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Chapter 392

Chapter 392: Unlicensed Medical Practice .


Xiao Luo frowned after Li Yueze made those remarks . Tan Jianbai’s face also changed . It didn’t matter whether Li Yueze did it intentionally or not, these words were still extremely harsh .

The middle-aged woman Tan Mu, who was washing dishes in the kitchen, came out after she overheard their conversation, and said, “Mr . Xiao, you’d better accept Xiao Li’s money . We appreciate your help . ”

“You, the woman of the family, don’t understand anything here . Go ahead and wash the dishes . Don’t interrupt . ”  Tan Jianbai had a very strong principle . He couldn’t let Li Yueze pay .

Tan Mu said disapprovingly, “Why wouldn’t I understand anything?  Sooner or later, Xiao Li will become a member of our family . It is only natural that he should spend his money .   Isn’t it, Xiao Li? ”

“Auntie is right . Xiao Fu and I have had a good relationship since we started high school . I believe that with my sincerity, it can definitely move Xiao Fu . ”

Li Yueze said with a polite face . He was overjoyed in his heart . Tan Ning Fu’s mother was on his side . Although her father was neutral, sooner or later he would take his side because of her mother . He felt that he was already a son-in-law now, and it was only a matter of time before he would bring home such a beauty .

“Li Yueze, I told you very clearly that I can only be friends with you . In addition, I have no plans to get married for the time being . ”  At this time, Tan Ning Fu came out from her grandmother’s room .

“Even if you don’t want to get married, we can still talk about it . For a boy as good as Xiao Li, you won’t have to leave home . ”  Tan Mu scolded her daughter .

Li Yueze comforted, “It doesn’t matter aunt .   Let’s take our time, I’m not in a hurry . ”

“I’m sorry, Li Yueze, but I don’t want to deceive you any more . In fact, I already have a boyfriend . ”

Tan Ning Fu suddenly walked beside Xiao Luo, who was drinking tea, and leaned close to him . “He is my boyfriend!”


Tan Mu, Li Yueze and Tan Jianbai were shocked . Didn’t you just say this was a doctor you met on the plane?  Why did he suddenly become your boyfriend?

Xiao Luo almost spat out the tea in his mouth . This Tan Ning Fu was obviously using him as a shield . He wanted to explain, but seeing the pleading look in Tan Ning Fu’s eyes, he sat still without saying a word . He sighed in his heart: “Ahhh, forget it, helping people will give me good karma anyways . ”

Li Yueze found it difficult to maintain his composure and stood up . He pointed to Xiao Luo and asked unwillingly, “Xiao Fu, you … You are lying to me?! How could he be your boyfriend? Didn’t you just meet on the plane?”

Tan Mu also asked anxiously, “Dead girl, what are you talking about?!”

She already regarded Li Yueze as her son-in-law . She could not accept her daughter’s close relationship with other men .

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“Mom, I’m not talking nonsense, Xiao … Xiao Luo is really my boyfriend . ”  Tan Ning Fu deliberately sat down next to Xiao Luo in order to convince her family, and then tightly took Xiao Luo’s arm .

Li Yueze’s eyelid jumped, his eyes sprayed out bullets of anger as he stared at Tan Ning Fu and Xiao Luo’s intimate behavior . Whether Xiao Luo was indeed her boyfriend, this behavior was unacceptable . In his mind, Tan Ning Fu had long been his woman, he couldn’t stand his woman so close to other men .

He said with a sneer,  “Fu, my infatuation with you was in vain!”

Then continued on mercilessly staring at Xiao Luo before striding away .

“Xiao Li …”

Tan Mu rushed forward to dissuade him, but Li Yueze felt humiliated and refused to listen . He pushed open the door and walked away without looking back .

When she saw that her son-in-law was gone, Tan Mu stormed back and pointed at Xiao Luo and shouted, “Xiao, get out of here!”

Xiao Luo put down the cup, raised his head and looked at her in amusement . He kindly treated the patient, but in return, he got kicked out of the house . This was really ironic .

“Peng ~”

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Tan Jianbai slapped the table hard and stood up, angrily denouncing Tan Mu, “What’s wrong with you? Mr . Xiao is a guest . He has cured my mother . And you told him to leave?! You don’t understand etiquette at all . Where have your accomplishments gone?”

“Tan Jianbai, what are you yelling at me for? Xiao Li is an excellent son-in-law and now he is gone . Do you want our daughter to follow this Xiao Luo?  He can’t even compare to the hair on Xiao Li’s head . Can our daughter be happy with him?” Tan Mu raised her voice .

“You are Xiao Fu’s mother but you could not tell the situation! She just rejected Xiao Li . She doesn’t like Xiao Li . Xiao Li might be excellent but Xiao Fu’s dislike towards him shows that the two have no predestination . You still think that this is an ancient feudal society . And that you are in charge of the children’s marriage . Besides, even if Mr . Xiao can’t compare with Xiao Li . He has excellent medical skills and has extraordinary temperament . He is definitely a man with a successful career . He is willing to condescend to come to our house and treat my mother . That is the truth, why are you so stubborn?!”

Tan Jianbai’s mood was getting a little out of control . He was already very upset to see his mother being mistreated by his wife . But for the sake of family harmony, he chose to sacrifice his mother by default . But now, he had discovered the cause of his mother’s coma . And it was all caused by his inaction and his wife’s unkindness . At the moment, he was venting all his pent-up feelings .

“Stubborn, are you kidding me? If our daughter wasn’t beautiful, you think he would come?”

Tan Mu sneered, “From the beginning to the end, you think he actually is very calm? Do you think that he’s simply rejecting compensation? Most importantly, Xiao Li is very good but your daughter doesn’t know how to cherish him . This really made my intestine green…”

Tan Ning Fu bit her red lips but did not speak . She wanted to refute it, but the woman in front of her was her mother and she did not want to quarrel with her .

“Your woman’s opinion is extremely stupid!”

Tan Jianbai sighed heavily and apologized to Xiao Luo . “Mr . Xiao, I’m really sorry . I apologize to you on her behalf . ”

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“You don’t need to . I’m just here to treat the old woman . We will not meet again in the future . ” Xiao Luo said .

With that, he got up and walked to the old woman’s room . It was time to withdraw the needle . He did not want to stay for a moment longer .

“Mr Xiao …”

Tan Ning Fu felt very self-reproached and guilty . It was already a great kindness for Xiao Luo to come and help her grandmother . However, her mother ridiculed Xiao Luo, she didn’t know what to do .

Xiao Luo ignored her as he wordlessly walked into the room . Then he removed the needle .

But at this time, the doorbell rang . Tan Jianbai went to open the door . Outside the door stood four people, two men in suits and two policemen in uniforms .

“Who are you?”

“We are from the Health Bureau . We have received a report that someone is illegally practicing medicine here without a license . We have come to check it out . Please cooperate with our work!”

The man leading the group was a fat man, he showed his work permit and then rushed in .

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