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Published at 26th of July 2020 11:46:15 AM
Chapter 326

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Chapter 326: Modesty. 

Proofreader: @lynn

“I’m talking to Beibei. Who are you?!!” 

Yang Hongzhi stared at Xiao Luo with one eye. His tone was quite defiant. His voice was very loud that it made Su Bei who was lying on Xiao Luo’s back startled with fright. 

Xiao Luo was stunned, he really didn’t expect that his suggestion would make Yang Hongzhi agitated, angry and hostile. 

“Yang Hongzhi, you’re scaring Su Bei.”  Su Li warned with a frown.

Yang Hongzhi’s grim expression relaxed and slapped his own forehead. “Li’er, it’s my fault. I’m sorry.”  He beckoned to Su Bei again, “Beibei, uncle Yang spoke too loud just now. Did I frighten you? Uncle Yang will apologize to you right here and now.”

Saying so, he bowed deeply, looking quite a gentleman.

Su Bei clasped Xiao Lou’s neck tightly and only looked at him timidly.

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“Miss Su, please continue with your business. I’ll show Beibei around.”  Xiao Luo said.

“Don’t you want to play?”  Shen Qingyan shook her racket.

“You play, don’t mind me.”

Xiao Luo carrying Su Bei, turned and walked away, Luo Pingxiang also followed him.

Yang Hongzhi looked at Xiao Luo’s back and said with deep disdain, “This loach really regards himself as Beibei’s father.”

“He’s playing his role very well!”

Su Li had nothing more to say.  With just one sentence, it showed her stance and attitude on the subject.

“Li’er, I know you love Beibei very much and want to give her a perfect childhood.  But have you ever thought if this was really an appropriate way to achieve it? Yes, Beibei will be very happy for a while but what about after that.  That loach will leave sooner or later. Wouldn’t she be very sad when that time comes? This will undoubtedly do great harm to her.” Yang Hongzhi urged.

“If Su Bei was to stay dependent on Xiao Luo, I won’t let Xiao Luo leave her. Even if I have to spend a lot of money, I will keep Xiao Luo by her side.”  Su Li’s attitude was very firm. For Su Bei, she didn’t care how much she needed to spend.

Shen Qingyan giggled at this moment, “Li, don’t you understand what Yang Hongzi is trying to say? If you keep Xiao Luo as Beibei’s father, then Xiao Luo’s relationship with you would be husband and wife. This is what Yang Hongzi really cares about.”

“Qingyan really knows how I am!”

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Yang Hongzhi simply made it clear, “Li’er, you know my heart, and I’ve decided that I want you in my life.  I won’t allow you to suffer any stain, even if it’s just in name. My heart can’t tolerate it. Fire the loach. Just give me time and I’ll make Beibei accept me and she will treat me as her father.”

“Don’t waste your time on me. You have better choices. Okay, let’s play now.”  Su Li walked to the side of the tennis court, giving Yang Hongzhi no chance to sort out his thoughts.  

Shen Qingyan shrugged and walked to the other side, ready to serve.

“Ahem …”

Yang Hongzhi coughed, “Well, can I join you guys?”

“Yes, it’s a lot more fun that way.”  Shen Qingyan affirmed.

Su Li didn’t voice any objection.

At this time, both Su Li and Shen Qingyan changed into sportswear, with white short skirts and pink short sleeves. The two figures were dressed like twins. Their white skin, proud figures and curves were shown incisively and vividly at this moment.

Looking at their waist twisting and hip swaying, Yang Hongzhi couldn’t help swallowing a mouthful of saliva. He even wondered how comfortable it would be to have both beauties in bed together, but this only happened in his head, because he knew very well how difficult it was to win over the two women. 

Having been rejected so many times by Su Li, he was losing patience. However, he recently saw some hope.  Although Su Li was flawless, her mother had many weaknesses.

Half an hour later, Su Li and Shen Qingyan were already sweating and wanted to stop.

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Yang Hongzhi was still not satisfied, “Li’er, Qingyan, how about another round?”

“No, no, our physical strength is not as good as yours.”  Shen Qingyan motioned with her hand.

Yang Hongzhi laughed, “It’s no use having good physical strength. I lost all the games I played, and my tennis skills are terrible.”

“It was you who lost on purpose because you couldn’t bear to let us two beautiful women lose the game. We know that Yang Hongzhi loves sports, whether it’s golf, tennis, basketball or football…”

Shen Qingyan took two clean towels from the servant’s hand, one for herself and one for Su Li to wipe their sweat.

“I only play a little bit of everything. I’m really not as good at tennis as you.”  Yang Hongzhi modestly refused Qingyan’s praise.

“Ha ha ha ……” Shen Qingyan chuckled.

Su Li wiped the sweat from her face and neck and got up to ask the servant beside her: “Where are Su Bei and Xiao Luo now?”

“Replying to Miss Su, they are over there on the basketball court.”  The servant replied respectfully.

Su Li put down the towel and headed for the basketball court, carrying a faint scent with her.

A little while later, the three people came to the other side and found Xiao Luo playing basketball with Su Bei.

Every time the little girl picked up the basketball, she ran to Xiao Luo and threw it to him. Every time Xiao Luo hit it, she laughed happily and said, “Daddy is so good.”

This kind of basketball game seemed insignificant to adults, but it used a lot of energy to a kid like Su Bei. After running a few more times with the basketball, she was covered in sweat and her cheeks were flushed. However, her innocent and brilliant laughter rang out from time to time on the basketball court.

“Li, this guy is not bad, he can make Beibei so happy.”  Shen Qingyan turned to Su Li and said.

Su Li was also very satisfied with Xiao Luo’s performance. She had not seen Su Bei so happy for a long time.

The imbalance in Yang Hongzhi’s heart felt extreme distress in his heart. He felt that he should be the only one who could make Su Bei laugh happily, not the rotten loach. However, his face still held a smile, “That Mr. Xiao seems to play well, and my hands are itching uncontrollably.”

“Oh? You want to go up and compete with him? ”  Shen Qingyan had a pondering smile.

“I really want to learn from him. I haven’t got a chance to really play.”  Yang Hongzhi said.

Shen Qingyan smiled with a myriad of amorous feelings, “Then go up and compete with him, but don’t abuse others and make them feel down.”

She knew that Yang Hongzhi wanted to show off in front of Su Li, but she did not object to his performance. After all, in her opinion, the two were suitable for each other. If he could succeed, she would only be happy for Su Li as a sister.

“Ha ha … maybe he’ll abuse me.”  Yang Hongzhi modestly said.

“Yang Hongzhi, being too modest is prideful. If others already know, will Li and I still not know? You hired CBA coaches before for special training. How can he be your opponent? Anyway, you have to show mercy and give others face.”  Shen Qingyan said.

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