with a forlorn face . He felt like he lost a 5 million lottery ticket .

“Calm down, it will all be alright . ”  Xiao Luo comforted .

“I can’t calm down . It’s definitely the stupidest and least intelligent thing in history . After the game, my sister will kill me . Why are you laughing? Do you think she will let you go?  Even my own sister will kill me . You, a cheap husband is much worse off than I! Why wouldn’t she dare? You also think too little of my sister . She even dropped that mother-in-law of yours . Ahhh, why am I so unlucky?”

Su Canye cried with snot and tears . He could already see the scene of him being hung up by Su Li . It was simply … cruel, bloody and horrible

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