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Chapter 395

Chapter 395: Fire Him .


The leader was shocked when he heard this and thought: Is this guy really a child of a high-ranking official? So he’s basically free to do violence and act with lawlessness in broad daylight?

At this time, his inner sense of justice surfaced and he said righteously, “Director Ma, this person’s behavior is extremely bad . He crushed the feet of the four members of the Health Bureau . If he is not arrested, I …”

“Why are you being such an idiot? If I say you withdraw, you withdraw . This is an order!!!”  Director Ma snapped .

The leader immediately stood upright and respectfully replied, “Yes!”

“Give the phone to Mr . Xiao . I have something to say to him . ”  Director Ma spoke slowly .

Would he dare to voice his objection? He straightfully handed the phone to Xiao Luo . However, the next second, his eyes bulged due to extreme shock because he clearly heard Director Ma expressed his apologies sincerely and respectfully . Even through the phone, he could picture Director’s Ma groveling appearance .

Who exactly is this guy?

The leader looked at Xiao Luo as if he was out of this world . He couldn’t imagine his Director Ma, who has always been dignified, would lower himself for this person . His bearing was very similar like that of the ancient eunuchs when serving their emperor .   It was too accommodating .

Xiao Luo hung up the phone, turned to look at him, and said lightly, “There is nothing for you here, you can go, don’t be an eyesore!”

“You …”

The leader clenched his teeth in anger, but at the thought of his Director showing so much respect to this guy, he dared not cross the line . Finally, they left in a hurry with tails tucked between their legs .

Tan Jianbai, Tan Mu and Tan Ning Fu all witnessed this scene with disbelief . At this moment, their impression of the young man sitting atop the Porsche’s hood, in their heart, was as tall as a mountain . Even the police dare not control him . How strong was his background?!

As for Li Yueze, his face was white and bloodless, and his eyes trembled . As long as he was anyone normal, he knew he had used his foot to kick a boulder this time around .

“You … Who are you?”

Li Yueze raised his head and looked at Xiao Luo in horror . His voice trembled violently because of the pain in his knee and the fear in his heart .

Xiao Luo glanced at him indifferently and did not answer his question . Instead, he asked, “This Porsche costs 2 . 6 million plus the process, it’s at 3 million . Am I right?”

Li Yueze’s body quivered and his pupils shrunk suddenly, thinking that Xiao Luo was going to smash his car .

“Did you pay in full or in installments?”  Xiao Luo asked again .

“Ins… Installments…” Li Yueze truthfully answered, he dare not play any trick .

Xiao Luo asked once more, “The down payment is about 1 . 6 million yuan, and the monthly payment is about 24,000 yuan, isn’t it?”

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Li Yueze suddenly had an extremely bad premonition . Xiao Luo was able to get a clear picture of the price information of his car . But he still nodded with the necessary answer, “Yes . ”

“Are you in debt because of this car?”  Xiao Luo sat cross-legged, his left hand lazily supporting his chin .

“Negative … In debt …”

“How much debt?”

“One million . ”

“One million… Is it borrowed from relatives or friends?”  Xiao Luo went on to ask .

“500,000 yuan was borrowed from friends and 500,000 yuan was a special treatment given by the company . I took an advance of one and half a year’s worth of salary plus commission . ”

Li Yueze felt the cold spread on his back . A dangerous trap was hanging over him, “Xiao Xiao … oh no, Xiao Ge, what are you going to do?  You have a large background, so … please forgive me this time . ” He then pointed to Tan Ning Fu . “In fact, I have nothing to do with Xiao Fu . It is her mother’s wishful thinking to get us married .   I didn’t know she was Xiao Ge’s girlfriend . If I knew, I wouldn’t dare to pursue her even if I got hundred times courage . ”


He felt a fear deep in his heart .   Xiao LUo looked harmless and introverted on the outside, but he could launch a vicious attack just like a wild animal . How could he not be afraid?

These words turned Tan Mu’s face red with anger . Tan Jianbai also gave her a hard look:  This is the good son-in-law that you favor so much!

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Xiao Luo shook his head and said to Li Yueze, “I have nothing to do with you nor Miss Tan!  Originally, I didn’t intend to embarrass this Li Yueze, but he actually reported me to the health bureau when I was helping the grandmother of the girl he is pursuing! This kind of behavior is too despicable and really made uncomfortable . It is not to Luo Fang’s benefit to have such a manager . Perhaps if his performance was adequate when working in the company’s stores . However, it is only a disguise, and this is the real him . If he is not eliminated, sooner or later the company’s interests will be harmed . ”

About five minutes later, Li Zimeng arrived there in a panic .

A tango red Audi stopped in front of them, and Li Zimeng stepped out of the car . She was wearing a white sweater with a long fashionable plush coat . Her slender jade legs were encased in black silk stockings, showing a different kind of temptation . Her high heels made her look even taller . Her hair was neatly tied back into a ponytail, and her delicate face was as smooth and white as an egg .

There was an aura of an ‘Office Lady’ surrounding her .   An average man would stop to admire her, but they wouldn’t approach, because they understood that such a woman was not someone they could conquer .


“Department … minister?  !”

Li Yueze was horrified and couldn’t believe that he would meet Li Zimeng here . His eyes were full of respect . He became manager mainly because of Li Zimeng’s support .   She was his supporter and his boss .

“Li Yueze?”

After seeing Li Yueze kneeling on the ground, Li Zimeng was stunned and her eyebrows slightly puckered . Then she approached Xiao Luo, nodded slightly and cried respectfully, “Boss Xiao!”

Xiao … Boss Xiao?

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Li Yueze opened his eyes wide and thought he was hearing voices .

Then his mind suddenly recalled the story of the Legend of Luo Fang from last year .   Currently, Boss Zhang was Luo Fang’s boss, but he knew that Boss Zhang was just a good friend of the actual boss behind Luo Fang . He got the information from various channels . The real boss of Luo Fang was someone with the surname Xiao .   He was someone who led the dying Luo Fang to rise into what it was today . He defeated Taste Buds, a powerful competitor, and became the first baking giant in Jiang City .

Is this Xiao Luo ‘him’?

Li Yueze was gaping at Xiao Luo . With this guess, he couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva in nervous tension . His whole body was drenched in cold sweat . This was too hard to imagine .

“Long time no see . ”  Xiao Luo jumped down from the front of the Porsche and smiled .

“Yes, it’s already nearly half a year, Boss Xiao has become a lot more handsome . ”  Li Zimeng lightly said with a smile .

“You’re flattering me . ”

Xiao Luo joked, then gave Li Yueze a glance . “By the way, is he a manager of the company?”

Li Zimeng nodded heavily . “Yes, his name is Li Yueze . During an inspection, I saw that he was capable and that he was from the Li family . So I promoted him and made him manager of a new store . ”

“Oh, well, fire him . ”  Xiao Luo lightly ordered .

Li Zimeng was stunned at first but she agreed without hesitation, “Yes!”

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