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Chapter 327

Yang Hongzhi strode up with a smile and a sneer in his heart: Be merciful?  Sorry, I just came to embarrass this rotten loach!

At this moment, Su Bei just picked up the ball and ran to Xiao Luo, “Dad is really good . Dad, you keep throwing . ”

Xiao Luo lovingly touched her head and picked up the basketball .

But when he turned and was about to shoot, Yang Hongzhi stood in front of him and looked at him with a smile, “Mr Xiao, it seems that you play basketball well . How about a one-on-one?”

“Not interested!”

Xiao Luo gave a faint reply and took Su Bei to the other side, throwing the ball into the basket .

“Dad is great . ”

Su Bei was as happy as if she had thrown it herself . She ran to retrieve the basketball in a lively and disorderly way and then came back to Xiao Luo with it . She became Xiao Luo’s exclusive ball girl .

“Can we take a break after this?”  Xiao Luo asked gently with a smile .

The little girl nodded heavily and said cleverly, “Okay . ”

Xiao Luo turned and faced the basket, took off and shot the ball .

But at this moment, Yang Hongzhi rushed up like a tiger, leaping high, and then his right hand fiercely intercepted the ball . The ball had just left Xiao Luo’s hand when it was mercilessly shot out of bounds .

This was a clean and perfectly blocked shot!

If such a shot was blocked during a match, it would definitely hurt the player’s morale and enthusiasm, and could even make the referee’s brain buzz .

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Yang Hongzhi’s two bodyguards applauded enthusiastically .

“The shot was beautifully blocked . ”

From a distance, Shen Qingyan also nodded with great appreciation .

“Taking advantage of people’s unpreparedness .   Shameless!” Su Li made a bland comment .

Shen Qingyan thought for a moment and immediately agreed, “Indeed, Yang Hongzhi is really shameless . ”

Su Bei stood there, frozen .   She kept looking at the basketball that was knocked off by Yang Hongzhi with her pair of big eyes .

Xiao Luo was deadpanned, his face without any emotion .

Then Yang Hongzhi picked up the basketball and walked up to Su Bei . He waved the ball and smiled, “How about uncle Yang score a basket for you, Beibei?”

Without waiting for the girl’s response, he dribbled the ball and sprinted toward the basket . He then made a three-step layup, spun his body 180 degrees in the air . With a slight flick of his right wrist, he smoothly put the basketball through the hoops . His movements were elegant and natural, and he displayed a kind of picture perfect beauty .

Yang Hongzhi picked up the basketball again and glanced at Su Li from the corner of his eye . He appeared to be performing basketball moves for Su Bei, but in fact he was performing in front of Su Li .

“Beibei, look at uncle Yang again!”

He dribbled the ball and sprinted toward the basket again, still making a three-step layup, only changing his movement in the air . The basketball passed the ball between his legs, positioned and pushed his hand up slightly .   Once again, the basketball successfully entered the basket again .  

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After that, he performed the free reverse windmill pull-rod layup, the hand-to-hand layup behind the back, the 360-degree crotch-to-hand layup … the difficulty coefficients were getting harder than the previous ones . His movements were very sharp, his steps were as swift as flying, and the visual enjoyment was extremely pleasing to the eyes .

Besides the two bodyguards of Yang Hongzhi, even Shen Qingyan couldn’t help but exclaim, “Yang Hongzhi is absolutely stunning . If he played like this during university, he would charm a lot of younger sisters . ”

Su Li didn’t respond .   Although she didn’t want to really want to admit it, Yang Hongzhi’s basketball level was top notch .

After finishing a series of layups, Yang Hongzhi’s breathing was somewhat rapid and his body perspired heavily . He walked up to Su Bei with the ball in his arms, bent down and smiled at her . “Do you think uncle Yang is good at basketball, Beibei?”

The little girl could not lie, she nodded, and replied weakly, “Looks good . ”

“Do you want to play with Uncle Yang?”  Yang Hongzhi said .

The little girl looked up at Xiao Luo, then hugged Xiao Lou’s thigh and shook her head without hesitation, “I … I like to play with dad . ”

Yang Hongzhi’s eyes became a little hazy but it changed into a smile, “Do you want to know if Uncle Yang is good or your father is good?”

The little girl didn’t speak, timidly hiding behind Xiao Luo .  

Yang Hongzhi stood up straight and looked at Xiao Luo, “Mr . Xiao, come and play a game . It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose . Let’s just have fun . ”

“Find someone else . ”

Xiao Luo was too lazy and ignored him, he took up Su Bei and headed for the stadium .

Yang Hongzhi gritted his teeth, showing a hint of coldness on his face .   He proceeded to send the ball smashing toward Xiao Luo .

“Peng ~”

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The basketball was almost parallel to the ground heading straight for the back of Xiao Luo’s head . His throw was powerful and made the spectators exclaimed in surprise .

Xiao Luo’s eyes flashed, he turned around and his five fingers firmly gripped the whistling basketball in his hand . His arm parallel to the ground, straight and steady .

“Ah … reaction speed is fast enough!”

Yang Hongzhi’s eyes flashed and said with a smile .

Xiao Luo’s eyes constricted, a cold air spread out around him .  

Shen Qingyan felt chills and said to herself, “How can I feel cold in this damn weather?”

“Beibei, go to your mother . ”

Xiao Luo touched Su Bei’s head and said gently .

“Dad, do you want to play basketball with Uncle Yang?”  The little girl blinked .

“Yes . ”  Xiao Luo lightly smiled .

Hearing this, Yang Hongzhi showed a winning smile on his face . He was happy to see the result .

“You can do it, Dad!”

Su Bei cheered for Xiao Luo and then ran back to Su Li’s side .

Xiao Luo held the basketball and approached Yang Hongzh, standing face to face with himi . The two men were almost the same height, about 1 . 77 meters high .

He asked blandly, “How?”

Yang Hongzhi successfully angered him . If Zhang Dashan was here, he would definitely say that Yang Hongzhi won the grand prize .

“It’s very simple . Whoever scores ten points first is the winner . ”  Yang Hongzhi’s said with confidence .

“Who will go first?”  Asked Xiao Luo .

“You are the guest; you first . ”

Yang Hongzhi made a gesture of conceding, always smiling and confident .

Xiao Luo stood outside the three-point line and threw the ball to Yang Hongzhi, who tossed it back to him . This was an established basketball rule when playing one-on-one against another person . After the other party had passed the ball back to you, the game would officially start .

“Watch me beat you ten to zero!”

Yang Hongzhi sneered in his heart . He then lowered his center of gravity, his arms slightly stretched, making a defense posture .

However, he didn’t even have a chance to react . Xiao Luo jumped directly from the three-point line and threw the basketball .

The basketball slowly rotated forward as it streaked through the air in a beautifully curved path .   It flew towards the basket and then “swoosh” into the hoop with precision . It fell freely to the ground in a “thump” .

This …

Yang Hongzhi opened his eyes wide and couldn’t believe that Xiao Luo actually scored . The other side was outside the three-point line, and at least half a meter away from the three-point line, but he actually fucking scored?

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