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Chapter 378

Chapter 378: Conversation .


Soon, a dish of green vegetables and taro were put into a large bowl . The dish was similar to rice porridge when served . While the other dish was scrambled eggs with tomatoes .

“What is the name of this dish?”  Su Li pointed to the ‘rice porridge’ and asked .

“It’s our hometown’s specialty, green vegetables and taro paste . ”  Xiao Luo said with a smile .

Su Li took a spoonful of it, with suspicions she asked, “Is it edible?”

She had never seen this dish before, but she saw how it was prepared, by chopping vegetables, boiling them in a pot with cooked taro, and mashing the taro into a paste .   Therefore, it shouldn’t be anything poisonous to say the least .

“You’ll know if you try . It’s quite healthy for dinner . ”  Xiao Luo didn’t say much, he turned around and went to the kitchen to tidy up .

“Goo goo~”

Su Li was so hungry that her stomach protested again .

Forget it, let’s just eat it!

With this thought, she filled a bowl of rice for herself . She didn’t eat the green vegetables and taro paste yet, instead she first devoured the scrambled eggs .

Originally, she thought it would be difficult to swallow the food, but when it entered her mouth, she realized that she was very wrong . She had not eaten scrambled eggs with tomatoes before, but although the dish did not look attractive, it was extremely unique in taste . It was soft, tender and smooth!

She couldn’t stop after the first bite and couldn’t help herself indulging in the food . Her mind was immersed in the deliciousness of the scrambled eggs .

She only realized the situation until the whole plate of scrambled eggs were fully devoured by her .

Did she just eat this by herself?

Su Li couldn’t believe herself as she stared at the empty plate in front of her . Even if the delicacies before her were delicious, out of courtesy and image, she would always leave some . She had never been as rude as she was today, she actually cleaned off the entire plate .

I was just hungry, yes, I was just too hungry!

She comforted herself in her heart .

Then, her eyes shifted to the green vegetables and taro paste . Holding a spoon, she was hesitating whether to take a bite or not . After all, the scrambled egg was so delicious that the taste of this dish might just be the same .

She picked up the bowl gently, holding the spoon with her little finger slightly tilted, she then carefully scooped several spoonfuls from the plate and put them into her mouth to taste them carefully .

Immediately she frowned, but not because it was bad, instead it was especially scrumptious! It was not greasy at all, it could make people increase their appetite . She scooped more spoonfuls into her bowl and ate happily .

After Xiao Luo cleaned up the kitchen, he returned to the hall and saw Su Li sitting in front of the dining table, wiping her mouth gracefully with a paper towel . Her face was full of satisfaction . In front of her, there were two empty plates as if the food had been swept away by the wind .

“Have you finished eating?”

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Xiao Luo was somewhat surprised . The two dishes were of sufficient weight and were made according to the standard of an adult man . He did not expect Su Li to finish them all .

Su Li’s cheek was boiling hot and she thought that she was too rude in front of a man . At the moment, she regretted not resisting the temptation of delicious food . However, she was still very calm, she put down the paper towel and sipped her lips . “How is this green vegetable and taro paste made? Is it made by boiling chopped green vegetables and taro together?”

“Yes . ”

Xiao Luo nodded .

“This dish of scrambled eggs with tomatoes is also delicious . Have you learned to cook before?”  Su Li asked curiously .

“No, I taught myself . ”

Xiao Luo replied truthfully . During his stay in Jiang City, he often cooked for himself and could cook some basic dishes .


“It seems that you still know how to enjoy life . ”  Su Li’s delicate face showed a rare smile .

Xiao Luo likewise reciprocated with a smile, then said: “Tidy up the dishes yourself, I’ll go back first . ”

“Wait . ”

Su Li stood up, “Let’s talk . ”

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Xiao Luo was surprised that this iceberg-like woman would take the initiative to talk to himself .

“Talk about Su Bei . ”

Su Li’s beautiful eyes blinked, as if she was thinking of something, and her cheeks flushed . “I think you are aware that Su Bei is not my own daughter . ”

Xiao Luo nodded, the blooming red rose that sprouted during ‘that night’ was enough for him to tell .

“She is the daughter of my sister, Su Ri . ”

When talking about her elder sister, Su Li’s tone was a little sad .   Her exquisite face, that was the envy of many women, slightly dimmed . “Two months after giving birth to Su Bei, my elder sister found out that her man cheated on her . They had a quarrel . During the quarrel, the man accidentally pushed her down from the balcony of the tenth floor . ”

“So you replaced your sister and became Beibei’s mother?”

Su Li nodded, “I hope she can grow up healthy and have an innocent childhood . ”  She looked up at Xiao Luo . “I don’t know why she is so close to you, and even thinks that you are her father… Sometimes, I have to admit, maybe there is such a thing as fate . ”

Xiao Luo smiled . The thought of Su Bei made his heart very warm, this feeling was a very wonderful feeling .

Su Li didn’t know if the man understood her subtext . When she said “fate”, she meant not only Su Bei and him, but also her and him .

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However, seeing that Xiao Luo did not respond, she could not help but get angry and asked, “By the way, are you looking for a job?”

What brought this subject on all of a sudden?

Xiao Luo could not understand her thought process at all, he shook his head, “No . ”

“You will go to my friend, Shen Qingyan’s company, for an interview tomorrow . Her company is hiring salespeople . Try it . ”  Su Li said in a commanding tone .

Xiao Luo didn’t like being commanded and flatly refused, “I did say that you don’t have to worry about my employment . I can handle it myself . ”

“You have no choice in this matter . I’ve already sent over your resume . Tomorrow at 9 o’clock, you’ll go to Huayao Group for an interview .   Be on time . If you want to repeat what happened on the day we got the license, you can choose not to go . ”

Su Li’s attitude was very firm . Since he had no choice, Xiao Luo must go . She wanted to let this man grow up quickly . Although it was impossible to reach the designated position in one step, he must at least have a decent job .

Xiao Luo felt very helpless . He knew that this woman would do it if she said it . On ‘that day,’ when she jumped without hesitation, it really scared him . He wanted to say “go ahead” loudly, only to find that he couldn’t say it . He thought his feelings for her were nonexistent, but she was different from other women in his heart . He couldn’t say what it felt like, perhaps because she was his first woman .

“Yes, but don’t hold out too much hope . I may not pass the interview in their company . ”  Xiao Luo came up with a strategy at the spur of the moment, to deliberately fail the interview of Huayao group .

“You can show your best side . ”

Su Li already set things up with Shen Qingyan so unless Xiao Luo’s interview was really horrible, he would definitely pass .

Both had their own secret thoughts, but they didn’t know who would win the match . They could only wait .

When Xiao Luo left, Su Li looked at the two dishes on the table . She felt a warm current flowing from the bottom of her heart .

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