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Chapter 331

It was almost noon when he arrived at the west province aviation university . Xiao Luo went straight to the noodle shop in the third canteen, which was already crowded . Because there was no queue system, everyone was crowding outside the small window . From time to time, there were trampling and shoving incidents, and complaints were frequent .



One of them, a plump and short man, complained harshly .



“Don’t squeeze, another squeeze and I will get pregnant . ”



“You stepped on my foot!”



“This is mine . Don’t rob me . ”



His hair style was similar to a Mohawk with the middle part of the hair prominent . He was wearing a black chinese tunic suit, and his plump and round face was apparent .



Xiao Luo stood still, because he recognized the fat man .   The man was an acquaintance, he was his college classmate Guan Tong .   However, Guan Tong was still in his sophomore year because of serious substandard grades, not only that, he also has substandard credits . Simply put, Guan Tong was a drop out . Of course, he also heard from Zhang Dashan that after two years of suspension, Guan Tong applied to return to school . Xiao Luo originally thought that Dashan just made it up, but now that he saw Guan Tong, he was able to confirm Dashan’s previous words .



The fat man turned around and met Xiao Luo face to face after he grabbed three portions of meat paste noodles and squeezed himself out of the crowd . He blinked his horribly small eyes before finally confirming it .



“Xiao Luo?!”



His face was full of surprise .   He even took a second look to make sure his eyes weren’t mistaken . He seemed to take a journey back to the past, the young man’s face woke him up from that kind of unrealistic fantasy .



“Long time no see, Tong . ”  Xiao Luo greeted him .


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Ten minutes later, the two sat face to face at a table .



Xiao Luo also ate noodles which Tong gave him . This fat man darted through the crowd and skipped the queue to directly buy noodles . Nobody dared to complain loudly, after all, he had a fierce face .



“I thought I was daydreaming . I didn’t think it was really you . Aren’t you hanging out in River City? When did you come back? Is it another story of Hu Hansan’s murder?”



Guan Tong was very talkative . He stammered and talked while eating . He was very excited to bump into his former classmate .



“I returned this year and am preparing to work in Xia Hai . ”



Xiao Luo took a bite, and tasted the once familiar smell, he couldn’t help but think of a lot of things in the past .



“Then welcome back, now I am not alone . When I am bored, there will be someone to bicker . ”



Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows: “You are not alone, isn’t the monitor in Xia Hai all the time?”



“Don’t mention Guo Qinghe . He is now a gold medal lecturer in a MLM organization . I have never contacted him . ”  Tong shook his head around .

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Gold Medal Instructor of a MLM Organization?  Guo Qinghe?



Xiao Luo was startled, what Tong said caught him off guard .



Guan Tong went on to say: “Guo Qinghe dressed like a dog .   He pretends to dress like a successful person to deceive those poor people who want to become rich overnight .   He got them to pay out of their own pocket . The places he chose were all in the county town or small town under Xia Hai City, specially deceiving outsiders . ”



“How do you know this?”  Asked Xiao Luo .



“When he first joined the pyramid scheme organization, I was the first one on his list . I didn’t know at first, fortunately I am very clear-headed .   Otherwise I would have really fell for it”



Guan Tong sighed and reached for the second bowl of noodle .   While speaking, he had already finished one bowl of noodles . “Forget it, let’s not talk about him . It’s not good to talk about him behind his back . It was also for this reason that I didn’t go to the reunion he initiated at the end of last year . By the way, have you and Zhao Mengqi made any progress?”



“We broke up . ”






Tong’s reaction was calm and he did not think it was strange .



Xiao Luo changed the subject: “Have you got your diploma now?”



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“No, I don’t even remember how many subjects I’ve taken . I feel that I can’t even count them with my ten fingers . It’s hard to make-up for past exams .   But my diploma and degree certificate are nothing to me . Education is not important . What matters is talent . I have long given up the idea of acquiring a diploma and degree certificate . ”  Tong said bluntly .



Give up your diploma?



Although academic qualifications do not represent everything at present, finding a job was a stepping stone . It was really impossible to do without them . Therefore, these two certificates were better than nothing .



Xiao Luo really did not agree with Guan Tong’s point of view: “Are you working now?”



“No, no, no, no, I’ve always lived at home, but I ride my bicycle to the school library every day to read books, increase my knowledge and become a talented person . ”  Tong went on to eat his third bowl of noodles .



“How can you support yourself if you don’t work?”  Xiao Luo said .



“My parents both work in public institutions . Their salaries are both nearly 20,000 . Even if they retire later, they will have 78,000 and can sit at home . I am their only son . Their money is also my money . I’m just spending it ahead of schedule . After I become a talented person, I can easily earn tens of millions to honor them back . ”  Guan Tong said confidently .



Hearing this, Xiao Luo couldn’t help shaking his head . He didn’t know what Guan Tong was thinking .   If it was him, he would never lead such a comfortable life . He really wanted to ask, what is talent? Does being talented mean not doing anything during your youth? Is it staying at home and free-loading your aging parents?



He couldn’t understand Guan Tong’s point of view .   Of course, this was somebody else’s business, he was just an outsider and was not qualified to comment .



“Guan Tong!”



At this time, a faint call was heard .



Guan Tong and Xiao Luo looked at where it came from . It was a middle-aged man in a black suit and glasses . He had very little hair with a high hairline, looking a little bald .



“It’s Lao Yu . ”  Tong put down his chopsticks .



Xiao Luo certainly knew who Lao Yu was . His full name was Yu Jiangu, and he was their head teacher in college .



He got up quickly and greeted Yu Jiangu who was coming: “Teacher Yu . ”



“Xiao Luo?  Why are you here? ”



Yu Jiangu was quite surprised . This was a former student of his . He knew the bad student Zhang Dashan . Therefore, since Xiao Luo had a good relationship with Zhang Dashan, he naturally remembered too .



Guan Tong looked up and drank the last bowl of noodle soup broth . He burped and said, “Lao Yu shouldn’t be surprised . He is going to be working in Xia Hai and just came to visit his alma mater . ”



After all these years, he and Yu Jiangu had formed a dual relationship of being both a teacher and a friend . So he spoke casually .



“It turns out to be like this .   Welcome, ha ha ha ……”



Yu Jiangu patted Xiao Luo on the shoulder with a smile, and then lectured him, “Don’t get too close to this weak soul .   He doesn’t think about making progress, and only muddles through all day . The next batch of students I brought with me are about to enter society, but this weak soul is still standing in one place . Other people studied in university for four years, he studied for eight years and he still can’t get his two certificates . ”



When talking about Tong, he was deeply saddened . As a head teacher, because of Tong, he didn’t know how many times he had been teased by his colleagues and lost his face .

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