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Published at 15th of August 2020 10:31:45 AM
Chapter 346

Chapter 346: Cyber War. 


Every staff member looked seriously at Xiao Luo, who was already standing in front of a computer. This was a battle of honor, at the same time, it was also a test to confirm whether the other party was really Mie. Everyone present, including Zhang Gu, Dong Fangshuo Yu and Ji Siying, felt a suffocating tension.




Zhang Gu commanded.


Hundreds of IT staff sat down in situ, as their fingers busily glided on top of their keyboards.


Ji Siying had never dealt with these IT personnel before. Although she did not know how to program, she could still see how skillful these people are, because their speed could just make any person feel dazzled. Their fingers all left shadows, as the blue screen continuously generated lines of code. The speed of the computation was very swift! Within two seconds, it was enough for them to type a line of code.


A question arose in her mind: Are these people’s hands’ manipulators?


She was afraid only manipulators could have such exquisite and fast typing speed!


When she turned her eyes to Xiao Luo, she found that Xiao Luo had just sat down. The next second, her eyes began to tremble violently, because Xiao Luo was typing codes even faster than these IT personnel. His fingers seemed to be playing some exciting piano music. Lines and lines of code were quickly generated on the computer screen. Each staff could generate a line of code within two seconds while he was generating five lines a second.


Zhang Gu and Dong Fangshuo Yu also fell into consternation, followed by them nodding. It was not surprising for a super hacker to have such speed, it just makes sense.


Build 64 offensive and defensive programs!  ! !


Xiao Luo said to himself, this was a newly generated program in his mind. It was not so much of a program but was a set of multi-faceted mirror virtual softwares, or an intelligent software that could attack and defend.


Zhou Yuhang and the others stared intently at the computer screen in front of them, raising arms (weapons) and fighting for honor. They all utilized what they had learned in their lifetime to try and defeat Xiao Luo. Everyone had only five minutes to prepare. Once this prep time passed, the real duel would begin.


Network warfare was different from reality, as long as one move hit the other, it would settle the other immediately, making it impossible for the other to no longer have control over the computer. Everyone had arranged a large number of loopholes outside their own ports, which were a combination of virtual space and reality.


As the team leader, Zhou Yuhang had his own set of skills. He skillfully deployed his honeycomb briquet system. Its purpose was to let the other party unknowingly enter his own encirclement without knowing it. Then he would shoot down the invading Xiao Luo with a light click. After the defense program was completed, he looked over at the other three team leaders and made an “OK” gesture. It signaled that they were only waiting for the other party to fall into the trap now.


The three team leader’s sallow faces suddenly regained some vitality, as they looked at Xiao Luo with increasing obscenity and treachery in their eyes. 


“Time is up!”


The stopwatch in the hand of Zhang Gu rang with a “ding”, he immediately shouted at the microphone.




The four leaders shouted as they led their subordinates through the virtual space, just like a group of soldiers armed with spears and swords, roaring towards Xiao Luo.


Xiao Luo’s mouth arched to a smile. Facing the attack of dozens of experts, his index finger simply pressed the Enter key. Akin to that of “Journey to the West”¹ where the Monkey King’s hair turned into countless friendly forces, likewise Xiao Luo had his own friendly forces of viruses. Countless viruses in cyberspace issued demonic sharp laughter’s, as they ‘meet up’ with these IT personnel.

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The two sides soon fought each other on the server. For this war without smoke, the server was the initial battlefield.




Zhou Yuhang and the other three team leaders smiled contemptuously. Their fingers typed quickly on their keyboards. A simple antivirus program was completed in a few tenths of seconds. They were transformed into monsters that devoured the viruses head in the virtual space. Any virus within the attack range would be captured by them and assimilated, like a black hole with super strong suction.


Of course, Xiao Luo could not be so relaxed. After all, these were all state-level IT personnel and the elites of the country. Now that he was sitting in this position, he must win. He must not only win, but also bring everyone single one of them down.


“Lao Li, what are you doing?”


“Didn’t you attack me first?  I thought it was a virus.”


“Song Ge, what are you doing? Why are you attacking my computer?”


“Impossible. I was attacking Mie’s computer.”


All of a sudden, the whole hall was in an uproar. More than 100 IT staff were complaining to each other because they found themselves being attacked by their own people.


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What was happening?


Zhou Yuhang suddenly had a bad feeling, he hurriedly checked what had happened.


It was not good. There was a defense program at the back end of each other’s port. The main function of this defense program was to deflect all attacks, for example, if one of them attacked, the defense program would deflect it to the other’s computer port, which was similar to a rebound.


“Stop attacking!”


He immediately issued an instruction in the virtual space.


Such random attacks will have no effect at all, instead it would leave one’s own side in disarray.


Xiao Luo was very calm and continued to improve the 64 offensive and defensive program. The viruses only bought him time. Now the 64 offensive and defensive programs had begun to take shape and were now competent enough for defense tasks. But once it was completed, it would be the end of the game, not to mention defense.


Ji Siying was stupefied as she looked at him. She found that while in front of the computer, Xiao Luo had a unique charm in him. He was mysterious, confident, calm… Did she really have a crush on Xiao Luo? At this moment, she couldn’t help but become delusional.


Zhou Yuhang united with the other three team leaders. They then began a tentative attack against Xiao Luo, but they soon found out that it was futile. The program behind Xiao Luo’s port did not move, however, it was impenetrable. It left them helpless.


“Fight him!”


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One of the grumpy team leaders ordered because they had to break this stalemate, otherwise, they would lose without actually fighting.


Zhou Yuhang grinded his teeth, and was the first one to charge. He was then followed by more than a hundred people. They all concentrated their fire as they all showed their expertise. They launched a crazy attack on this program, and sent out multiple series of codes. Just like attacking a city gate, they began building ladders and climbing the walls, bombarding him with long-range artillery attacks, and so on. They did everything they could.



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