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Chapter 394

Chapter 394: A Good Fruit to Eat .


Tan Jianbai as well as the Public Health officers were appalled at Xiao Luo . Compared with before, he was completely like a different person . Wasn’t he supposed to be a doctor who tended to the sick?  Why did he suddenly become a cruel butcher?

Tan Jianbai knew that all this was because his wife offended him, but the two drastically opposite temperaments were still extremely shocking .

One good and one evil, he was simply like a combination of an angel and a devil!

Xiao Luo squatted down and looked at Tan Mu’s hands . “Yes, your hands are quite well maintained . At this age, you actually still apply nail polish .   It shows that you are very proud of these hands . ”

Tan Mu looked at her beautiful hands and asked fearfully, “What do you … what do you want to do?  You… don’t fool around . Otherwise … otherwise the police won’t let … let you off … ”

She was covered with cold sweat and her voice was trembling . At this moment, Xiao Luo in her eyes was like the devil . She regretted that she provoked such a malicious person .

Xiao Luo was too lazy to talk to her . The acupuncture equipment was taken out . His hands quickly pulled out the slender needles and plunged them into Tan Mu’s hands . Soon, her hands were covered with slender needles, looking like hedgehogs .

Originally, acupuncture normally wouldn’t cause much pain, but this time, it was the opposite . Tan Mu only felt heart-wrenching pain pouring into her brain from her hands . It was unbearable and she screamed . Moreover, she couldn’t move even if she wanted to .

“Old Tan, save me, save me, ah!!!”

She screamed at Tan Jianbai for help, but he couldn’t move either and could only watch his wife suffer .

The four people were horrified and turned pale with fear . They did receive a report that someone was practicing medicine without a license . Under normal circumstances, they would’ve turned a blind eye and would not take the initiative to find them . But they received a 40,000 yuan bribe from the informant . So they abused their power for personal gains and went out for a ‘hunt’ .

If they had known that the other party was such a vicious person, let alone 40,000 yuan, they would not dare to come even if they were given 100,000 yuan or 200,000 yuan .   Because this guy was not a human being at all, he was a monster . Otherwise, how was he able to crush their feet so easily?!



The pain persisted even after Xiao Luo had removed all the needles .   However, Tan Mu was now able to writh and roll around in pain .

“You can watch your fingernails fall off . Your hands will also age faster than other parts of your body . Imagine a dry and woodsy picture, I think it will be very interesting . ”  Xiao Luo sneered at her . This woman repeatedly provoked him . Giving her this punishment was already letting her off lightly .

After saying this, he departed Tan Ning Fu’s house .

Downstairs, the Porsche was still parked there, and Li Yueze was inside .

He was looking forward to the scene of Xiao Luo being captured . Hah! You dare get close to my woman?

Seeing Xiao Luo walking down alone, Li Yueze was full of astonishment, he pushed open the door and got out to ask, “Why aren’t you caught by the Health Bureau?”

Xiao Luo didn’t respond to his words, he just looked at him and laughed .

“Gu Dong ~”

Li Yueze subconsciously took a step back, the hairs on his body stood up, because Xiao Luo’s smile wasn’t really a smile .   There was something ghastly within that smile .

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The next second, Xiao Luo raised his hand and suddenly, a strong suction force was produced . He didn’t even notice how he got so close to Xiao Luo . By the time he regained his bearings, Xiao Luo already had his hand around his throat . He lifted him up high, his feet dangling above ground .

How did this guy do it?

Li Yueze blanched in horror, he could hardly believe what he was going through right now .

“You will answer whatever I ask . If there is a half-sentence of falsehood, I will kill you immediately . ”  Xiao Luo coldly warned .

Xiao Luo didn’t need to guess, heck he didn’t even need to think .   He knew that the person who reported his unlicensed practice was this Li Yueze . Of course, he would not pity him if he had to kill such a villain .

Li Yueze didn’t dare deny it and nodded like chicken pecking rice .

“Are you really a manager of Luo Fang?”  Xiao Luo asked, deadpan .

Li Yueze nodded heavily: “Yes … I am …”

“Then why are you not in Jiang City? What are you doing running around in Xia Hai?  Is it just to meet Miss Tan?”

“No … no .   Luo Fang is going to enter Xia Hai, and I am the first group of personnel to lead the way to Xia Hai …”  Due to lack of oxygen, Li Yueze’s face turned red like pork liver, and his face was covered with torment . He struggled to answer Xiao Luo’s question with difficulty .

“I see!”

Xiao Luo kicked Li Yueze and loosened his hand at the same time .

Li Yueze fell heavily .

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His knee collided with the ground, and there was a sound of “Kaka” in his knee bone . He let out a shrill scream of pain and trembled uncontrollably .

Xiao Luo took out his phone and dialed a number, “Minister Li, please come to Zhongshan residential area!”

Then he hung up, confident and calm .

Whether this Li Yueze was real or not could be verified very quickly . Li Zimeng was ordered to come and confirm it . If he was really a manager of his Luo Fang, he would be fired directly . If not, then it would be easier to handle, as he would just throw this disabled away .

Not long after, several cars came but none was Li Zimeng’s car .   They were the police .

Three police cars came after they received a call from the Health Bureau, saying that someone was being brutal and violent in Zhongshan district in broad daylight .

At the same time, the four people from the Health Bureau who heard the siren helped each other down from the upstairs .   Likewise, Tan Jianbai, Tan Ning Fu and Tan Mu, who also recovered were following them down .

“Who called the police?  Who is committing the violence?”  The leader asked loudly .

“I called the police . ”

The fat man from the Health Bureau showed his work badge, then pointed to Xiao Luo, who was sitting leisurely atop the Porsche’s hood . “He is the one who committed violence, he refused to cooperate with our investigation and crushed our feet . This kind of person has to be arrested and severely punished! Get justice for us!”

The leader looked down at the four people’s right feet and immediately shuddered . Their feet were bloody, as if they had been crushed by a hydraulic press . The flesh and leather shoes were meshed together .

Not only him, the other officers also shuddered . This looked vicious and ruthless . Then they pulled out their guns and pointed them all at Xiao Luo .

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“Hold your head down, hold your head down!”  The leader shouted at Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo wasn’t nervous . He beckoned to them while his left hand was holding a phone, which meant ‘there is a phone call for you’ .

This was the first time the leader had encountered such a situation . Was the other party a senior official’s child receiving protection?

He hesitated but still decided to pick up the phone, after all, there were so many guns pointed at this man . He didn’t have to worry about him playing any tricks .

“Who is it?”  He asked .

“If you answer it, you will know . ”  Xiao Luo had a pondering smile .

The leader gave Xiao Luo a hard stare, “If you dare play with me, you’ll have good fruit to eat . ”

Then he took the phone and put it against his ear and answered .

“Xiao Wang!”  There was a loud voice on the phone .

“Ma … Director Ma?”

The leader was taken aback . He never thought that it was his immediate superior . The voice was too familiar . Combined with the name, he could immediately confirm that it was their Chief .

“Bring your men back immediately and stay out of this . ”  Director Ma ordered .

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