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Chapter 334

“Sima Yi appeared to have been tricked by Zhuge Liang . When in fact, he tricked him . He was really wise . What do you think, senior Xiao?”

Guan Yilin threw the question at Xiao Luo . She had her own unique views on the ‘Romance of the Three kingdoms . ’ She was confident that Xiao Luo would be disgraced by her remarks . He would gaffe and be laughed at by everyone . She could also get some satisfaction and achievement from it .

The students were all convinced by her words . In fact, they were ‘truly’ convinced .

Guantong asked, “What you said is very reasonable and convincing, but this is a class meeting . What does it have to do with the Three Kingdoms?”

“’Romance of the Three Kingdoms’ is one of the four great works of our country and is also a valuable cultural heritage of our Chinese people . Why not talk about it?”

Guan Yilin said sternly, “Aren’t you claiming to have eight years worth of talent? You must have read this book well, so you should have your own opinion about it?”

“I …”

Guantong choked . The books he read in the library were very miscellaneous, but he did not read ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms’ . His understanding of Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi came only from TV plays…

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“Hah, eight years of talent cannot support his ambition!”  A boy sneered .

“Ha, ha, ha …”

The whole class laughed and brushed off Guantong . This had become everyone’s daily routine .

Yu Jiangu felt that the scene was getting out of control . It was only supposed to be an exchange of experience, but this girl Guan Yilin stirred up the discussion with ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms’ . How could this continue?

“Everyone be quiet and listen to what our ‘successful’ senior Xiao will say . Senior Xiao, do you agree with me that Sima Yi is the one with true wisdom and the apex person in the Three Kingdoms?”  Guan Yilin lifted up her head and looked at Xiao Luo with unruly eyes .

Xiao Luo laughed: “What you said just now is just speculation . There is no substantial evidence . It is only subjective speculation . ”

“Subjective speculation?”

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Guan Yilin’s mouth arched with a slight smile, “Since senior Xiao said it was subjective speculation, can senior Xiao please answer me the following questions? First, why did Sima Yi dare not attack?  It is nothing but fear, right . But how many people can ambush in such a big ideal city? In the era of cold weapons, it is impossible to send scud missiles or have any secret weapons . So it should be okay to send a reconnaissance company in, right?”

There was another round of burst of laughter in the class, because Guan Yilin’s words were humorous . Even scud missiles and reconnaissance companies were used .

Yu Jiangu secretly clicked his tongue . The girl was indeed a tartar . If it was him, it would be too humiliating .

“Second, since Sima Yi already see Zhuge Liang poised, and a clear threat is visible in the distance from the top of the walls .   Would he be dumb enough to continue out of the gates blindly just to get an arrow to the head?

Third, according to Guo Chong, the two sides have very different forces . Sima Yi has more than 100,000 troops . With that number, can’t you surround the city for three days without fighting?  Why do you have to turn around and run?”

Guantong had to admire Guan Yilin here . Her eloquence and talent even made him blush .

This was indeed the case . As soon as these three questions were posed, the empty city plan was full of loopholes . It could be seen that Sima Yi did not get scared off as it appeared to be .   There was another secret: the secret was what Guan Yilin said just now, ‘the hare and the hound are cooked and the bird is cast aside’ . Sima Yi understood this, so he pretended to be trapped . In fact, he was wise instead of a fool .

The rest of the class looked at Xiao Luo with derision as they berated in their hearts: In front of Guan Yilin, what would be this ‘successful person’, who was already in the society for four years, have to say?

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Xiao Luo said to Guan Yilin, not angered in the slightest, “I happen to have studied the Three Kingdoms too . What you said seems reasonable, but in fact it doesn’t hold water . ”

Hearing this, Guan Yilin’s face showed a sneer: “Is it?  Then I’d like to hear more about it!”

“First of all, let’s talk about your first doubt . Now suppose you are Sima Yi and send a reconnaissance company first . There are two consequences that you have to consider: first, delayed time . What if Zhuge Liang really lies in ambush? You know that time is literally your life, but what about the lives of the hundreds of thousands of troops? How long can they sustain themselves surrounding the city? Food? Water? The weather?

Second, Zhuge Liang occupies favorable terrain and has crossbows . Destroying a reconnaissance company is a piece of cake . So, after the reconnaissance company is destroyed, will you continue to send a second reconnaissance company in or withdraw?  One more thing you may have to consider, that is, Zhuge Liang has always been a ‘sure-catch the crow type of person’ and has always been outstanding . In the face of such an opponent, do you still dare to take risks?”

As soon as Xiao Luo made his remarks, Guan Yilin’s face changed slightly .   The rest of the class also lost some touch of contempt . They’ve never expected Xiao Luo to refute them .

“As for your second doubt: you seem to say that the ancient people like to talk before fighting . If it was to attack a city, it must be that one side was on the wall and the other was at the gate . There is an old saying: a gentleman talks and doesn’t do anything .   However, some people do not obey such rules . If you try to talk then be prepared to get shot by an arrow . Which is euphemistically called “all is fair in war” .

Having said that, you have to pay remember that you are talking to Zhuge Liang .   Who, mind you, wants to shoot you down . Is it worth risking, ‘since he is wise,’ as you say? Who dares to speak on the wall?  If I were Zhuge Liang, I would certainly consider this factor and take preventive measures . In a word, you cannot use such a childish trick to calculate Zhuge Liang .   ”


The crowd was amazed . They thought that Xiao Luo was just a fool who didn’t understand anything and was only being led by Guan Yilin . However, the result was astonishing and well-founded . What he said made people gasp in admiration .

Yu Jiangu beamed with a smile on his face, Xiao Luo really impressed him .

Xiao Luo did not hurry nor slow down, he continued, “Also, the third point you mentioned, ‘A city besieged without fighting . ’ First of all, the two sides have great disparity in military strength . This is known to onlookers . But Sima Yi, who’s the inside party, does not know it . Second, what if Zhuge Liang really has an ambush and attacks both inside and outside?  Don’t forget, Zhuge Liang is resourceful .

He is good in an array of things from inventions to creations . If he uses the complex terrain to attack with water and fire, everyone will immediately know the reason why the defeat is overwhelming . Once frustrated, the whole army panics and runs away . What’s the use of more soldiers? So, if you are Sima Yi… Do you want stability and get away with it, or do you put all your eggs in one basket and bet on it?”

The whole classroom quieted down, if someone were to drop a needle, it certainly could be heard!

Xiao Luo’s argument was too forceful and convincing .

Guan Yilin frowned, bit her lips and stared at him . Her face turned blue and purple . She could not find a word to refute .

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