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Chapter 413

Chapter 413: Two Helpers .


Despite knowing that Lei Shijian’s words were clearly mocking him, Su Canye endured it . He straightened up and cleared his throat, “This little Su really wants to win back his Bentley today, but suddenly something happened, so I politely ask the Wolf King to keep it for me a bit longer . ”

His words were more or less implying that he could win back his Bentley at any time .

Lei Shijian’s companion couldn’t help but laugh . This Su Canye was a frequent visitor on Wolf Mountain . At first, he only took part in competitions with bets ranging from 100,000 to 500,000 . But later, his head inflated and bet his Bentley . He was the typical sheep that they despised, hence they liked to deal with this kind of people by teaching them a lesson . But, without a doubt, if not for such people, Wolf Mountain wouldn’t reach its current popularity .

After all, many people came here not only to enjoy the race, but also to actively engage in the race . Gambling! The bets could be money, cars, gold, silver and jewelry, or even women . Of course, the consequences were directly proportional just like what happened to our dear Su Canye .

“Your Bentley is there, and I also maintain it regularly . I have always been gentle and careful just like with my woman . ”

Lei Shijian pointed to the distance . In the row of luxury cars, a silver Bentley was very conspicuous . It was parked neatly there . He then grabbed the blonde woman’s ass next to him, enjoying it with relish .

Su Canye saw that his Bentley was taken care of so well, and his heart was full of joy . He praised, “Wolf King, you are indeed marvellous, I appreciate you very much . ”

“Ha, ha, ha …”

Lei Shijian laughed and slowly expelled a ring of smoke . “If I want this racing industry to last for a long time, I must keep my promise . However, I still have to remind little Su that if you can’t win it back in half a month, I’ll make use of this Bentley . There’s still six days before the half-month period . ”

“Don’t worry, I understand this rule, see you later!”

Su Canye smiled .

When he was about to leave, Xiao Luo put his hand on Su Canye’s shoulder and pressed his fingers gently on it; locking Su Canye’s shoulder in place .

“Who told you to go?”  Xiao Luo asked harshly .

“Brother-in-law, don’t do this . We can’t win this time . If we force it, everything will only turn into smoke . ”

Su Canye turned his head and smiled bitterly, and then whispered in Xiao Luo’s ear, “Even if you use your skills and car to compete, we don’t have enough money . My Bentley is worth 2 . 5 million, and at least 2 . 5 million should be prepared in order to qualify and compete with Lei Shijian … Again, 2 . 5 million!”

When he reached the end of his words, he felt a little strange and couldn’t help but scratch his head .

“You’re the one who’s worth 2 . 5 million . ”  Xiao Luo unceremoniously scolded .

He turned to Lei Shijian and said faintly, “I want to compete with you and bet on his Bentley . If I win, I will take the car away and if I lose, I will give you 2 . 5 million . ”

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“Hmmm… A bit interesting, alright… Deal!”

Lei Shijian readily agreed and beckoned to a man with a POS machine to come . “First deposit the money into Wolf Mountain’s public account . ”  When he found that Xiao Luo’s look was strange, he explained, “It may be your first time here . So you don’t know the rules of Wolf Mountain . You have to place the bet like this first to prevent some unnecessary troubles . Don’t worry, we still want to keep this racing industry going for a long time . Our reputation is absolutely guaranteed . As long as you win the game (competition), the money you deposited will be refunded in full . In addition, you can also drive away with the Bentley . ”

Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows, handed the bank card to the man with the POS machine, and then entered the password .

When the receipt of 2 . 5 million was printed, Su Canye was shocked as he looked at Xiao Luo with a gaping look: “Brother-in-law, you … you are actually a low-key rich man, how blind I am!”

With a face full of worship, Xiao Luo’s image was now as great and unattainable as mountains .

“Shut up if you don’t want to ‘blossom’ again!”  Xiao Luo felt he was too noisy .

Su Canye immediately shut his mouth . He was afraid that Xiao Luo would kick him again . It hurt too much, his chrysanthemum was still hurting .

Lei Shijian smiled and said, “What’s the name of this brother?”

It was definitely worth knowing someone who could swipe 2 . 5 million from a bank card .

“There’s no need to know my name, we won’t meet again in the future . ”  Xiao Luo indifferently replied .

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“Ha ha … I like the personality!”

Lei Shijian was not annoyed either .

After beckoning, a member of his team handed over two pieces of paper with words on it . “This is the competition agreement, which clearly states the content of our competition . It is in duplicate and will take effect when we stamp our fingerprints . ”

Saying so, he quickly wetted his thumb on the inkpad and pressed his finger print on the position of Party B, on both sheets of paper .

Xiao Luo roughly glanced at the two agreed agreements, then he also stamped his fingerprint after he confirmed the contents

Over two-million-five hundred thousand was hanging between the wolf’s mouth!

Su Canye scolded Xiao Luo many times in his heart, calling him an idiot and was out of his mind . Instead of giving Lei Shijian so much money for no reason, Xiao Luo might as well buy him another Bentley .

At this time, Lei Shijian took back one of the papers and kept it properly . He laughed wildly, “Little Su, you really made me happy for thinking highly of me and actually brought in two helpers, hahaha …”

The other Wolf Mountain team members also looked at Su Canye and Xiao Luo as if they were fools .

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“What do you mean?”

Su Canye looked awkward . “I did bring my brother-in-law, but when did I call for another person?”

Lei Shijian smiled obsequiously . “Don’t little Su know?  There’s no way! Since it’s the same woman who helped you win back your car twice before . ”

The woman who helped me win back my car twice?

Su Canye’s eyes suddenly brightened upon realization . Is it his sister’s good friend, Shen Qingyan?

But… What’s going on here? Didn’t his sister say that she wouldn’t help me? Why did she call Shen Qingyan this time?

While he was still reeling from the unexpected news, a sweet engine sound could be heard approaching closer, and when he looked up, a red sports car lit the place up with its two headlights . It drove up like a ghost in the night and a phantom in the dark sky, before finally stopping firmly at the foot of Wolf Mountain .

“A Maserati, it’s Queen!”

“She’s finally coming . Wolf King has lost to her twice . I don’t know what would happen this time . ”

“Sure, in the first two times, Wolf King lost . But he drove a sports car with a configuration lower than this one, moreover, it was only by (losing) a small margin . This time, Wolf King is driving a super-run known as the ‘Hell Devil’, equipped with a 12-cylinder engine . It is turbocharged and can easily beat Queen at a speed of 200 miles . ”

The onlookers were boiling with excitement, each with their own opinions and expectations . The competition would soon start!

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