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Chapter 368

Chapter 368: No Discussion .


Guo Qinghe said righteously and openly, he had no intention of taking Xiao Luo’s side .

There was a few seconds of silence, but the girl whom Su Canye liked broke the silence first and smiled, “What Mr . Qing said was reasonable . I guess my point of view was too narrow just now . ”

Although the others did not make any noise, their silence had already indicated their stance .

Guo Qinghe cheerfully patted Xiao Luo on the shoulder and said, “Xiao Luo, don’t blame the monitor for not standing on your side . Kendo Hall has its rules . I apologize for your daughter being hit by mistake . What private is private . What public is public . The root cause of this incident lies in your failure to take good care of your daughter, so you are mainly responsible . ”

Liu Fei did not expect Guo Qinghe to stand on his side . Of course, he was not a fool, and the others were not fools either . At the moment, they all understood that even though Guo Qinghe and this guy were old classmates, there seemed to be some conflicts between them .

Xiao Luo smiled coldly, staring straight at Guo Qinghe, pondering, “What should I do according to ‘Mr . Qing’?”

What private is private and public is public? This clearly showed Guo Qinghe’s real face . A hypocrite! Obviously he was making something private public . Since it was such, he didn’t need to give Guo Qinghe any face, and he also didn’t need to think about their friendship from their college years .

“What’s going on or not going on? It was just an accident . There’s no need to make it big . Let’s just forget it . ”  Guo Qinghe replied .

“Forget it?  That won’t do . He insulted my dignity as a ‘swordsman’ just now . He must apologize to me . ”  Liu Fei pointed at Xiao Luo and spoke loudly .

He had determined that Guo Qinghe and him were on the same side, hence he had no fear and was determined to make Xiao Luo apologize to him .

“Xiao Luo, did you insult him just now?”  Guo Qinghe pretended to be surprised .

“It seems so . ”  Xiao Luo coldly replied . He was restraining himself, holding back the anger in him .

Guo Qinghe didn’t notice Xiao Luo’s change of expression at all . He shook his head and sighed, “It was originally your responsibility . Why did you insult Liu Fei’s dignity as a swordsman? You … Alas … Apologize to him!”

“Boy, you’ve heard him, quickly apologize to me, he he…” Liu Fei looked up, at a 45 degree angle, with a face full of pride .

Xiao Luo raised the corners of his mouth into an arc and smirked, and then he shook his head .

At this moment, Su Canye returned from buying the anti-inflammatory ointment, holding it high and panting, “I’ve brought the ointment, cold-faced man, bring Beibei here quickly and I’ll help her apply it now . ”

Saying so, he squatted down and removed the ointment’s packaging .

Without further ado, Xiao Luo picked up Su Bei and walked over to him . He carefully placed Su Bei on the bench and touched her head . He said softly, “Dad will help you get justice . You sit here and let your little uncle treat your wound . ”


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The little girl looked at Liu Fei, then at Xiao Luo, her eyes full of worry .

“Don’t worry . ”  Xiao Luo said .

Su Canye was very anxious about Su Bei’s knee injury and had no time to spare for Xiao Luo . Besides, he thought that Xiao Luo was only saying those words to comfort Su Bei . Of course, if he had the ability to predict the future, he would not be so calm .

After he spoke to Su Bei, Xiao Luo turned and headed toward Liu Fei .

Liu Fei heard what he said to Su Bei just now and couldn’t help laughing, “Boy, have you taken the wrong medicine? You must not recognize your mother right now? You must apologize to me quickly, otherwise… Things won’t be as good . ”

“If you don’t kowtow and admit your mistake before I come to you, you will be at your own risk!”

Xiao Luo’s face held a faint smile, he walked step by step toward Liu Fei . He was not a good man in the first place, how could he allow the man to bully not only him but Su Bei?!

All of a sudden, the whole kendo hall was filled with a freezing chill, everyone present unconsciously shivered .

Liu Fei felt like he was having an illusion . It seemed that the person who was walking towards him was not human, but a terrifying demon . He shook his head vigorously, dismissed the illusion and laughed angrily, “Ha, ha, ha … It seems that you really took the wrong medicine . Hell, you even told me to kneel down . Are you sure you’re not dreaming?”

Guo Qinghe didn’t speak, he didn’t want to stop the intensifying conflict . In Jiang City, during the reunion party, he learned that Xiao Luo was the boss of Luo Fang and that made his heart palpating . It could be said that Xiao Luo stole all his thunder that day . Precisely because of that incident that his heart held an unspeakable hatred for Xiao Luo .

“Er ahhh~”

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From the match fiasco, to now facing a ‘boy’s’ provocation, Liu Fei was furious! He finally snapped completely, and shouted at the top of his lungs . Holding the wooden sword, he rushed at Xiao Luo . He wanted to make him feel a true swordsman!

His roar reverberated like thunder, seizing power with sound and speeding up with momentum . He was like a cheetah rushing up, and then he lifted the wooden sword in his hand, then swung it down towards Xiao Luo’s shoulder . Even if it was not sharp, it could still hurt people . The pain would be like being hit by an iron rod, and it would lead to unspeakable pain .

“Ah …”

Su Bei was so frightened that she cried aloud and covered her eyes with her small hands . She did not dare to look .

“Peng ~”

Accompanied by a dull sound, the wooden sword smacked on Xiao Luo’s shoulder .

With a light snort, Xiao Luo used his powerful internal force to burst forth and swept along the wooden sword like a wave .

Liu Fei’s face suddenly changed . He didn’t even know what was going on . He only felt a strong force coming from the wooden sword which caused him sharp pain . He then fell to the ground completely out of control and the wooden sword fell to the ground .

What was going on here?

Liu Fei’s eyes widened with horror . He looked at his arms, shaking uncontrollably . It was tingling . He didn’t understand what had happened, he was the one who hit Xiao Luo with the wooden sword, so how was it possible that he was the one who fell?  How was it possible?

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Other people, including Guo Qinghe, were all also shocked at this turn of events, because what happened was really against common sense .

Xiao Luo looked at the wooden sword on the ground, using the force of Dragon Conquering 18, the wooden sword flew to his hand from a distance .

Hiss …

People gasped and they looked at Xiao Luo as if he was a monster . Their eyes were full of shock . He took the sword from a distance?  How is it possible?

They thought they were hallucinating, but no matter how many times they blinked, they couldn’t change the fact that the wooden sword that was originally on the ground, actually flew into Xiao Luo’s hands .

“Do you … Do you know magic?”

Liu Fei, who was just filled with arrogance, paled and broke out in cold sweat .

“No, it’s martial arts!”

Xiao Luo smiled and then the wooden sword in his hand swung at Liu Fei’s right leg .

“Ah …”

A shrill scream rang out, Liu Fei’s right leg fractured, it was broken and smashed very thoroughly .

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