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Chapter 361

Chapter 361: Su Canye .


After taking a bath, Xiao Luo was lying on the big soft bed, full of thoughts . He was unable to describe how warm his heart felt right now . He also didn’t know whether he was feeling nostalgic… In his mind, he could not help but remember the crazy ‘scenes’ of that night between him and Su Li . From the sofa in the hall to the big bed in the master’s bedroom, every ‘scene’ touched his heart as if it happened just yesterday .



Early in the morning the next day, Su Bei ran out the door to go get Xiao Luo for breakfast as usual .

When Xiao Luo opened the door, he saw the little girl dressed in beautiful clothes and was standing gracefully at the door like a little princess .

This time though, it seemed like she was not alone, behind Su Bei stood a guy . His face was ‘strange’, hair dyed with some generic yellow and was wearing earrings . His skin was smooth, tender and white like a woman . His eyes were also painted with black eyeliner . He was wearing a black leather jacket with sharp spikes on the shoulder .

“Are you Xiao Luo?”  ‘Mr . Punk’ put his left hand in his trouser pocket, cocked his head and took the lead in asking, with a trace of disgust in his eyes .

“I am, who are you?”  Xiao Luo asked back lightly .

Mr . Punk snorted lightly and spurned, “You married my sister, but you don’t even know who I am . Is your brain full of water or what?”

Xiao Luo tried to remember . When he went to Su Li’s mother’s house, he seemed to hear Su Li say her brother’s name once . After he carefully recalled, he immediately remembered, “Su Canye?”

“Hum, you aren’t completely ignorant . ”

Su Canye shook his head, looked at Xiao Luo and frowned . “You are not so handsome either . Your temperament is not as good as mine . Why did my elder sister choose you, but it’s ok . You must be better than Yang Hongzhi, that scumbag . ”

Is that a compliment?

Xiao Luo didn’t know what to think . Looking at him, ugh…

“By the way, what can you do?”

Su Canye suddenly asked curiously, “Do you go disco, race, how about kendo?”

As he asked, he actually started ‘dancing’ and/or gesticulating .

Xiao Luo shook his head, “None!”

Even if he did, he would say no, he was too lazy to go along with this guy .

Su Canye immediately held him in disdain and shook his head . “It seems that you can’t fit into a circle with me . You married my elder sister, so can you at least learn something to please your brother-in-law? Then we will have a common ground . But, don’t raise your hopes too much . If it weren’t for my elder sister asking me to get to know you, I wouldn’t have bothered to waste so much words with you . ”

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“Little Uncle, father can do anything . ”

Su Bei raised her head and spoke for Xiao Luo .

“He is the typical ignorant person . He can ‘do’ nothing but work and my elder sister…”  Su Canye squatted down and solemnly preached Su Bei .

What do you mean by ‘doing’ your sister?!

What the f*ck!  @#¥%……

Xiao Luo almost couldn’t resist and almost sent this guy flying with a kick .



When Xiao Luo arrived at Su Li’s apartment, Aunt Li had already prepared breakfast and brought it to the table .

“Elder sister, the brother-in-law you found for me is not in the same circle with me at all . I can’t get on common grounds with him . We’ll just go through our own lives and not disturb each other . ”  As soon as Su Canye entered the door, he began to complain loudly .

Su Li’s face turned red because of Su Canye’s shouting . Didn’t she make him get familiar with Xiao Luo? She pouted and feigned anger . “What are you yelling about early in the morning? Don’t you want this month’s pocket money?”

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Upon hearing this, Su Canye immediately went silent, he deflated like a ball . He then found a place to sit down and silently ate breakfast without saying a word .

Xiao Luo came up behind him with Su Bei in his arms . He put Su Bei in her exclusive position and sat down beside her .

He looked up at Su Li and smiled, “Thanks for the clothes . ”

Su Li gave him a look and said coldly, “No problem . ”  Then immediately changed the topic, “Eat breakfast . After eating, I have work to do . I’ll leave Su Bei to the two of you today . ”

“The two of us?  Elder sister, are you mistaken? I won’t take care of any child, and I have to go to kendo class later . I don’t have time . ”  Su Canye was like a cat that had its tail stepped on .

“Dad can accompany me, I don’t want my little uncle . ”  Su Bei took a spoonful of porridge . Su Canye did not like to accompany her, so she immediately fought back and did not want Su Canye to accompany her too .

Su Li lost her temper and said to Su Canye with a cold snort, “This is not negotiable . Whatever you have to do, let it go for the time being . Also, don’t think I don’t know the dirty purpose of your kendo class . ”

“What dirty purpose? Is this not looking for a sister-in-law for you? This is business, OK?  All right, I promise, I promise to take care of Su Bei, but I have one condition . ” Su Canye held out a forefinger and asked carefully .

“Speak . ”

Su Li lowered her head to drink porridge .

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“I lost my car last time in the Wild Wolf Mountain competition . You ask Shen Qingyan to help me win it back . ”

Su Li put down the bowl and chopsticks, raised her head, and a pair of beautiful eyes looked at him with hatred made of iron and steel . She said with repressing anger: “How many times is this now?”

“The third time . ”

Su Canye narrowed his neck, looked down uneasily and whispered .

“I already helped you win it back the first two times . You still didn’t learn any lessons and raced with them? Are you out of your mind?”

Sue Li exploded . Shen Qingyan was a first class driver and Su Li already asked her to win the car back twice . So how can she not get angry with this brother of hers?

“Elder sister, I swear this will be the last time . As long as I win it back this time, I will never race with them again . ”  Su Canye held out his hand to swear .

“Not this time! Since you lost, you lost . If you travel later, you will take the subway and the bus . You can’t expect me to give you money to buy a new one . ”  Su Li didn’t even want to talk to him and went on eating her breakfast .

Xiao Luo only kept silent without saying a word, it was as if he didn’t hear their conversation at all as he continued to eat his own breakfast and from time to time interact with Su Bei .

After the siblings finished talking, he asked, “Why do you want us two to take care of Su Bei? I can take care of her by myself . ”

Su Li raised her head and gave him a look that meant she didn’t want to explain, which meant he would have to accept her arrangement unconditionally .

In order to please Su Li, Su Canye gave a dry cough and scolded, “Look at you, my elder sister’s arrangement is absolute, what she said is what goes . Why do you have so many problems with it?”

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