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Published at 2nd of October 2020 11:31:29 AM
Chapter 393

Chapter 393: Outburst .


The four men immediately saw Xiao Luo, who was treating the patient in the old woman’s room . The fat man stretched out his hand and asked, “Comrade, please show me your medical certificate . ”

Xiao Luo slowly adjusted his acupuncture equipment and answered, “I don’t have a certificate!”

“I’m sorry, then please come with us . ”  The fat man said coldly .

At the same time, two uniformed police walked up, one of them took out handcuffs .

Xiao Luo smiled playfully, “Saving lives is also against the law?”

“It is illegal to practice medicine without a license . The law does not allow it, so you have to come with us . Please cooperate with us . ”  The fat man said righteously .

“Yes, yes, he said before that he didn’t have any doctor’s certificate . He was practicing medicine illegally .   Arrest him quickly . ” Tan Mu also spoke at this time .

Hearing this, Tan Jianbai became enraged . Pointing at Tan Mu, he scolded, “Are you crazy? Mr . Xiao saved my mother . How can you frame him like this?”

“Who framed him, he said he is not working in the medical profession, so he is practicing medicine illegally . ”  Tan Mu rightfully answered .

“How could I marry a woman like you who cannot see wrong from right!”  Tan Jianbai lamented .

“Mom, how could you do this …?”

Tan Ning Fu was full of indignation . Xiao Luo was kind enough to help her grandmother recover, but her own mother didn’t have any gratitude .   Not only that, she also became the witness for the Health Bureau!

“Mr . Xiao, please come with us!”

The fat man raised his voice with dignity .

Xiao Luo’s patience had always been very good, but no matter how good his temper was, Tan Ning Fu’s mother was crossing the line .   She even reported him . She wanted him sent to the Health Bureau for investigation . How ironic was this!

His eyes were cold and he looked straight at the fat man, “What if I don’t go with you?”

The four members of the Health Bureau were shocked, they felt a strong sense of danger . They felt like they were frogs being stared at by a poisonous snake and could die at any moment .

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“Ah … See how arrogant he is? He has no doctor’s certificate, please take him away immediately . Arrogant people like him should be put to jail . ”  Tan Mu urged .

Hearing this, the fat man felt that it was reasonable . This arrogant man should be taught a lesson so he ordered, “Let me handle him…”

But his voice came to an abrupt end as Xiao Luo stepped forward and stomped his right foot .

Although he was wearing M-leather shoes, Xiao Luo’s strength was frighteningly strong . They only heard a “crack” and then “boom”, the fat man’s foot was broken . Pain coursed through his brain instantly, after a short delay, he screamed like a pig being butchered .

The other three members of the Health Bureau did not even get a chance to react before Xiao Luo already appeared in front of them like a ghost . He proceeded to show no mercy and also crushed all their right feet . His strength was very fierce . After their feet were smashed, along with their shoes, they  instantly flattened into thin paper and blood seeped out from the inside .

“My feet … ah … my feet …”

The four men fell to the ground screaming in pain, their faces distorted by pain .

Tan Jianbai, Tan Ning Fu and Tan Mu were all shocked . Who could have thought that Xiao Luo had such a strength, he also dared to be cruel to the people of the Health Bureau! This was really challenging their psychological endurance .

Xiao Luo walked past the four people and step by step strode towards Tan Mu . His eyes were ice-cold, it made people feel shivers to their bones .

Tan Mu was so frightened .   “What are you … what are you doing?”  She was quivering so much that her words became warbled .

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Tan Jianbai finally came to his senses and stood in front of Tan Mu with his arms outstretched . After all, she was still his wife . He could scold her like before but he could not watch her foot be trampled to a mush . That was too much .

He said nervously, “I’m sorry, Mr . Xiao, I didn’t discipline my wife . If you are angry, please vent it on me . ”

“It’s none of your business!”

Xiao Luo held out his right index finger and poked Tan Jianbai’s acupuncture point . Tan Jianbai fell to the ground with weak limbs and was unable to move at that time .

Martial arts (Real) acupuncture?!

He had such skill? The four Health Bureau Members on the ground were stunned . They also had a deep understanding of the human body .   Even though Martial Arts induced acupuncture, also known as Real Acupuncture, really existed, the human body’s acupuncture points were as complex as the vast stars in the sky . You could only immobile a person within a certain period of time if you knew the location of the acupuncture point .   The strength needed to be just right, and the location needed to be accurate .

However, their research was limited to theory and had not been put into practice in reality . But now, they had seen the ‘real’ acupuncture . How could they not be shocked?

Tan Ning Fu was beyond shocked at this point . She already knew Xiao Luo was very mysterious . Otherwise, the airport leaders would not have blocked the news and kept the outside media from knowing the incident of Boeing 747 .

He could fly a plane, his medical skill was extremely high, and now he was also like those legendary martial arts experts . If these characteristics were in a person, it only showed that the identity of the other party was not ordinary .

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“Don’t come, don’t come here!”

Tan Mu screamed .

Tan Ning Fu looked intently . If her mother retreated a step, Xiao Luo would advance a step . Due to excessive nervousness, she accidentally fell to the ground . She could only rely on her hands to support her retreat .

“Mister Xiao …”

She busily caught up, but before she had finished speaking, she, like her father, was poked by Xiao Luo and likewise fell to the ground weakly .

Now that he had removed all obstacles, Xiao Luo raised the corners of his mouth into a cruel smile . With his left leg as the axis, his right leg swept towards Tan Mu’s head . The wind was roaring, displaying its might . If this kick made contact with Tan Mu’s head, it would definitely turn into mush .

But at this moment, his mind suddenly remembered what Ji Siying had told him before, ‘not to kill people so easily . ’

“Om ~”

His murderous right leg was only an inch away from Tan Mu’s head when it stopped . Tan Mu was frightened out of her wits, she was pale and in her crotch area was a pool of liquid, she lost control of her bladder .

Xiao Luo frowned and withdrew his foot, “Your husband really spoiled you too much . It’s unfortunate that you met a stranger like me that will not hesitate to kick your head! It’s a good thing for you that my promise stopped me midway . ”

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