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Chapter 358

Chapter 358: Compensate .





“Young man, who is your master?”



The old man looked at Xiao Luo with a gentle gaze with his hands on his back . He then added, “Yi Jin Jing and Dragon Conquering 18 Palms are Shaolin . Few people can practice them, let alone two at the same time . Your master should have a long history with Shaolin . You should say his name, and maybe this old man may know of him and/or can be of acquaintances . ”



Xiao Luo was stunned . The old man was strong! Super strong . This was the first time he had met this kind of oppressive feeling .



“I don’t have a master . ”



“No master?”



The old man’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled, slightly disappointed, but he soon regained his smile . “It seems that your master doesn’t want others to know about him . ”  He then patted Xiao Luo on the shoulder . “At an early age, you are already proficient in two peerless martial arts . You really are a rare martial arts genius that only appears once in a hundred years . Your master has a sharp eye . ”



Xiao Luo’s heart was in distress . He had nothing to do with martial arts nor Shaolin . However, there was no need to explain . It was good to have a master out of thin air, so there was no need to worry about exposing the system .



“Yes, yes, it is glorious to work at the NSA and serve the country . This old man likes your choice lad!”



The old man squinted admiringly and then turned and walked towards the NSA gate . He still walked slowly with his hands on his back, but again, one step was equal to more than ten feet . He disappeared in front of everyone in the blink of an eye . His old and gratified laughter also resounded from the distance .



Xiao Luo breathed a sigh of relief . Only then did he realize that he was sweating like a pig . Now he was sure that the world was not as simple as he had imagined . The NSA had such a horrifying old monster . What about other places? The answer must be yes! There must be… For example, the master of Gu Qianxue, who was perhaps an old monster of the same level .



Other people also breathed out a long sigh of relief and their spirits turned calm . They did not expect that such a strong presence existed in the NSA . It was simply too unbelievable .



At this time, Zhang Gu and Dong Fangshuo Yu rushed up, after some ‘symbolic’ criticism of King Kong and Miss Venom, they then expressed sincere apologies to Xiao Luo .



“Oh please, don’t you just want me to compete with them and understand my capabilities?”  Xiao Luo asked lightly .



Zhang Gu was embarrassed and did not know how to answer .



Xiao Luo’s eyes turned cold, “I don’t like others to shade me behind my back . This is only one time . Make sure it will never happen again . Otherwise, don’t expect me to work for NSA . ”



“Rest assured, rest assured, there will never be another one, I promise!”  Zhang Gu was busy raising his hands as he kept making promises .



Dong Fangshuo Yu also echoed aloud, “Don’t worry, Mr . Mie . If Old Gu dares to make such nonsense again, I will be the one who will destroy him first . ”



On one side, King Kong and Miss Venom watched in surprise . Xiao Luo could actually make the two directors so servile!



Fragrant wind suddenly wafted in the air as Miss Venom walked towards Xiao Luo . Zhang Gu and Dong Fangshuo Yu hurriedly retreated backward . They dared not get too close to Miss Venom .


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“Miss Venom, you are injured . Please go back and recuperate . ”  Zhang Gu dry coughed .



“Thank you for Old Zhang’s concern, this little girl is fine . ”



Miss Venom’s seductive eyes then looked at Xiao Luo seriously . “Your name is Mie, right? I’ll remember you . I’ll come to you when I have time . You have to compensate me for Little Green . ”



Little Green?



It should be the little green snake! He did crush it when he attacked her…



Xiao Luo shook his head and said coldly, “That beast bit me and you still want me to compensate you?”



“Then I don’t care . If you can’t afford to pay, then … ‘set yourself’ up!”  Miss Venom suddenly beamed, like a little girl who had not yet deeply experienced in the world, pure and flawless .



Hiss …



The people who were listening took a hard gasp . If it was a ‘committed relationship,’ this would sound quite good, but they were talking about Miss Venom! Indeed she was beautiful but she was also very damn poisonous! However on second thought, this guy called “Mie” was not afraid of her poison so perhaps he really had the ability to ‘enjoy’ such an enchanting body .



“I am naturally poisonous and have never tasted a man . In my eyes, no man is worthy of me . But you are different . You have trained in Yi Jin Jing, and you are a perfect match for me . ”  Miss Venom pursed her ruddy little mouth, just like a little girl laughing happily after getting candy .


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“WTF . I’ve seen a man chasing a woman . But this is the first time I’ve seen a woman chasing a man . ”  King Kong said to himself in disbelief .



Miss Venom turned her cold eyes and gave him a glare, “What are you babbling about there?  You idiot!”



King Kong shuddered and mumbled, “Can you even hear me in such a low voice?”



“Yes, I can hear you, so you should stop your nonsense . Otherwise, suffer!”  Miss Venom frowned .






King Kong felt that there were tens of millions of horses galloping inside his head . He was speechless . But he has to be careful of Miss Venom . He cleared his throat at the NSA soldiers around him and shouted, “What are you still looking at? Do you need me to accompany you to practice?”



As soon as this was said, all the NSA soldiers scattered like animals and fled in terror .



At this moment, Miss Venom’s eyes were once again placed on Xiao Luo’s face . Her seductive, ambiguous and gentle lips slightly parted, “What do you think of the proposal I just made?”



“Sorry, I have a wife . ”



Xiao Luo raised his left hand and showed the wedding ring on his ring finger .


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Not only Miss Venom was surprised, but even Ji Siying . This was unexpected .



However, the latter could not believe it . During the Spring Festival, Xiao Luo’s family said that she and Xiao Luo were very suitable . She was also secretly attracted to Xiao Luo . So how did Xiao Luo get married in such a short time?  The first time she saw Xiao Luo today, she actually saw the diamond ring on Xiao Luo’s hand, but she didn’t think much about it, but now that she thought about it, wearing a diamond ring on his ring finger was really something to do only after marriage .



“It doesn’t matter, I don’t mind!”  Miss Venom narrowed her crescent-shaped eyes and laughed .



“But I do mind . ”  Xiao Luo said .



“Then I’ll kill her . ”  There was a sudden outbreak in Miss Venom’s face .



“You can try . ”



Xiao Luo’s words had no feelings but were as cold as hell . The murderous aura spewing

out of him was real among the real!



Miss Venom did not speak and only looked at him unblinkingly .



The air around them seemed to freeze …

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