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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:18:35 AM
Chapter 39

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Hearing Xiao Luo saying this, Chu Yue froze, so originally this guy knew all this was behind her, looking at Xiao Luo's cold eyes, that cold face, she suddenly have a deep guilt, as if she had done an unforgivable wrong .

At this time, the others present suddenly realized that it is no wonder that Fu Jiawei, Fang shulan and Ye Yingying would target a guy born in an ordinary family, so all of them were inspired by Chu Yue .

Of course, even if they know all this, they also dare not to talk about Chu Yue, after all, the somebody else's father is one of the big crocodiles in the river, ChuYunXiong . Although their family is also very rich, but compared with Chu YunXiong, that is completely not enough to curse Chue Yue blatantly .

"Xiao Luo, don't be angry, Queen Chu is not bad, she just . . . "

"If this is not bad, then what is this, murder and arson?"

Xiao Luo waved, he coldly interrupted Bai Xeiwen's rhetoric, and then rushed to Chue Yue saying, "Let me think about why you would do this to me . Oh, I think, first, yesterday playing games, I stole your thunder, right? Second, unlike other people, Yours truly is the only one who talks to you and pretends to be a grandson, is that right? "

"I . . . "

Chu Yue did not know how to answer, because Xiao Luo was right . She really wanted Xiao Luo to make a fool of himself because of these two points .

"Miss Chu, Big miss Chu, don't you think you are very naive? Is it because your family is rich and because you are beautiful that everyone should take you as the center, spoil you, protect you and follow you in everything? "

Xiao Luo with a sarcastic smile on his face, "What do you think yourself of, everyone likes RMB? Still saying that without you, the earth will stop turning . I am sorry, but I have to tell you that you feel too good about yourself . At least I don't like you very much . I will never bow before you . in my eyes, you are a rhinoceros horn flower . It looks beautiful, but it smells like sh*t! "

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"You . . . "

Chu Yue unconsciously shed tears, Xiao Luo's words are really vicious, not half was of it was a good word . Every word, his every word, is like a poisonous needle, that drilled hard on her body, no one ever said so about her . [bich you have no right to be in tears, the author is contradicting here]

The others were all shocked . He actually compared Chu Yue, the goddess and the school flower of Hua Ye, to rhinoceros horn flowers . They looked beautiful and smelled extremely bad . This guy's mouth was too harsh . Aren't he afraid of eing struck by lightning?

Chu Yue thought for a moment and finally came up with a rebuttal: "Do you still want to join my team?"

However, Xiao Luo showed a disdained smile: "I thought before, but now I don't want to at all . Although I have the opportunity to get a rich bonus, I am not short of everything, and don't lack a backbone . To give in to you for a rich bonus . Sorry, it's not Worth IT!"

He totally had an indifferent attitude .

Finished saying that, he turned to leave .

"Xiao Luo, what are you doing?" Bai Xeiwen urgently asked .

"Back to school!"

"There are no taxis in this area, at least wait for us to leave!" Cried Bai Xeiwen .

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Xiao Luo just waved his hand, but he didn't look back, he was both free and easy, yet cold .

The whole dance scene was a in shock .

"The damn pr*ck, to compare me to look a rhinoceros horn flower, I . . . I . . . "

Chu Yue wiped her tears, feeling grieved, this Xiao Luo really don't take her seriously, and severely hit her self-esteem .

Bai Xeiwen sighed, not knowing how to comfort her . She always said Xiao Luo is her bane, yet she doesn't accept it!

This rich Jia Wei looked at, felt that the opportunity to be attentive has come, he endured his chest pain and walked to Chu Yue: "Queen Yue, nevermind that pr*ck! You rest assured, I certainly must find someone to reprimand him mercilessly, let him kneel in front of Queen Yue and apologizes . "

"He dares to hit me, I will certainly not let him go!" Ye Yingying boldly said .

Fang Shulan was also furious and gnashed her teeth: "I will return that bastard several times sooner or later . "

"Let's call it a day and leave him alone at the moment, we will deal with him later . "

Chu Yue shrugged her nose and said firmly, "I will compensate you for the money you lost . After all, you all made things difficult for yourself for me . "

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This embarrassed Fu JiaWei and the others . A top hip-hop veteran, a super master snooker player, did not make a fool of Xiao Luo . He was also severely beaten in the face by Xiao Luo, earning enough bruises . He was completely humiliated .

"That son of a b*tch is very good at dressing up as a pig and eating tigers . If it weren't for this, we wouldn't have lost so badly . " Fang Shulan is really angry with Xiao Luo .

Bai Xeiwen couldn't help talking: "Come on, don't you find Xiao Luo more enigmatic than any of us? His LOL's operation is the strongest and is probably at Divine's or higher level . He is more proficient in street dancing than Shulan . In snooker, he is also an opponent that even Yingying can't win . Xiao Luo is simply a genius with terrifying abilities in all aspects! "

"HSS ~"

This remark drew a gasp from Chu Yue, Fu Jiawei, Fang Shulan and Ye Yingying, because Bai Xeiwen's words made them deeply aware of the fact that Xiao Luo is a genius in games, street dance, snooker and free combat .

They know, everyone's time and energy are limited, and their talents are different . It is already commendable to be able to make achievements in one field or two fields . But Xiao Luo, excelled at least in four fields, in this existence of fate . How is that possible? What exactly is this guy's brain and body made of?

Can it be said that Xiao Luo is a genius that is often said in TV and movies to be rare in a hundred years?

At that time, several people have temporarily forgotten their anger and are deeply immersed in the shock to Xiao Luo .


At the dance party, after such a commotion from Xiao Luo's, soon broke up .

Fang Shulan and Ye Yingying naturally won't miss the chance to spend the night in the villa with Fu Jiawei in a spring night .

Other guests dispersed one after another, and Chu Yue and Bai Xeiwen were also preparing to return to school .

At this time it was already eleven o'clock in the middle of the night, although there were street lamps, it was difficult to light out all the surroundings . The night is like ink, and every street lamp is like the eyes of a sleepy person, as if it would be closed at any time, stuttering and blinking .

The long street was empty and the wind blew the fallen leaves . . .

"Bai Xeiwen, tell me the truth, am I really as miserable to pretending to be forced or guilty?" Chu Yue now can't help but doubt herself .

Bai Xeiwen said: "I said, Queen Chu, you earn tens of thousands of dollars a month by playing games live . All you eat, drink, wear and use are your own money . If you are so miserable, then I will be ashamed to death . "

"I think so, too . Pretending to force or commit crimes made me say nothing . Why didn't I use every minute of my monthly earnings to shut him up?" Chu Yue angrily said .

"I told you not to overdo it . Xiao Luo is different from other boys . "

"What's different, he's got both eyes, two ears, a nose and a mouth? Does he have three heads and six arms that made him different? "

"Well, I can't tell you clearly . In a word, I think he is very different . You'd better stop playing tricks on him or history may repeat itself . " Bai Xeiwen advised .

"He is so boring, this young lady doesn't want to play with him any more . "

Chu Xeiwen said in a dismissive way, when talking about this sentence, in her mind emerged Xiao Luo's mechanical dance and him playing snooker, his elegant dance steps, his focus, and his cold smile . . .

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