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Chapter 348

Chapter 348: Don’t provoke him .


In the eyes of these IT personnel, Xiao Luo was no different from a respected teacher . Everyone had shown great interest in the ‘64 offensive and defensive’ program . This program was so great that it could intelligently copy the enemy’s attack method and return it to the enemy . Such an advanced program made them deeply impressed .

Xiao Luo answered their questions one by one, and taught them the construction method of the program, while giving them a textbook . The ‘64 offensive and defensive system’ (the textbook) contained almost all of his computer knowledge, as long as they could study the program thoroughly, they could reach the point of drawing inferences from other cases and applying it flexibly .

Zhang Gu and Dong Fangshuo Yu didn’t interrupt Zhou Yuhang and their study, they simply turned around and cheerfully left .



The exchange of knowledge lasted for two hours! After gaining a general understanding of the ‘64 offensive and defensive’ program, all IT personnel immediately started to run, analyze and observe . They found that its construction looked simple, but… The more in-depth their understanding, the more strange and mysterious it was . They were deeply immersed in the research on it, even to the extent of crazy obsession .

“This part of code should be used for copying and learning, then what is this part of the code used for?”

“No, no, this part of the code is for copying and learning . ”

“What you said is wrong . What really plays a leading role is this group of code . It is like a brain, and the program runs around it . ”

“How could the core part be there, these groups?”

Everyone had different opinions, and independent variations of the program were constructed and tested according to everyone’s opinions . However, the independent programs were obviously only an extremely small part of the ‘64 offensive and defensive’ system .

“Mr . Xiao Luo, you have worked hard!”

At this time, Ji Siying brought him a glass of water .

“Thank you . ”

Xiao Luo nodded politely, took a sip of the water . He talked so much to the IT staff that it made his throat a little dry . He looked around . “Where are Director Zhang and Director Dong?”

“They told me to escort you to find them as soon as the business here is finished . ”  Ji Siying smilingly said .

She was tall, naturally enchanting, and people were naturally attracted to her smile .

Xiao Luo gulped down the water, then stretched himself . He looked at the IT staff who were immersed in their study, he raised his eyebrows and chuckled, “Let’s go then, the business here is now finished . ”

“Okay . ”

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Ji Siying nodded .




Just out of the IT building, a smiling man came running up with a bunch of rose flowers . His body was magnificent and resolute, he was full of vigor . However, contrary to his body, his face was pale . He had a paper-like face with sunken eyes, with dark blue color and some shortness of breath . If one looked at his head alone, one would definitely identify him as a terminally ill man .

“Ren Maohua?!”

Ji Siying subconsciously shouted out the man’s name, but soon emerged in her eyes, the color of disgust .

The pale-faced man approached her and presented the flowers in his hand, “Siying, it’s for you . ”  And then he suddenly kneeled on one knee, “Be my girlfriend!”

Ji Siying looked at Xiao Luo, then shook her head and refused without hesitation, “These are beautiful flowers, but it doesn’t suit me . You’d better give it to another girl . ”

“Ying, don’t you know my heart?  The first time I saw you, I fell in love with you at the first sight . Your smile, your beauty and everything about you are deeply imprinted in my mind . I love you beyond redemption . I promise to be good to you all my life . ”  Ren Maohua passionately confessed .

Xiao Luo was very embarrassed at the scene of this confession and gave a dry cough . “That … Miss Ji, I’ll wait for you in front . ”

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As he spoke, he walked forward to gain distance .

Ji Siying tightened her heart and frowned at Ren Maohua . “Mr . Ren, I told you very clearly that I don’t like you . Please stop wasting your time here . ”

Before Ren Maohua could reply, she turned and immediately caught up with Xiao Luo . She quietly observed Xiao Luo’s expression out of the corner of your eyes, she deeply feared that Xiao Luo misunderstood her for being together with Ren Maohua .

There was a saying that suitors can identify their rival in love at a glance, Ren Maohua was such . When he saw Ji Siying come so close to Xiao Luo, his eyes slightly narrowed . He suddenly accelerated, and in a few steps, he appeared in front of Xiao Luo blocking the two people on the way forward .

He raised his hand, pointed to Xiao Luo and asked Ji Siying in a questioning tone, “Who is he?”

“Mr Ren does not need to know who he is . Please get out of the way . ” Ji Siying chillingly said .   As a liaison, although her strength was only C rank, but to some extent, her position was higher than soldiers, especially to this kind of soldier who did not abide by the rules .

“I’ll ask him myself if you don’t want to answer . ”

Ren Maohua glared at Xiao Luo and ordered inappropriately, “I’ll give you five seconds to tell me your name and your rank as a soldier! Otherwise, kneel on the ground and sing the national anthem until I am satisfied!”

The last sentence came out in a low-growl .

“Ren Maohua, I remind you, being sent into the black room is not good!” Ji Siying warned coldly .

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“Siying, if you are willing to go to the black room with me, I’d be happy to stay in it for the rest of my life . We can give birth to a child there . ”  Ren Maohua grinned in a flirty manner .

“You …”

Ji Siying’s face turned sullen . Towards Ren Maohua, this kind of guy who kept pestering her unreasonably, she was running out of patience .

Ren Maohua then took away the smile on his face and snapped at Xiao Luo, “One!”

Xiao Luo wiped a handful of spittle on his face and snorted coldly, “It is your right to pursue girls, but stepping on others to elevate yourself is out of the line . ”

“Huh? Are you dumb? Let’s see what you can do with this boss? ”

Ren Maohua smiled shamelessly, then resumed counting, “Three!”

Xiao Luo shook his head helplessly . He was too lazy to argue with this type of person .

“Ren Maohua, I’m warning you, don’t provoke him, even if you are an ‘A rank’ soldier, don’t provoke him . I tell you this for your own good . ”

Ji Siying bluntly said to Ren Maohua and left . She then hurriedly left to catch up with Xiao Luo . She had seen how cruel Xiao Luo can get . Once he treated you as an enemy, he would never relent! She still remembered that night and the cobra mercenary group leader’s shrill screams… He was an extremely dangerous beast .

However, in Ren Maohua’s opinion, her advice made him feel like he was being belittled by the girl he loved . Of course what happened next was not unexpected .

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