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Chapter 38

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"Do you have proof that I stole something?"

Xiao Luo's eyes looked directly at the security guard, his eyes suddenly became cold .

This group of security guards involuntarily shuddered, their hair all over their bodies sticking up uncontrollably . They felt like frogs being watched by a poisonous snake and on the verge of extreme danger .

Another security guard gritted his teeth, stepped forward, raised his voice and shouted: "I didn't say just now, all the people present except you are of high status and face . You are a poor man, so you are the most suspected . Of course we suspect that you stole it . "

"The poor deserve to be despised?"

Xiao Luo said in a cold way, "Are you not poor? Then how did you become a security guard here? "

"You . . . "

This group of security guards immediately became angry and were torn apart .

Xiao Luo gave them a leer: "Be your watchdog and don't mess with me!"

"If you don't let us search you then you won't get out of here . "

The security guards become angry from embarrassment, clenching their fists as they shouted, several people were eyeing and staring at Xiao Luo, like a dog .

Xiao Luo coldly hummed, the next second, his knee flew directly to one of the guards .

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"Peng ~"

The poor guy was thrown out and smashed on the dining table with a "crash" and all the food fell to the ground .

All the guests gasped . He knocked a person out, five or six meters away with one knee . What power is this?

Xiao Luo did not stop at all . He spun, kicked and swung cleanly . All those around him flew, knocking down guests, knocking down barbecues, and smashing the whole dance scene like a garbage dump . Screams and panic were heard everywhere .

He shocked people living in the place in the simplest and cruelest way!

Xiao Luo moved his neck and breathed out a sigh of relief, just like a general who killed four sides . He shouted: "Happy Now! ! !”

A face of smile scanned the four circles, his eyes finally landed on Fu Jiawei .

"Gu Dong ~"

Fu Jiawei's body quivered and he could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva with difficulty . He never expected that Xiao Luo's skill would be so abnormal . He was simply non-human . The security guards of his private villa are all hired from not your typical security companies . They have undergone strict training and have extremely rich actual combat experience . However, he did not expect four or five people to be beaten to the ground by Xiao Luo by swinging only three or two times . He could hardly believe his eyes .

As he became speechless, Xiao Luo like a flurry, without leaving a few breathing room swept to his side, a cold face was staring at him straight .

Fu Jiawei was scared out and broke into cold sweat as he retreated subconsciously . As a result, he accidentally fell to the ground .

Xiao Luo stared at him from a high position: "You said I stole something very precious from your home? Well, I'll turn over all my pockets now . If there is no precious thing you said, I'll break your fingers one by one . What do you think? "

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It's a stong threat and full of undisguised evil intention . When an angel loses patience, he will change into a devil .

Fu Jiawei couldn't help hitting an evil cold . He quickly smiled and said, "Misunderstanding its only a misunderstanding . Brother Xiao Luo, don't be angry . I'm just joking with you . I'm just joking . My family hasn't lost anything!"

He had no doubt that Xiao Luo would really dare to break his finger . This is a beast with a vicious smell from head to toe . It is pitiful for him and ridiculous to believe . He even thought of the other as sheep that can be bullied at will before .

"Are you kidding me? Is there such a joke? " Xiao Luo stepped on Fu Jiawei's chest .

The powerful force made Fu Jiawei feel like his heart and chest were about to burst apart . The pain was unbearable and he coughed violently .

Everyone felt a chill at the moment .

"Xiao Luo, let go of Jia Wei, and we'll make you look good!" Fang Shulan cried .

Xiao Luo felt really funny, he turned his head and smiled sarcastically: "Really? I'd like to know how would you make me look good . "

Fang Shulan couldn't say a word at the moment, she also dare not look straight into the eyes of Xiao Luo that is sharp as a blade, even the security guard of Fu JiaWei's villa was Xiao Luo's dolls unable to do anything, yes, how can she let Xiao Luo be good-looking after all this?

"We will call the police, accuse you of wanton wounding and send you to prison!" Ye Yingying stated in a bold way .

"Just wait and eat in your cell . "

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"Not only is he poor, he is also barbaric . He has made a mess of our good dance scene . People like you are scum . "

"Let go of the rich and imprison the poor!"

The men and women with whom Ye Yingying had a good relationship spoke out one after another . With so many people there, how could they be afraid of Xiao Luo when they came to their senses?

"You said earlier that it would be good to call the police . Now it is a society ruled by law . It is against the law to hit people . I don't want to break the law . " Xiao Luo frowned .

Ye Yingying thought Xiao Luo was afraid, so she came up and ran up, ready to help Fu Jiawei: "So you do know, so get your dog's paw off Jia Wei!"

Fang Shulan frowned . Both of them had an ambiguous relationship with Fu Jiawei . Both of them were deeply in love with this man . Therefore, seeing Ye Yingying running up, she followed up, unwilling to lag behind, and barked coldly at Xiao Luo: "Son of a b*tch, take your feet off . Believe it or not, I will use my connections to let you sit at the bottom of the prison . "

"Ha ha . . . "

Xiao Luo smiled and took his feet away from Fu Jiawei .

The next second, he suddenly became cold, he sent a kick in Ye Yingying's face, Ye Yingying fell down, her face immediately was printed with a clear shoe print .

Before Fang Shulan could react, Xiao Luo backhand slapped her, severely beating Fang Shulan face . [why is it satisfying]

"Pa ~"

A crisp slap sounded, Fang Shulan let out a cry of pain, she also fell to the ground, the corners of her mouth was overflowing with blood .

The two girls turned their heads and opened their eyes wide, staring at Xiao Luo with anger and fear .

"You . . . you dare to hit me!"

Ye Yingying couldn't believe it . From childhood to adulthood, she had never suffered such a big loss .

"Hit you? Did I hit you? "

Xiao Luo spread out his hands with a face of innocence . "There is no surveillance here, and no one took pictures with his/her mobile phone . Do you think the police will listen to your side of the story and assume that I hit you?"

"Son of a b*tch, you wait for me, I will make you regret it!" Fang Shulan pointed to Xiao Luo and let out a few malicious words .

"Sorry, regret isn't in my dictionary!" Xiao Luo lightly laughed .

"Stop it, Xiao Luo, what are you doing?"

At this time, Chue Yue and Bai Xeiwen desperately ran up .

She just wanted to make Xiao Luo make a fool of himself once . She never thought that things would come to this point . She even didn't think Xiao Luo's skill would be so terrifying . Moreover, he was not afraid of anything at all . He knocked down Fu Jiawei's security guards and beat Fu Jiawei and his party .

Tragedy, what a tragedy!

This is a situation she never expected .

"Miss Chu, are you finally willing to give up?"

Xiao Luo with a pondering smile on his face, "Do you think I am very funny? Do you want to ask some people to play with me again? I can play whatever and whenever YOU WANT! "

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