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Chapter 319

But after waiting for a long time, even though Tan Ning Fu already got off the plane, they still didn’t see Xiao Luo get off the plane .

Both the leaders looked at the flight attendant with inquiring eyes, which meant where was the pilot?

The chief flight attendant hurried to meet Tan Ning Fu who was approaching . “Where is Mr . Xiao, Xiao Fu?”

“Hasn’t Mr Xiao disembarked?” Tan Ning Fu blinked and asked .

“When did he get off?” The flight attendant asked urgently .

“Shortly after the hatch was opened, he picked up his luggage and disembarked . ” Tan Ning Fu said .

The chief flight attendant suddenly felt ill .

“What’s going on? Where is the person?” The Civil aviation leader asked loudly .

The chief flight attendant looked embarrassed: “Leader, when we were talking, he seemed to have left the plane along with the other passengers . ”


The faces of both the leaders suddenly became very ugly . Such a pilot left right under their noses . They planned to hire him as a captain at a high price .

“What’s the matter with you? Didn’t you see him get off?” The Civil Aviation leader complained .

“I’m sorry, it’s my responsibility, I …” The chief flight attendant bowed her head and admitted her mistake .

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The airport leader waved his hand, “It’s not on you . After all, no one guessed that he would slip away secretly, so it doesn’t matter . The basic information of each passenger can be found in the system anyway . It’s not difficult to find him . ”

Reminded by this sentence, Tan Ning Fu stepped forward, “Esteemed leaders, he left his contact information . ”

The Civil Aviation leader was overjoyed, “Then contact him quickly and say we want to meet him . ”


Tan Ning Fu nodded and called, only to find that somebody else was on the phone .

At this moment, the cell phones of the civil aviation leader and the airport leader rang at the same time . After watching the caller ID of their mobile phones, the two people immediately quietly started to purge . Obviously, this was the phone number of their higher ups . They then both got the warning from their superiors: It was forbidden to track down information of the passenger that landed the Boeing 747 safely!

The two people after the end of the call had their eyes full of horror . What was the identity of the man, he incredibly made their superiors place a direct order to not track him?



At Exit A of Xia Hai Airport, Xiao Luo came out with his baggage .

On the phone, “Director Gu, thank you very much . ”

He didn’t want to be the focus, so he told Zhang Gu about this and let him press everything through relations .

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“Don’t be polite to me . It’s a bad thing for you to get too much attention . However, you have made me sit up and take notice again . You can even fly a civil plane . I’m thinking now whether there is nothing you can’t do in this world . ”

Zhang Gu became more and more interested in Xiao Luo . According to the information on hand, Xiao Luo had a lot of skills, and every one of his skills could be said to be at the top level . His computer skill was just one of them . He found that this guy was versatile and knowledgeable in all aspects . He seriously doubted whether Xiao Luo was blessed by god and his brain was more developed than normal people .

“I just happened to read a book about flying a plane . ” Xiao Luo said carelessly .

“You knew how to pilot after reading a book? You are a genius!”

Zhang Gu was not stingy with his praise . “By the way, I’ll meet you sometime and take you to meet the NSA’s computer elites who can’t match your fingers . You can help me guide them . ”

Looks like he’s going to pay his debts!

Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows and smiled obscurely . He never thought that Zhang Gu would help him free of charge . He and Zhang Gu had always had a deal . One was to not be jailed, while the other wanted to have a sharp sword to serve the country .

Nodding “OK . ”

After a few more commonplaces, the two ended the conversation .

Xiao Luo put his mobile phone back in his pocket, took a deep breath of the air in Xia Hai, and looked up at the night view . This was the city where he once lived for four years . There was not much change . At least the airport was still the same as before .

At this time, a petite woman with shoulder-length short hair approached him .

With a smile on her face, she asked, “Excuse me, are you Mr . Xiao Luo?”

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“I am, and you are?” Xiao Luo nodded and replied .

“Hello, Mr . Xiao . I am Miss Su’s assistant . My name is Luo Pingxiang . You can call me Pingxiang . Miss Su asked me to come and pick you up . ” The woman named Luo Pingxiang bowed .

Xiao Luo smiled, “Obliged!”

“No worries, it’s my task to take care of Mr . Xiao . ” Luo Pingxiang said, while helping Xiao Luo with his baggage/luggage .

Xiao Luo refused, “I’ll take the luggage myself . Lead the way . ”

He was not a person who would be willing to trouble others very much, especially letting a woman help him with his luggage, that would just make him feel uncomfortable .

Luo Pingxiang didn’t insist too much . As an assistant, she had already developed an ability of observing the situation . She knew that Xiao Luo was not being polite, and just really didn’t want her to take it .

“Here, Mr . Xiao . ”

She gestured with her hand, and then went on to the topic just now, “We lost Beibei when we were in River City . Luckily you saved Beibei, otherwise I didn’t know what to do . ”

“It’s not you who’s to blame, only the gangsters . ” Xiao Luo said .

“If I had fought bravely with those gangsters, maybe Beibei would not have been kidnapped . ” Luo Pingxiang remorsed .

Xiao Luo smiled but said nothing .

A little while later, he came to the front of a black commercial vehicle . Luo Pingxiang opened the door and asked him to get on . Then she sat in the driver seat and started the vehicle slowly . However, at this moment, a white van suddenly burst out from one side and blocked the front of the black commercial vehicle .

Luo Pingxiang let out a scream of fright and stepped on the brake .

The black commercial vehicle was forced to stop abruptly, and was nearly 10 centimeters away from hitting the white van .

“It’s the cattles . ”

“Cattle?” Xiao Luo was puzzled .

Luo Pingxiang explained, “They are crazy fans, also known as “stalker fans” in the circle . They have formed a business chain that specializes in tracking, peeping and secretly filming stars’ daily and undisclosed travel and work . They must have thought that the business car was Miss Su’s, so they forced us to stop . ”

As soon as she had finished speaking, four to five men ran down from the white van with cameras in their hands . They were shooting and taking pictures at the black commercial vehicle .

“Goddess Su, please let us have a look . ”

“We have been squatting at the airport for more than ten days, just to see you with our own eyes . ”

“I am a big fan of yours, Miss Su . Please get off the car and let us have a look . I always want to stand face to face with you . ”

A group of people beat against the window outside and shouted loudly .

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