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Chapter 385

Chapter 385: Princess of Dubai .


A man walked in .

He looked about fifty years old with a head of white hair, dressed in a white shirt and some wrinkles on his forehead, they looked very much like the stripes on a tiger’s head . His aura  was very imposing, he was followed by several men and women . He lifted up his head and looked supercilious .

In this group of men and women, there was a foreign woman who was very commonly dressed, straight nose, darker skin color than the yellow race (Asian), wavy hair, and was wearing Chinese street goods . However, her teeth were white, her symmetrical bent eyebrows were as clear as water, and her whole body radiated a noble temperament from the inside out . Yes, she was noble and natural . The ordinary dress simply could not hide this temperament .

Seeing the middle-aged man, Shen Qingyan’s face sank, “Third Uncle, don’t you know the basic courtesy of knocking the door first?”

Third uncle?

This is Shen Xingqing, the second in command of Huayao group?

Xiao Luo muttered in his heart .

Although he was not prepared to work at Huayao Group specifically, he still knew something about such a big enterprise in Xia Hai City . Huayao Group belonged to Shenyang’s industry, and Shen Qingyan, with her outstanding ability, took over her father’s position . The rest of the shareholders were Shenyang’s own .   And, next to Shen Qinqyan, Shen Xingqing was the largest shareholder, whose words carried weight within Huayao Group .

Shen Xingqing said disapprovingly, “Niece, I have something urgent to find you . ”

Shen Qingyan’s position as the president was completely ignored . He was unhappy in his heart when she reprimanded him .

“Even if there is a big emergency, you have to knock first!”

Shen Qingyan has no good face for Shen Xingqing . Although he was her uncle, he had always coveted her position . If it weren’t for her father’s support and her ability, she would have been driven down from this position by Shen Xingqing .

“Since you are so insistent, how about your uncle make it up to you?”

Shen Xingqing coldly said . After that, he went back to the door of the office, and knocked… Though it wasn’t really a knock and was rather like a beat . A very heavy, very loud beat .

Shen Qingyan’s eyebrows tightened and she gritted her teeth . She put up with it and said, “Come in!”

Shen Xingqing strode up . One of his subordinates brought a chair . He sat down without hesitation . Then he cocked his legs, just like an elder .

“Uncle, can you start talking?”  Shen Qingyan’s voice was very cold . She didn’t want to see this rascal-like uncle of hers .

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“Well, the story is…”

Shen Xingqing gestured to the foreign woman with his hand . “This young lady came to our door with a list of medicines in her hand and said a lot of ‘twittering chirps’ .   It seems that she needs it . We asked several translators of the company but they could not understand her . We wanted to tell her to leave, but we decided to bring her here since you know several foreign languages and could understand them . ”

“Uncle, do you want to see me make a fool of myself?”  Shen Qingyan was too lazy to argue with him .

“How can it be? Uncle has come to ask for your help with all his heart . This woman might be a big customer . If she gets away just like that, it will be a big loss to the company . ”

Shen Xingqing cocked his legs and said with a smile that was really not a smile on his face . In fact, he did come to see Shen Qingyan make a fool of herself . Weren’t you afraid of going all over the world?  Didn’t you say that you can handle any clients? Well, then let’s take care of this one . But it would not be done . So as an uncle, it was only natural that he should say a few words of discouragement .

Shen Qingyan snorted coldly, “If you have time to see jokes, do more practical work for the company . ”

“Niece, you are not gentle at all . Uncle is not as bad as you think . ”  Shen Xingqing burst out laughing .

Shen Qingyan ignored him and looked at the foreign woman with a friendly smile . She took the lead in communicating with her in English: “Hello, beautiful lady, I am Shen Qingyan, head of Huayao Group . How may I help you?”

As an international language, English was of course the first choice .

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The foreign woman was stunned, although she didn’t understand what Shen Qingyan was saying but she knew that Shen Qing Yan was talking to her .   Therefore, she immediately started gesturing . “Hey… guru… wow,” she said a lot of words and looked very anxious .

“…” Shen Qingyan was at loss .

She had never been this speechless before .

She mastered three foreign languages and boasted that she could travel all over the world, but she didn’t expect to encounter this kind of language . Her third uncle was right about one thing . This was bird language indeed . Her first thought was: Is this really a language?

The foreign woman continued her gestures for a long time and talked a lot .

Shen Qingyan listened attentively .   However, in the end, she smiled apologetically and replied in English,”I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean and can’t help you . ”

“I can’t think of a time when my niece isn’t able to understand . Third uncle thought you were omnipotent and versatile . It seems that I overestimated you . No matter how excellent a person is, it is absolutely impossible to be all-inclusive . Am I right?”

Shen Xingqing patted the invisible dust on his thigh and stood up, mocking Shen Qingyan in due course, “You are still too young and need to be led by elders . You must be careful not to lose your family assets . ”

Shen Qingyan’s face turned red . No matter how much Shen Xingqing disdained her, she  could bear with it . But, presently, Shen Xingqing came to make a scene, it was impossible for her not to be angry .

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At this moment, Xiao Luo spoke slowly, “This woman said she’s princess Salama from Dubai and she wanted to purchase a batch of medicine worth 8 million dirhams . ”


Whether it was Shen Xingqing or Shen Qingyan, Guan Tong or the tall woman, all of them looked up at Xiao Luo uniformly . Their eyes were full of disbelief .

“Do you understand what she is saying?”  Shen Qingyan suspiciously asked .

Xiao Luo nodded, “She speaks Arabic with a little local accent, so it sounds strange . ”

“Kid, where did you come from? Don’t be careless here, or you’ll be thrown out . ”

Shen Xingqing shouted, “What dirham, I haven’t heard of it . What princess? And she’s planning to buy hundreds worth of medicine? Even if you make something up, you should at least make it believable . ”

“Even if you haven’t heard of it, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist . Dirham is their common currency unit in UAE . Don’t show off your ignorance . ”  Xiao Luo lightly roasted him .

Shen Xingqing was already irritated by Shen Qingyan, so his heart was not happy to begin with . He was losing patience . He didn’t even know who this guy was and where he came from, yet he actually dared to oppose him . He pointed directly at Xiao Luo’s nose and said, “Do you know who I am?  Don’t think you can do anything you want with this boss here in Huayao Group, f*ck off! ”

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