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Chapter 414

Chapter 414: Five Million .


A woman alighted from the Maserati sports car, provocatively dressed in an off-the-shoulder white T-shirt . Her perky chest gave people endless fantasies . Her top was matched with a pair of black slim pants, which was oozing with the word “sexy” .

Luscious wavy golden hair and her hot figure which was represented by the perfect combination of her three sizes… All kinds of amorous feelings were being sent forth .

Shen Qingyan?!

Su Canye recognized her at a glance . This qas his sister Su Li’s good friend, Shen Qingyan, president of Huayao Group .

As the boss of a big company, Shen Qingyan was not as well-known as a star, let alone in the circle of racing enthusiasts . No one knew her identity, so she could show up here without a care .

In addition to her, Su Li was also sitting in the passenger seat but did not get down .

She wore a black bottom coat and black slim pants and an orange jacket . In order for people not to recognize her, she had on sunglasses even though it was night time; these sunglasses were modified so they could still see things clearly despite the darkness . Although the sunglasses blocked most of her face, one could still see that her skin was pearly and crystal clear, her luscious lips were red, and her teeth were glowing with luster . She was like pure snow, cold . She was holy just like water and her beauty could only be viewed from a distance .

Su Li didn’t expect to meet her younger brother and Xiao Luo here . She frowned slightly and murmured, “Why are these two guys here?”

Shen Qingyan didn’t expecting it either . After she saw Xiao Luo, she asked Su Canye, “Why are you here?”

“Sister Yan, I should ask you this sentence . You and my sister … ahem, didn’t you force me to solve my own problem? Why did you come?”  Su Canye deliberately raised his voice so that Su Li in the car could hear him .

“Do you think your sister is a money printer, and a two million (plus) Bentley can be given away nonchalantly?”

Shen Qingyan seriously scolded as she flicked his forehead . “I will help you one last time . If there is another time, see how your sister cleans you up . ”

When she finished speaking, Su Li in the car looked up at Su Canye . Although her eyes were hidden behind the sunglasses, Su Canye still felt freezing coldness, and it made him shiver involuntarily .

“Queen, self-confidence is a good thing, but conceit is not good!”

At this time, a very harsh voice sounded out, Lei Shijian raised his eyebrows with a smile, and at the same time pushed the blonde to the side . He seemed to have lost interest in the blonde .

“Wait and see, soon you will know whether I am conceited or not . ”  Shen Qingyan pulled her hair behind her ears, and said with a charming smile on her mouth . She was very attractive .

“OK, but the bet will be changed this time . If you win, you can take away the Bentley . But if I win by luck, how about staying a spring night with me?”  Lei Shijian’s eyes wandered unscrupulously up and down Shen Qingyan’s figure . The gaze in his squinted eyes looked particularly lecherous .

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Upon hearing this bet, the audience around them were excited and their blood boiled; they started shouting and whistling .

The smile on Shen Qingyan’s face converged and turned into a cold stare, directed at Lei Shijian .

Lei Shijian on the other hand did not flinch at all, he then added, “Two-point-five million for a night’s happiness is a big expense for me, but for you, this should be of utmost value . I would like to ask which woman in the world is worth more than 2 million a night, is there?”

“Sister Yan, compete with him and let him know that he’s spouting nothing but empty talk . ”  Su Canye said .

He has absolute trust in Shen Qingyan’s driving skills . She won two times without much pressure . This time should be no different .

“You shut your mouth!”  Shen Qingyan swore at him . Making him lose some of his spirit .   He shrunk his neck and stepped back . Shen Qingyan then smiled at Lei Shijian, “Yes, it is really worth the money, just like you said! Okay, if I win, I’ll take Su Canye’s Bentley, and if I lose, I will sleep with you . ”

“You’re very frank but it’s not as simple as sleeping with me, I ‘pack’ quite a bit hehehe…”

Lei Shijian waved his hand . Two people then handed him two agreements . The content was what Shen Qingyan just agreed . Once the handprint was there, it would take effect .

The Wold Mountain members cheered loudly, and their eyes sparkled in excitement . They were looking forward to watching the “Queen”, who had fantastic driving skills, being pressed down by Lei Shijian as he vigorously gunned his ‘engine’ . Although it was just in their imagination, it made them excited thinking about it .

“Wolf King, you know that you’re just daydreaming . This kind of thing is absolutely impossible . ”  Su Canye said impatiently .

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“By the way, since my helper (Qingyan) is here now, the agreement with you just now (the one with Xiao Luo) is invalid . ”

Hearing this, Lei Shijian and his team members seemed to hear the funniest joke in the world and laughed out loud .

“Little Su, you are talking in your sleep . The agreement came into effect after the handprint is stamped . You have to compete . Otherwise, when you abstain, the 2 . 5 million can’t be returned . ”  Lei Shijian waved his hand, meaning he was innocent .

“What?  How does that work? You should return the money to my brother-in-law!”

Su Canye was really anxious . Now that Shen Qingyan was here, his Bentley could be won back 100%  However, if the car was regained, what about the 2 . 5 million yuan . Wouldn’t this still be a loss? He didn’t think that Xiao Luo could win against Lei Shijian, that he would just lose the game . Lei Shijian probably knew that Shen Qingyan was coming beforehand but still made the bet with Xiao Luo to make profits!

Lei Shijian shook his finger with a playful smile on his face, “There is no such rule in Wolf Mountain!”

“I don’t care what your rules are, hurry…”

“Su Canye, have you set a game with him?”

Shen Qingyan interrupted Su Canye, and grabbed him by the collar .

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Su Canye was shocked and nodded subconsciously, “Eh … Un …,” he quickly explained, “I didn’t expect you to come, so I brought brother-in-law…”

“You really are a loser, a loser!”

Shen Qingyan pushed him away . If this Su Canye was her younger brother, she would have turned Su Canye’s face into a pig’s head . She won the Bentley back, but lost 2 . 5 million . She really felt helplezs for her best friend, Su Li .

Su Canye bowed his head in shame, not daring to speak .

“What’s the problem there? I compete my bet and you compete yours . Simple as that . ”

Xiao Luo spoke at this time . After that, he looked toward Su Li in the car . It was not that he wanted to look at Su Li, but he knew Su Li was watching him, even though she has on those dark sunglasses . As a man, how could he not reciprocate?

He pointed to Su Canye’s Bentley and asked Shijian . “My goal and hers are both that one car . If we both beat you, how will you compensate the differences?”

Hearing this, the blonde with Lei Shijian laughed, the other team members of Wolf Mountain also had playful smiles on their faces .

Lei Shijian patted Xiao Luo on the shoulder and laughed, “Brother, you can rest assured that if you can really beat me, I will pay you double the money . ”  He then spread out five fingers, “Five million!”

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