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Chapter 359

Chapter 359: Parking Trouble .


Fortunately, the confrontation did not last long . Zhang Gu and Dong Fangshuo Yu were able to separate the two . Specifically, Xiao Luo was invited separately .

“Mie, you and I are a match made in heaven . The fate between us is predestined . Sooner or later you will become my husband . ”

Miss Venom stood in the same spot, as if she saw the scene of them tying the knot (marriage) . There was a brilliant smile on her beautiful, delicate, and innocent face .

King Kong couldn’t help but curse, “What the f*ck! What is this? I suddenly want to commit suic*de…”

Just as soon as he finished saying that, he suddenly shivered . When he looked, he met with Miss Venom’s ‘poisonous’ eyes .



When leaving the NSA, Zhang Gu equipped Xiao Luo with a car, Chuanqi GS8 .

“Can’t you get me a better one?”  Xiao Luo looked at the black SUV in front of him .

Zhang Gu coughed, “The retail price of this car is 160,000 yuan . It is domestic-made and a great car . Its power and appearance are both first-class . NSA is short of funds recently . But this is still a nice and decent car . ”

“Yes, yes, in order to equip you with a car, Old Zhang and I have to eat soil for a month . ”  Dong Fangshuo Yu supported .

Looking at these two directors who were like husband and wife, Xiao Luo felt helpless . He originally had planned to buy one for himself . However, since the NSA provided him with one free of charge and the appearance also conformed to his aesthetic standards–guess he would drive it for the time being . It was still better to have it compared to walking .

“Miss Ji, is she all right?”

“It’s not a big deal . We’ll contact you once she’s recuperated . By the way, I’ll give you a small task . ”  Zhang Gu replied and suddenly added .

“Small task?”  Xiao Luo frowned slightly .

“Yes, a minor task . ”

Zhang Gu nodded, “Xia Hai’s economy has been developing rapidly in recent years, which has also given rise to many problems . For example, pyramid scheming organizations are prevalent in Xia Hai . The police have destroyed many dens . But all they can capture are unimportant roles (grunts) and brainwashed victims . The masterminds behind it and the top managers have not been apprehended yet . The head of Xia Hai Police Department has asked the NSA for assistance . I think this task is very suitable for you to carry out . ”

Xiao Luo didn’t say a word . Speaking of this pyramid scheme, he thought of his cousin Ding Zhenyun .

Dong Fangshuo Yu added, “The method of pyramid scheming is for the lower tier to pay tribute to the upper tier . The more the lower tier are able to bring in, the higher the income the upper tier will get . It is an economic fraud . It is not a small problem . If this method continues to spread, many people will just ruin themselves and their relationships . Many people will waste their youth and time in the illusory dream of making money . It is a big problem for the country and the people are at risk . It is time to root it out . ”

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“I can take this task, but some ‘means’ would not be acceptable to the police . ”  Xiao Luo said .

“There is no need to worry about this . The NSA acts differently from the police . We can exercise some extreme measures when necessary . I will give the police a heads up in advance . ”  Zhang Gu nodded .


Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows… Since he had given him the task, naturally he couldn’t restrict him in his ways . Fortunately, there wasn’t any problem in this aspect .



It was already evening when Xiao Luo returned to Star Moon Bay hotel . When he was driving he passed by a small stall selling cotton candy by the road, he stopped and bought one . He didn’t know if Su Bei liked it or not, but she should like it… Didn’t all children like this kind of snack?

The black Chuanqi GS8 was not registered in the Hotel, so it was forbidden to enter . Xiao Luo had to call Su Li and get it authorized . Assistant Luo Pingxiang came and told Xiao Luo that Su Li was tired after shooting an advertisement for the entire day, so she came in her stead .

“There’s five parking spaces in the front row, you can choose one to park . ”

In the underground parking lot, Luo Pingxiang, who was sitting in the passenger seat, pointed to the front five parking spaces and said .

Xiao Luo nodded and pulled up the car skillfully .

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“Mr . Xiao, did you just buy this car today?”  Luo Pingxiang touched the leather seat and asked curiously .

“Well, it’s more convenient to travel in it than walking . ”  Xiao Luo answered with a smile .

Luo Pingxiang looked from left to right and was very curious about the new car, “It is quite comfortable to sit on, and the noise it makes is very low . It looks very high-end and high-class . Mr . Xiao has a good eye . ”

Xiao Luo just smiled and stayed silent . He pushed open the door and went out .

At this moment, two big men in black appeared at the entrance of the parking lot, and then came towards them, obviously with very bad intentions .

“These are the two bodyguards beside Yang Hongzhi . What are they doing here?”

After getting off the car, Luo Pingxiang also noticed them and recognized them as Yang Hongzhi’s bodyguards . A bad feeling sprang up in her heart .

“I think it’s my fault . ”  Xiao Luo lightly smiled .

Yang Hongzhi was humiliated by him in the basketball match, and then he taught him a lesson . Shen Qingyan said that Yang Hongzhi was not good to begin with, and it was only natural that he would send people to ‘clean’ him up . This was nothing unexpected .

Two formidable bodyguards came to stop in front of Xiao Luo . Their tall bodies allowed them to look down at him . One of them said coldly, “Mr Xiao Luo, please come with us!”

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Although the word “please” was used, there was not a trace of politeness in their tone, it was more like a command .

“Let me ask you a question . What if I don’t go with you?”  Xiao Luo asked .

The two bodyguards looked at each other and then smiled maliciously . It was like they were looking at a fish on a chopping board, staring contemptuously at Xiao Luo .

“If you don’t come, then we’ll beat you down and drag you with us . ”  The other bodyguard cracked his knuckles and sneered .

“It would be like dragging a dead dog, humph …” The bodyguard who took the lead added with a smile .

“Don’t fool around . This is Star Moon Bay Hotel . As long as I yell, the security guards guarding the parking lot will come in immediately . ”  Luo Pingxiang said in panic .

“Miss Luo, it’s none of your business . This guy offended our master, he must pay the price . Let alone the security guards here . Even if a king comes, he will not be able to protect him . ”

He coldly rebuked Luo Pingxiang, then he set his eyes on Xiao Luo again . He asked once more, “Are you going to take the initiative to come with us?  Or we’ll have to force you to…”

His voice came to an abrupt end, because Xiao Luo suddenly shot like a bullet and kicked his companion in the chest .

He only felt a strong wind whistling past his face, before he heard a miserable cry . His companion felt like he had been hit by a truck . His body was thrown back in a beautiful parabola and landed on the solid ground six meters away . He vomited out all the food he had eaten during dinner with a disgusting sound, his nose even bled out .

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