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Chapter 345

Chapter 345: Opportunities for Proof .

A few minutes later, under the leadership of the two directors, Xiao Luo arrived at Computer Technicians’ hall . Like the public offices of large companies, each staff had their own working space separated by cubicles . The first moment he arrived, his ear was instantly bombarded with the sound of fingers tapping on the keyboard .

There were about 100 people sitting in the hall, all immersed in their task and eager to develop their own programs .

“Siying, tell them to stop what they are doing . ”  Zhang Gu lightly ordered .

Ji Siying nodded, walked to the front of the hall, turned on the microphone and said, “Please stop, everyone . The director wants to introduce someone to you . ”

Heads popped out one after the other looking straight in front of the hall . Upon seeing Zhang Gu and Dong Fangshuo Yu, all one hundred plus people stood up and saluted .

“Don’t bother, just sit down . ”  Dong Fangshuo Yu dismissed with a wave .

After everyone sat down, he looked at Zhang Gu and said with a smile, “Old Zhang, should I or you?”

“You . ”  Zhang Gu raised his eyebrows .

“Then I will take the honors . ”

Dong Fangshuo Yu smiled and proceeded to introduce Mie to these IT personnel . He turned to Xiao Luo and said, “Mie, come on stage with me . ”

Xiao Luo softly sighed, the time had come to pay his debts .

Dong Fangshuo Yu cleared his voice, “Comrades, haven’t you been clamoring for Mie and Lark? Lark cannot come to our NSA because of her special status, but Mie is now standing right in front of you . ”

He looked like a distinguished guest who presented an award to a student, holding a microphone on the stage and smiling widely .

The whole hall was in an uproar .

“What, that’s him?!”

“Oh my god, how is that possible? He looks so young . ”

“Is he the one who turned the tide that day and resisted the forces from the foreign nations?”

All eyes were focused on Xiao Luo, everyone’s face was full of shock . Before, they fantasized countless times about what could be Mie’s appearance . From a bearded uncle, to sickly pale-snow skin, a mysterious man dressed in black … And so on, but never would they have thought that he was so young .

“Everyone be quiet . ”

The reaction of these IT personnel was expected, Dong Fangshuo Yu enjoyed their shock . “It goes without saying that Mie is really here . He is here to teach you all some of his skills . You must learn from him and improve your own abilities . ”

Zhang Gu nodded in support . He and Dong Fangshuo Yu hoped to create more Mie’s and add more bricks to China’s network . This would make the country indestructible, and obstruct all foreign hostile forces .

“Director Dong, is he really Mie?”

A man in a gray shirt and glasses stood up and looked at Xiao Luo doubtfully .

“Team Leader Zhou, are you doubting the ability of our NSA agents?”

“No, sir! I’m not questioning their abilities, just that he is too young, younger than all of us here . Solid IT skills are not achieved overnight . It takes time and accumulation of experience . I really can’t fully believe that he is Mie . ”  The man surnamed Zhou was full of doubts .

Another man stood up and raised his hand . “I agree with team leader Zhou, he is too young . He should still be in his mid-20s . How could he be Mie?!”

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Hearing this, he couldn’t help but laugh at them . He quipped in his heart, If you knew that Lark is only in her early twenties, wouldn’t you be too ashamed to save face?

Of course, he knew that these people did not believe that Xiao Luo was Mie, and they felt that their skills were undermined .

They were all considered elites in this field .   Much more than that, they all worked as a group during the attack . But they couldn’t beat the hostile forces and were forced to withdraw . Thus saying that the one the one-man army who fended off the enemies was about ten years younger than themselves, it hurt their pride . They were forced to watch as spectators!

You wanted face?  Then good timing!

Zhang Gu went up and took the microphone from Dong Fangshuo Yu’s hand and asked everyone, “Who else doubts his identity?  Anyone who doubts him can stand up so that I can count how many there are .

When this question was raised, people stood up hesitantly one after another . Most of them were men, approximately around 40 years of age . If Mie was such a young man, it would really be a slap to their faces, it was especially painful . Mind you, just to work here, they had to undergo various screenings and beat out others . They were elites!

This was an honor, but now, this was suffering a devastating blow . Therefore, they would naturally stand up and defend it .

Zhang Gu smiled playfully, “I didn’t think it to be quite a number . It’s more than half of your total . ”

“Director, we are defending our honor!”

The man surnamed Zhou puffed out his chest and responded loudly, “Please give us a chance to prove ourselves . ”

“Prove yourselves?”  Zhang Gu repeated it as if he didn’t hear it the first time clearly .

“Yes . ”

The man surnamed Zhou glanced at Xiao Luo, who had been keeping quiet all this while, made no secret of the hostility in his eyes . “This will also give him the chance to prove that he is indeed Mie . ”

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“Zhou Yuhang, what are you talking about? Is there still any sense of discipline?”  Dong Fangshuo Yu denounced .

Zhang Gu motioned Dong Fangshuo Yu to stop talking and turned to the Zhou Yuhang: “Team Leader Zhou, how do you want to prove it?”

“It’s very simple . Five minutes of defense and five minutes of attack . If he is really Mie, he will certainly be able to resist our attack . Please give us a chance . ”

“Please give us a chance!”

The others followed in chorus, loud voices echoed inside the hall from their unanimous requests . Although they were only IT personnel, they had also undergone systematic training and had the strictness of soldiers .

Zhang Gu looked at Xiao Luo, “Mie, what do you think?”

“Do as you say . ”  Xiao Luo shrugged his shoulders .

“Well, team leader Zhou, I will give you a chance to prove yourselves . But I must remind you that since I gave you an opportunity, please ready yourself for humiliation if you fail . ”  Zhang Gu reminded .

“Thank you Director Zhang . If he is indeed Mie, we will solemnly apologize for questioning him . But if he isn’t, I hope the director would severely punish the NSA agents who have mistaken the identity of Mie trampling our dignity . ”

Although Zhou Yuhang responded to Zhang Gu, his eyes were fixed on Xiao Luo . He could not accept that this guy, who was more than ten years younger than him, could be Mie . This was like going to school and finding that their teacher was a child .

Who could accept it?

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