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Published at 8th of October 2020 10:57:03 AM
Chapter 399

Chapter 399: Seeing The Devil .


“The Dog Beating method is specially used to beat bad dogs . Brother, are you feeling ‘comfortable’ right now?”  The white-haired beggar pressed Xiao Luo’s shoulder with the wooden stick as he smirked .

Xiao Luo raised his head with fire spewing out from his eyes . This was not so much of a dog beating and more like a joke and humiliation .

The white-haired beggar gave out a burst of laughter like an old urchin . He then kicked Xiao Luo in the chest .   Combined with his internal force, Xiao Luo was thrown back uncontrollably like a broken kite and fell harshly on the ground five meters away .

“Good, good, kill that rotten loach!”

Yang Hongzhi, who watched the battle in the distance, couldn’t help applauding .

Ah San also felt that he was out of breath, and his heart was filled with excitement . Then he frowned, “It was really good, but it wasn’t good enough . ”

“Not good enough?”  Yang Hongzhi quipped .

“Not good enough . ”  Ah Si nodded in agreement .

“Then let that old beggar beat him up a little bit more . ”

Yang Hongzhi was in a very good mood . He took two steps forward and shouted at the white-haired beggar, “Hong Ge, beat that rotten loach more, I’ll pay you double . ”


Hearing his words, the white-haired beggar’s eyes brightened, “Don’t worry, I’ll make you satisfied . ”  He then leisurely put on his flip-flops and hummed a ditty as he walked towards Xiao Luo . “Little brother, I have no choice since I can make a large sum of money, I have to sacrifice you . You can rest assured that I will repay you after overcoming this difficulty . ”

“I’ll repay you ~!”

A dull roar sounded that was suppressed to the extreme .

Xiao Luo clapped his hands fiercely on the ground, making the ground tremble . With the help of this recoil force, he, who was just lying on the ground, rotated 360 degrees and knelt on the ground at full speed . His arms were pulled half a circle in front of his chest and then his internal force was strongly expelled towards the white-haired beggar .

“Roar ~”

Accompanied by a tremulous dragon roar, an overwhelming palm filled the whole space . The vast force was surging like a raging sea .

“Dragon Conquering 18 Palms?”

The expression on white-haired beggar’s face suddenly changed and his eyes opened wide in shock . At this moment, he did his best to block the palm’s force . The fierce power finally collided .


An earth-shattering explosion broke out, and the ground under their feet collapsed under these two powerful blasts resulting in a big pit of nearly three meters deep . Countless sods were thrown out and then shattered into powder in the air . Several conifers and cypresses behind the two men fell down with a snap because they could not bear the force .

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Yang Hongzhi got a fright, his smile also disappeared . He only felt scared at this moment .

The white-haired beggar was so shocked that he couldn’t help but stare at Xiao Luo as if he was an alien . He lost control of his emotions and asked, “Boy, where did you learn Dragon Conquering 18 Palms?”

No wonder he lost control of his emotions . Although all martial arts in the world came from Shaolin, Dragon Conquering 18 Palms had been passed down to this day by the Hong family and outsiders were able to pick it up . But now, he found out that there was a guy who also learned it!

Xiao Luo’s mouth corners were dotted with a bit of blood . His face was covered with frost . He gathered his internal force to the extreme, and sent another palm towards the white-haired beggar .

“Die you stinking old man!!!”

Terrible force rolled mightily and a dragon’s roar resounded through the heavens and earth .

This is the ‘Dragon descending from the Sky’?!

The white-haired beggar’s pupil shrank suddenly . He was really shocked, but his reaction was not slow . Under unavoidable circumstances, he was forced to meet the ‘Dragon descending from the sky’ head on .

“Peng ~”

The two forces collided, a terrifying energy flow thundered throughout the area . Invisible pressure like angry waves dispersed in every direction . Yang Hongzhi and his bodyguards who were watching in the distance were overturned .

“Boom ~”

The calm river surged as if bombs were exploding under the water . Tons of water were blown up three zhangs high and then came crashing down like torrential rain .

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“Oh my God, what happened there?”

“Why is there an explosion? Is there someone ‘fry fishing’ in the river?”

“How strange!”

Pedestrians in the distance stopped to watch, but under the cover of the night, they could not see anything . They all thought that someone was just ‘fry fishing’ .

The white-haired beggar’s body shook violently after he dropped to the ground from the air . He retreated eight steps back to stabilize his body . He felt a surge of qi and blood in his chest, and a dull pain . Then “poof”, he spat out a mouthful of thick blood .

Xiao Luo landed smoothly and looked indifferently .

“You … Who are you?”

The white-haired beggar was shocked and horrified . He didn’t expect Xiao Luo to defeat him . He even didn’t expect Xiao Luo to know ‘Dragon Conquering 18 Palms’, this was more powerful than his ‘Dog Beating’ technique . He was irrefutably defeated .

Xiao Luo was like a phantom, he arrived in front of the white-haired beggar in just a moment’s time . There was an evil and eerie smell in the air .

Without saying a word, Xiao Luo grabbed the white-haired beggar’s left arm with a ghostly claw . His five fingers were as sharp as bayonets . They easily pierced through the white-haired beggar’s clothes and embedded themselves in his flesh, blood started to seep out .


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The white-haired beggar let out a scream that didn’t seem to belong to a human . It made the listeners’ scalps tingle . His right hand then struck towards Xiao Luo’s skull . He tried to forcefully make Xiao Luo let go .

But Xiao Luo gave him a kick in return .

“Peng ~”

The white-haired beggar’s body turned into a bullet shell and shot backwards . He broke three pine and cypress trees in a row before he came to stop . The distance was more than 10 meters . His left arm that was gripped by Xiao Luo’s claw was torn from his body at the moment he was kicked . It remained in Xiao Luo’s hand!

The pain intensified and his shrieking became increasingly shrill . The pain from losing his arm made him roll on the ground, large amounts of blood spewed out from the wound .

“Ah …”

Yang Hongzhi collapsed and sat on the ground in terror . Ah San and Ah Si were also pale, trembling as if they were seeing the devil .

Xiao Luo threw away the white-haired beggar’s arm and turned to look at them .

His pair of eyes were black as night, the cold aura behind them made their souls tremble . Yang Hongzhi and his bodyguards rolled and crawled back into the black car .

“Drive, drive out of here!”

After getting on, Yang Hongzhi shouted in an extremely frightened voice as he uncontrollably broke out in a cold sweat .

Ah Si started the car in a hurry, and then drove out immediately . When they had left the riverbank and were a hundred meters away, they looked back and found that Xiao Luo did not come after them, so they were slightly relieved .

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