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Chapter 328

“Gee, he can make the basket even from that distance!”


Shen Qingyan’s eyes danced slightly, she was stunned . Obviously, she didn’t expect Xiao Luo to be able to make the shot with a jump shot from outside the three-point line .


“Luck . ”  Su Li just said one word softly .


From the side, Luo Pingxiang and Su Bei applauded Xiao Luo quietly .


Yang Hongzhi picked up the basketball and came to Xiao Luo . He smiled and said, “Yes, that’s good . ”


Xiao Luo didn’t reply .   He looked at him with an indifferent gaze .


“Let’s continue . ”


Once again, Yang Hongzhi passed the basketball to Xiao Luo, lowered his center of gravity and assumed a defensive stance . Of course, he didn’t believe that Xiao Luo could 100% make another basket from outside the three-point line . The shot he made just now was probably due to luck .


However, after catching the ball, Xiao Luo took off directly, his eyes focused on the basket . Transferring his strength from his feet to his wrist, straightening his elbow, he shot the basketball easily .


A clean shot!


At this time, Yang Hongzhi still couldn’t react . He watched helplessly as the basketball flew out of Xiao Luo’s palm and drew a beautiful arc in the air, then sank into the basket .


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It went in again!


Shen Qingyan and Su Li’s face now showed a trace of surprise . If the shot before was a lucky shot, was this also luck?


Yang Hongzhi felt like he had a dead fish stuffed in his mouth, staring at Xiao Luo with his eyes wide open .


One of his bodyguards picked up the ball and passed it to him . He held it with both hands and squeezed out a smile, “Two three-point shots in a row .   Mr Xiao, it seems that you really know how to play . ”


Xiao Luo was too lazy to converse with Yang Hongzhi . Since this person humiliated him, he must be prepared to be severely humiliated by him in return . He did not need to exchange a basketball talk at all .   His basketball skill was already considered at medium level . In addition to that, it was also supplemented by the constitution of the Mercenary King and Yi Jin Jing, his basketball level undergone a qualitative leap .   Notwithstanding Yang Hongzhi, even in front of NBA players, he would still have the power to dominate .


“If you can shoot another hoop, I will obey you . ”


Yang Hongzhi suppressed his anger and passed the ball to Xiao Luo .


Having learned the lesson of the first two times, he didn’t press his center of gravity too low so that he could jump and block at any time .


As expected, Xiao Luo took off and shot with one hand as soon as he received the ball . A sneer appeared on Yang Hongzhi’s lips, his legs pushed against the ground, and his whole person leaped high . He took a good shot of Xiao Luo’s basketball with his right hand and tried to intercept the ball .


But imagination was indeed beautiful . In fact, his hand was one or two centimeters short, and the basketball only flew over his head . Like the first two shots, it made a perfect arc in the air and “clicks” into the basket .


Three shots and three scores, all were obtained from outside the three-point line!

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Yang Hongzhi fell back to the ground and couldn’t believe his eyes .   His relaxed expression turned stiff . This time he was sure that Xiao Luo wouldn’t be able to pass him, but Xiao Luo was still able to shoot it in . How the fuck was that possible?


The two bodyguards standing outside the court also froze . He was able to shoot three shots in front of their young master’s eyes . This was the first time they had seen it .


“Li, where did you find this guy, he’s really interesting!”


Shen Qingyan looked at Xiao Luo seriously for the first time . She originally thought Xiao Luo would be badly abused by Yang Hongzhi, but now it seemed that this was not the case .


“I met him at the last concert in River City . ”


Su Li answered as her eyes were fixed on Xiao Luo . She was quite surprised by the current situation . After all, she knew very well that Yang Hongzhi was a real sports fanatic . In order to learn basketball, he even hired CBA’s famous coaches for training . In addition, he had special interest in Sanda and fitness . His physical quality was excellent .   It could be said that in Xiao Hai, few could be considered his opponents in basketball .


“Go Dad, Go!”


Su Bei clapped her hands and cheered for Xiao Luo . Her childish voice made everyone feel very comfortable and pleasant .


Of course, it was extremely harsh for Yang Hongzhi . His mouth muscles twitched, and it was difficult to keep the smile on his face . He angrily asked Xiao Luo, “Do you only know how to shoot?”


“Shooting is my forte!”  Xiao Luo only smiled, he didn’t get needlessly angry .


Yang Hongzhi’s face darkened and he gritted his teeth with anger . “Well, you can continue to shoot, I don’t believe you can make it all the time . ”

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At this time, one of his bodyguards had already picked up the basketball and handed it to him .


Yang Hongzhi drew Xiao Luo closer to the midfield . As a result, Xiao Luo’s distance from the three-point line was nearly 1 . 5 meters . At this distance, even for professionals, it would be absolutely impossible to guarantee a high rate under the premise of being defended .


“Go on!”


Yang Hongzhi took a deep breath and passed the ball to Xiao Luo .


Xiao Luo snorted softly, and still the same as before . He took a jump shot immediately after catching the ball without any consideration .


There was no accident and no suspense . The ball entered the hoop the same way, as if the basketball had its own eyes, flying straight into the basket .


The fifth shot …


The sixth shot …


The seventh shot …


The eighth shot was also a clean shot!


Each one was a direct jump shot in situ, clean and tidy . There were no excitement and fierce offence and defence scenes: and no body-to-body collisions .   The eight consecutive shots were all made from in place jump shots outside of the three-point line . This surprised Shen Qingyan and Su Li that they almost forgot to breathe . They wondered if their eyes had problems seeing things because Xiao Luo scored exactly eight out of eight shots . How was that possible?


Yang Hongzhi’s two bodyguards also gave their eyes some hard rubbing .   They had a hard time believing what they saw .


Only Su Bei continued to cheer for Xiao Luo in her child voice . She was innocent . She didn’t think too much . She only knew that her father was very good and could shoot the ball into the basket continuously .


Yang Hongzhi went from disdain to surprise; from surprise to shock, and finally from shock to anger, gnashing his teeth . He was very anxious to shut Xiao Luo up . Starting from the third shot, he had been trying to block Xiao Luo .   But every time he would seem to be missing a few centimeters and basketballs would fly over his head, and into the basket without missing a beat .


This made him furious, his eyes were almost burning with fire: 8-0 .   Such a record was really a blow to his pride!


Rotten ~ mud ~ loach!


Yang Hongzhi stared at Xiao Luo as he berated in his mind .


Xiao Luo laughed scornfully . He was not a saint . If Yang Hongzhi wanted to step on him, he must be well prepared to be stepped on .


“Two more points!”


Yang Hongzhi held the ball in his hand and his eyes stared at Xiao Luo fiercely . This sentence seemed to be squeezed out from his teeth .


Xiao Luo, with a faint smile on his face, stretched out his hand, put his four fingers together, and made a hook to his side, meaning: pass the ball to me .  

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