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Chapter 333

Yu Jiangu wanted to ask Guan Yilin not to interrupt, because he knew Guan Yilin very well . She was a very proud person . She would often ask some strange questions to make things difficult for her teachers . This made him and the other teachers like having a headache . In the eyes of the teachers, she was an excellent student but at the same time, also a thorn .


But on second thought, the platform was handed over to Xiao Luo . He wanted to see if Xiao Luo could subdue this rose with its sharp thorns exposed .


Everyone looked at Xiao Luo with pondering smiles, they wanted to know how he would answer .


Xiao Luo laughed: “Of course I have regrets . Everyone has regrets, more or less . A life without regrets is not a complete life . ”


“What are your regrets?” Guan Yilin asked .


“My regret is that I didn’t choose to study or take the examination for civil service in my senior year . ”


Xiao Luo smiled . “In today’s society, there are too many college students and the job competition is very fierce . Even the graduates from big universities are facing the unemployment crisis after entering society . It is necessary to study in a graduate school if you want to have a higher starting point and stronger competitiveness . However, I did not choose to study in it and gave up an opportunity to improve myself . ”


“Although many people despise the work and think that it has no other benefits besides stability, and there is no room for growth or advancement . It is valuable for new graduates . It can help you set the foundation first and then think about your future path and which field you are suitable for . ”

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This was indeed his two regrets . If it weren’t for the unexpected integration of the system, he would’ve still been a product engineer who worked nine to five hours a day, sometimes even had to work overtime . He regretted not choosing these two paths .


Yu Jiangu listened with great approval . As a teacher with high qualifications, he also summed up the same experience as Xiao Luo . In recent years, millions of college students poured into society to compete for a limited number of jobs .


Under such a big premise, attending a graduate school or taking an examination for civil service was a clever way . For example, one of his students entered a large company directly after graduating from a graduate school . The base salary was 10,000 yuan and often had opportunities to travel abroad . Although he just started after graduation, he quickly got ahead of everyone .


“Then what senior Xiao means is that our graduates have only two ways to go . One is to take up grad school . The other is to take an examination for civil service, right?” Guan Yilin scoffed and asked .


Xiao Luo shook his head: “No, this is only my personal experience and insights . It is not suitable for everyone . It is like a document for reference only . ”


“Oh? Is it? Then, in your opinion, what should I do after graduation?”


Guan Yilin disagreed with Xiao Luo’s point of view . She spoke with a confident smile, “I am now the regional manager of CITIC Credit . CITIC Bank has also given me a contract . Once I sign it, they will throw a lot of resources my way so that I can quickly grow into a working woman . According to senior Xiao’s opinion, I should give up their sincere invitation and go to a graduate school or take an examination for civil service?”


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“Yilin now has a salary of 80,000 . If she rejects the invitation of CITIC Bank, she probably has some mental problems . ”


“Yes, I initially thought I could get good pointers, only to get some babble about studying and taking an examination . This guy is a nobody . ”


There was a burst of derision in the class, and everyone was happy to see Xiao Luo make a fool of himself . As students who successfully entered a key undergraduate college after going through hell—taking the college entrance examination . Everyone has pride in their hearts . That same pride made them unable to accept other people’s opinions .


Xiao Luo suddenly understood what was going on… With a face full of confidence, the girl in the front row looked up at him from below the podium . She was clearly set against him . Fortunately, he had good control of his temper and didn’t go around beating up people .


“I have to stress it again, it is only ‘my’ regret . It is not appropriate for all people…”


“Senior Xiao is very cautious in his speech . I like that . By the way, have you read the four famous novels of Romance of the Three Kingdoms?” Guan Yilin diverted the topic .


“Yes . ”


“Which person does Senior Xiao like in the story?”

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“Zhuge Liang …”


“Then is the reason why senior Xiao likes Zhuge Liang is because of his loyalty, courage and wisdom? After all, it is a reflection of his whole life that he ‘died after all his efforts’ . In fact, I also like him very much, but I prefer Sima Yi who is wily and cunning . ”


Guan Yilin stood up and made her remarks without any hesitation . She completely drew everyone’s focus onto herself .


“For heaven’s sake! This girl is stirring up trouble again . She is deliberately making things difficult for Xiao Luo as she did for her teachers!”


Yu Jiangu felt worried . He invited Xiao Luo over for the purpose of sharing his insights and experiences to the class . They could then harvest it and use it for reference for their future . However, this was completely outside of his expectations . He didn’t want Xiao Luo to have to deal with this thorny rose .


However, when Yu Jiangu was preparing to stop Guan Yilin, Xiao Luo quietly made a gesture to him to not interrupt .


There was a boy who was not afraid of causing a big scene . He deliberately put on airs as he asked, “Yilin, why do you like Sima Yi? Isn’t that the guy who got scared to death by Zhuge Liang? ”


“No, Sima Yi had already seen through Zhuge Liang’s plan . The reason why he did not attack Zhuge Liang was because he was clever enough and knew the reason why the hare was killed and the dog was cooked…”


Guan Yilin’s astonishing speech not only aroused the class’ curiosity, but also made Yu Jiangu have a strong thirst for knowledge and thought: Did I read a fake book of Romance of the Three Kingdoms? That Sima Yi is actually a better figure than Zhuge Liang?


Guan Yilin went on to say, “We know that Sima Yi’s official career is full of ups and downs . He is often envied and has many political enemies . Cao Cao has always been wary of him when he was alive . He once said to Hua Xin: ‘Sima Yi looks at the wolf with eagerness… It will be a great disaster for the country if left alone . ’


After Cao Pi acceded to the throne, Sima Yi was immediately promoted to a high position by the new leader and rose to the top . He became a great general in ancient times . Later, when he became emperor in Cao Rui, Sima Yi led the troops to fight Zhuge Liang and became Zhuge Liang’s strongest enemy on the battlefield . Zhuge Liang was fully aware of Sima Yi’s prowess on the battlefield .


Zhuge Liang made a counter-plan and posted notices about Sima Yi’s rise . Cao Rui believed it . If it weren’t for General Cao Zhen, it would be a pity that Sima Yi, a rare talent, lost his life here and there .


With the change, Zhuge Liang again went out of Northern Qishan for expedition . He repeatedly defeated Jun . No one was his opponent . Watching Cao Shi’s state getting into a perilous situation, Sima Yi was reinstated . Because he was the only one able to withstand Zhuge Liang’s attack .


Sima Yi is a character who has experienced ups and downs . He understands why he was so important . It is because of Zhuge Liang . Although he and Zhuge Liang are enemies, they have a bitter relationship . Once he kills Zhuge Liang, he will be of no use anymore . The Cao family will surely lay their hands on him .


Therefore, it is not because Zhuge Liang is so clever, but because Sima Yi is cunning . Later generations have a deep misunderstanding of him and think he is suspicious and cowardly . It’s such a big joke . ”

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