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Chapter 411

Chapter 411: Wolf Mountain .


Su Canye’s voice was very soft, but steady, as if he could see through everything .

Xiao Luo paused in his steps, looked back and glanced at him indifferently .

“Brother-in-law, I’m not a three-year-old child . I can tell the difference between a real gun and a fake gun . In order to make me have a strong body, a certain someone forced me to go to the army for training for three months . During this period, I personally fired a gun . In addition, I have checked your pistol well these days . It is a Desert Eagle, a hunting pistol released by MRI in 1980 . It has a range of more than 100 meters, and its power is world renowned . ”

Su Canye walked over slowly, with a mysterious smile on his face . “The Desert Eagle is called the king of pistols . The person who owns this kind of gun absolutely isn’t someone ordinary . Am I right?”

Xiao Luo smiled coldly, “You know too much . ”

At first, Xiao Luo thought he was just an ignorant youth, a fool, but now… it seemed that he should consider whether to use hypnosis on this guy to save himself from such threats .

Su Canye felt coldness from Xiao Luo’s gaze, his chest immediately deflated . “Brother-in-law, look at you, it seems that you have killed people before… I am only sincerely asking you for help . As long as you help me, this secret will rot in my stomach, and I will never tell my sister about it . I swear, if I do, I will get five lightning strikes every day, and I will never get a girl in my life . ”

“Your credibility is close to zero . ”  Xiao Luo replied with a deadpan expression .

Regarding the previous incident (Kendo Hall incident), he might have helped Su Canye if he had not told Su Li after he had made a promise to him .   However, now, he was really too lazy… Not to mention, Su Canye even threatened him with the fact that he owned a pistol .

“Brother-in-law, you hurt my heart too much!”

Su Canye clutched his chest with a heart broken expression .

Xiao Luo didn’t want to talk to him anymore . This conversation was a joke, ignoring him was the most correct way to deal with it .

At this time, the door of the opposite apartment opened, and Su Li’s graceful figure appeared at the doorway . She glanced at Xiao Luo and Su Canye with questioning eyes, frowned and said, “What are you two doing standing outside?”

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Su Canye threw his mind into it and took a risk, he went up to her with a laugh . “Sister, I have a great discovery to tell you . It’s about my brother-in-law . Owww, my foot!”

But he wasn’t able to continue as Xiao Luo stepped on his foot . He cried like a pig in pain . He was jumping about on his unharmed foot in the corridor, as if it could relieve the pain .

Xiao Luo coughed, “Su Canye, I’ll do it . ”

When Su Canye heard this, he even forgot the pain as he threw himself at Xiao Luo and gave him a bear hug . He laughed, “Brother-in-law, I knew you were the best! Hehe …  I love you! Ha, ha, ha, let’s go eat!”

He couldn’t help himself and kissed Xiao Luo on the face, and then ran into the apartment excitedly .

Xiao Luo’s face darkened . If Su Li was not here, he vowed to beat up Su Canye .

Su Li looked at him for a while, seemingly to ask him: When did your relationship get so good?

“Eat!”  She uttered one word, before turning back to the apartment .

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Xiao Luo hurriedly wiped away the saliva left by Su Canye on his face, not to mention how disgusted he was . At the same time, he wondered what was wrong with himself . When Su Canye was ready to tell Su Li that he had a gun, he became nervous and afraid for no reason . What was he afraid of?  Afraid that Su Li would find out about his double identity? To know that he was a butcher with blood-covered hands?

After dinner, Su Canye brazenly stayed in Xiao Luo’s apartment . It was only until twelve o’clock in the evening that he left with Xiao Luo . They drove to Wolf Mountain .

There were no wolves in Wolf Mountain . It was just a mountain that was 800 plus meters in altitude, on the outskirts of Xia Hai . There were six peaks, and a road ran through them, albeit winding . Because of the complicated terrain, this road had many sharp bends, such as U-shaped bends, S-shaped bends, C-shaped bends, etc . It was precisely because of these bends that it had become a paradise for racing enthusiasts .

Racing was a very popular pastime in Xia Hai,

But in fact, it could only be carried out under the radar, and it must never be revealed to the public . After all, the traffic police will never allow a life and death race, which only appeared in movies, to be staged in the real world . In addition, it was necessary to make sure the time would be in the middle of the night, when the roads were unimpeded and there would be no other vehicles around .

The scene at the foot of Wolf Mountain was very lively, where a large number of racing enthusiasts had already gathered . Two petrol cans were burning with flames that reached up to four meters high, such bonfires illuminated the surroundings . There were also many modified racing lights present that made the place as bright during the day .

Xiao Luo roughly glanced around and saw sports cars costing millions . The cheapest ones he saw also cost at least seven hundred thousand . Of course, if you wanted to include his Chuanqi GS8, it was naturally the cheapest .

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Looking for an empty place to park the car, Xiao Luo turned his head and looked at Su Canye, “Who is the one that won your Bentley?”

“Look, it’s him!”

Su Canye pointed forward .

Looking in the direction he gestured at, a burly bald man appeared in Xiao Luo’s sight . The bald man is 1 . 8 meters tall, muscular, was wearing tight short sleeves and wide jeans, and his strong arms were currently hugging a sexy girl, a blonde foreign woman .

“His name is Lei Shijian, also called Wolf King . He is the captain of Wolf Mountain Team . The reason why the gambling industry in Wolf Mountain is so popular is because of him . Besides gambling with cars, there’s also money . The amount ranges from five-hundred thousand to five million . As long as one had excellent driving skills, getting rich overnight in Wolf Mountain would not be a dream .

Moreover, many rich and wealthy children in Xia Hai were avid fans of this sport, seemingly to seek excitement . After learning that there were racing activities in Wolf Mountain in the middle of the night, they all joined . There was also a forum dedicated to Wolf Mountain in the world, and all of its members were racing enthusiasts . As long as Lei Shijian would publish the news of the race, everyone would come to watch the ‘game’ .

Of course, there were also many racing enthusiasts who couldn’t get to Wild Wolf Mountain . Hence in order to meet their needs, a team specialized in shooting racing competitions had been formed . They use unmanned aerial vehicles to shoot at fixed points . Unmanned aerial vehicles were densely set up throughout the road of Wolf Mountain . After editing them, the captured videos would be full of integrity and coherence, basically providing the best moments as if they were watching live .

Su Canye introduced some information about the bald man, and also roughly explained the situation of Wolf Mountain .

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