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Chapter 4

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After the car accident, Xiao Luo felt that he was reborn . For Zhao Mengqi, he really didn’t complain much . He was more just numb to it and understood her choice . After all, the world is very realistic and cruel .

“I quit my job for personal reasons and it has nothing to do with you . ”

Xiao Luo smiled . “If nothing is wrong, then goodbye!”

A simple good-bye draws a satisfactory full stop for their four-year long-distance love run . Whether it will be tangled or not, it will not let the dignity of a man to pray for anything, at most he can do is to turn around and leave free .

Zhao Mengqi paused in a situ, for some reason she felt empty in her heart, she was originally here to criticise Xiao Luo while also reminding him that she made the correct choice of leaving Xiao Luo because this fragile and incompetent man doesn’t deserve her .

However, the result was unexpected . Xiao Luo did not entreat her not to leave him, nor did she have any sad feelings . This suddenly made her feel a little resentful, because it should not be like this .

“Xiao Luo, don’t act like you don’t care . I know you hate me very much, but this is the reality . ”

Zhao Mengqi shouted, “I can almost foresee your life trajectory . You can’t get rid of the fate of working . Maybe one day you will be successful . But who can say for sure whether it will be ten or twenty years later . You can afford energy consumption and time, but I can’t afford my youth . I don’t want to live in a narrow rented house together with you after getting married . I don’t want to be a house slave for 30 years after buying a house with down payment . That kind of life is not what Zhao Mengqi wants . ”

Xiao Luo looked back and said with a straight face: “So?”

“So I chose to leave you and plan for my own future . ” Zhao Mengqi blurted out, she rightfully answered .

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“Well, you did the right thing . ”

Xiao Luo’s face kept a smile from beginning to end, and remained calm during the duration . “Thank you for giving me a social lesson . ”

Zhao Mengqi froze again . She did not understand why Xiao Luo was so calm . Shouldn’t he already had lost his mind and gone mad? Is this guy faking it or he just doesn’t really care?


At this time, a Lamborghini sports car stopped beside Zhao Mengqi, the window rolled down, revealing a handsome young face, one sight is enough to tell that the young man is pampered . His skin is very white, his clothes are of famous brands .

Xiao Luo recognized at a glance that this was Hua Haifeng, the son of the boss of Huahai Group . He was called Hua Shao . He was said to be a fine playboy . Many beautiful women in Huahai Group who were not married had an affair with him .

“Kiki, what are you doing here?”

Hua Haifeng stepped down from the sports car and realized the existence of Xiao Luo . He pointed to Xiao Luo with hostility . “Who is he?”

Zhao Mengqi was quite embarrassed, but did not conceal it . She said with a charming voice: “He is Xiao Luo . ”

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“Xiao Luo? It turns out that he was Kiki’s ‘past . ’ ”

Hua Haifeng suddenly realized, obviously, he knew the existence of Xiao Luo and the relationship between Zhao Mengqi and Xiao Luo .

He looked at Xiao Luo, and his eyes flashed a shade of gloom: “Since I am the present, it seems very impolite for me not to pay respects to him . ”

“Hua Shao, there is no need to greet him with your status . Let’s go . ” Zhao Mengqi said .

Hua Haifeng is in sharp contrast with Xiao Luo . The more she looks at Xiao Luo, the more she feels that Xiao Luo is incompetent . He is a real stinker . She does not want to see any interweaving between Hua Haifeng and Xiao Luo, the former having high status .

“Kiki, you can’t say that . After all, he took good care of you before I showed up . I should thank him for his kindness . Wait for me here and I’ll be right back . ”

Hua Haifeng said, and walked toward Xiao Luo .

Turning his back on Zhao Mengqi, he scrapped his disguise, he got a proud smile on his face, like a winner throwing his weight around .

He held out his hand with a fake face of insidious smile: “Hello, I’m Hua Haifeng . Nice to meet you!”

Xiao Luo snorted coldly and said quietly, “I’m sorry, I’m holding something and can’t make any moves . ”

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The rumor is not as good as seeing it personally . Now that he saw the real Hua Haifeng, he completely believes that the bad rumors about Hua Haifeng are true . Even from a distance, he smelled the stink of human scum .

“Xiao Luo, it is your honor for Hua Shao to shake hands with you . Why are you so ignorant?” Zhao Mengqi was furious . In front of the two men, she said this as to also show her firm stand on Hua Haifeng’s side .

Xiao Luo turned a deaf ear to Zhao Mengqi but he was still disappointed . Four years of feelings, he has become the victim of Zhao Mengqi’s courting, he suddenly felt blind for these four years . He also feel that she is unworthy for these four years of feelings .

At this moment, Hua Haifeng laughed: “Brother Xiao Luo has a lot of character . I especially appreciate it . By the way, are you interested in being my assistant, I can ensure your annual salary is $200,000?”

Of course, he didn’t invite Xiao Luo to be his assistant sincerely . Instead, he took this opportunity to laugh at and crack down on Xiao Luo intentionally . After grabbing the cake from other people’s hands and eating them in front of others, he would feel particularly fulfilled .

“Not interested!”

Xiao Luo dropped three words and turned to leave .

[TL: In Chinese characters so it’s three words . ]

Hua Haifeng’s eyes narrowed slightly and inside there was a cold light: “Wait . ” He walked up and put his mouth near to Xiao Luo’s ear, revealing his real face, in a cold way he said, “Your woman was especially good last night, her body is very good, I tried 36 moves on her again and again, I didn’t think you to be this silly, your forced talk to her for four years of love had never reached her, in the end its quite a cheap pick up, hey hey …”

“Congratulations, you have created another woman for this society!” Xiao Luo replied with no sorrow, no joy, he only replied with a smile .

Hua Haifeng’s expression froze instantly . He never expected Xiao Luo’s reaction to be so dull, which made him feel a strong sense of frustration immediately .

He stretched out his hand, grabbed Xiao Luo’s shoulder and gnashed his teeth . “Aren’t you angry at all?”

This provocative words sounded like that of an ignorant fool in Xiao Luo’s ears, mocking: “She is your woman now . Are you crazy to tell other men about your private life? By the way, if there is another time, you may as well invite me directly to the scene to watch it . I will certainly applaud and cheer you up nearby . ”

Hua Haifeng realized at this moment that, yes, he is Zhao Mengqi’s man now .

When Xiao Luo defeated him in the battle of words, Hua Haifeng immediately became angry from embarrassment . He grabbed Xiao Luo by the collar and shouted coldly, “Rubbish, what did you say?”

Xiao Luo looked cold: “Let go!”

Those two simple words, made Hua Haifeng felt like he’s falling into an ice cave and shivered uncontrollably all over . Especially when he met Xiao Luo’s eyes, his hair stood up .

How can this boy’s eyes be so cold?

Hua Haifeng’s heart was so angry that he couldn’t believe that Xiao Luo’s eyes could make him feel afraid .

His subconscious told him to loosen, but Zhao Mengqi stood behind him, it would be embarrassing to do so, plus he also don’t believe that with the Huahai Group behind him Xiao Luo wouldn’t dare to do anything to him .

“If I don’t loosen then so what, do you want to hit me, come on, this young master will lend you tens of courage right now, see if you dare …”

His voice came to an abrupt end, because Xiao Luo shook him off with his inner strength and then kicked him mercilessly in the chest .

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