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Chapter 335

“You are trying to argue irrationally!”



Guan Yilin rebuked Xiao Luo angrily .   She could only use these kinds of words to fight back against Xiao Luo .



“What I stated were facts . Even if Sima Yi saw through Zhuge Liang’s empty city plan as you said, it only showed that Zhuge Liang expected Sima Yi to see through his plan in the first place . That made Sima Yi withdraw his troops . From this point of view, Sima Yi was already in a disadvantageous position . Thus saying Sima Yi is the best character in the Three Kingdoms, is simply not true . ”  Xiao Luo lightly argued .



Everyone involuntarily swallowed a mouthful of saliva . They didn’t expect Xiao Luo to be eloquent and be accomplished in literature . He shut Guan Yilin up!



Guan Yilin stopped talking and looked at Xiao Luo with wide eyes . She got nothing else and could only sit back in her seat . She couldn’t believe that Xiao Luo’s knowledge on the Three Kingdoms was so profound . She initially thought that Xiao Luo could easily be bullied…



“It’s really hard for people to be ‘self-aware instead of judging others . ’  Isn’t that right Senior?” A girl who had a good relationship with Guan Yilin suddenly threw out coldly .




What the heck? Did she just scold him with a couplet?!



Yu Jiangu got more frantic and nervous when he witnessed this . He knew that there was talented people in his class, but they were using it in inappropriate ways…



It was Shen Shiya, a talented woman in their class . She was good at poetry and painting . Everyone felt the same and thought that she chose the wrong major because of this .



Her couplet was clearly aimed to scold Xiao Luo . Meaning, with such little achievements, he claimed to be a successful person, reeking with shamelessness .



Xiao Luo smiled lightly and answered, “Awareness to one’s self can be achieved through exchange, just like couplets during rituals in the spring and autumn!”





When he said these words, everyone looked at Xiao Luo as if he was a monster .   It was too cutting . Not only was it a good sentence, it also strongly fought back against Shen Shiya’s doubts . It was simply divine . Henceforth, they would never dare to show any contempt for Xiao Luo again . Their eyes were full of shock at the moment .



Shen Shiya was also slightly angry, she severely scolded, “Rats are rats regardless of size!”



Xiao Luo shook his head and said with a smile: “Tortoises can be male or female and aren’t fixed . ”



On my! He countered her again perfectly!



The crowd gaped and were completely shocked . Guantong blinked too . It was hard to believe that Xiao Luo could do this… This was too fantastic!



“People have no shame and are overbearing . ”  Shen Shiya scolded again .



“A tree without skin will surely die!”  Xiao Luo was indifferent .







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Shen Shiya gnashed her teeth while her face reddened as she stared at Xiao Luo with wide eyes . It was so irritating that he was able to fight back these verbal attacks .   It made her feel like she was being played with by the other party .



Obviously, against Xiao Luo’s literacy, she was defeated .



“What a heyday!”



Guantong’s eyes were full of admiration . He always said that he wanted to be a talented person… Now, he found out that Xiao Luo was such a person . His aura and confidence were like nature itself that it easily subdued others . This made him wish that he was Xiao Luo .



“Senior Xiao, you have really taught us a lot . I admire your literary skills very much . ”



Guan Yilin stood up and said, “How about the skills of our major? Can we compare using Auto CAD?”



Xiao Luo’s mouth arched upwards into a smile . Originally, he was only here to share his experiences .   But who would’ve thought that these people would constantly provoke him . Now that they want to play, there was absolutely no reason to reject .






“Drawing an engine with all of the parameters that have been marked on the textbook . Making a model of it on Auto CAD . ”



Guan Yilin said with full confidence as she was so ‘sure’ that her ‘professional’ skills are the best in her class . She could operate the software with ease and was as familiar with it as if it were an extension of her own hands . She did not believe that Xiao Luo could match her in this aspect .



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Model creation?



For the engineering major, the level of difficulty factor was four out of five stars!



The crowd gasped . They were all of the same major so how could they not understand the difficulty level? The various curves and slopes, and the transition between the circumscribed circle and the inscribed circle? The workload was too heavy . Was this appropriate?



“Yilin, Xiao Luo was invited by me to only exchange his experiences and insights with everyone .   Not to compete with you . Sit down and stop making fun of yourself . Listen to Xiao Luo’s opinions modestly . He is your senior and a leader in the road of life . His opinions are very valuable and it will only do you more good than harm . ”



Yu Jiangu earnestly urged her as he didn’t want Guan Yilin to be further disruptive . He was also afraid that Xiao Luo would lose . Originally, Xiao Luo came here because of him . If he got into a bad mood or got humiliated, won’t he be holding a grudge against him at that point?



“Teacher Yu, comparing skills is also a kind of communication .   Isn’t it senior Xiao?” Guan Yilin’s pride was blatantly exposed at this moment . She felt that she was no worse than Xiao Luo . She was able to get CITIC Bank’s contract in her senior year . This achievement made her proud .



Xiao Luo nodded . “I agree . ”



Yu Jiangu coughed a few times, reminding Xiao Luo not to push himself too much . It was okay if he won, but if he lost to Guan Yilin, the whole class would just laugh at him .



Xiao Luo made a gesture which meant that everything was alright . He felt that this year’s younger brothers and sisters were a little interesting . Especially Guan Yilin, who was so full of confidence . Though he appreciated it, he didn’t like it at all . This situation was practically an elder in a certain field who was being questioned by the younger generation . He must safeguard his dignity and face as an elder .






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Xiao Luo borrowed Yu Jiangu’s laptop while Guan Yilin used her own .



Two sets of engine parameter data were placed in front of the two . Guan Yilin immediately started with Auto CAD according to those parameters .



However, Xiao Luo did not start work immediately and read the engine data earnestly . During his years working in Huahai Group, his application of Auto CAD also reached a new height .   Focusing on integrity instead of speed . He started as soon as he got the engineering data .



This kind of blind start would increase errors and workload in the process of creation; one would have to constantly correct errors to proceed . This would waste a lot of time . So he first routed the data and broke it into steps in his mind . He had to build a foundation .



“Oy, Xiao Luo, start now . Hey, she has already created one-third of the engine!”



Seeing the engine on Guan Yilin’s computer forming at the speed visible to the naked eye, Guantong felt anxious for Xiao Luo .



“Can it be that he doesn’t know where to start?”



“Auto CAD is the software that our major must master and is the most basic thing . ”



“If the senior can’t operate it, then it would simply be a big joke . ”



Some people in the class could not help but bury the hatchet and were happy to see Xiao Luo make a fool of himself .

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