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Chapter 312

Tan Ning Fu reported the situation, and another flight attendant also came up and solemnly warned the tall and thin young man not to harass them and affect their normal work . Therefore, the whole first-class passengers knew the situation, and everyone scoffed at it, expressing deep disdain for such behavior . One woman scolded, “It’s really a bad day in the world . A passenger on the plane wants to pick up hot chicks and think of themselves as Wu Yanzu!”

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The young man was embarrassed and thought to himself: Is there any sin in pursuing girls?

It was not long before he came across Xiao Luo and introduced himself freely .

“Dude, it’s fate to share the same plane . My name is Wang Yanzu, brother . Your name is …Why are you looking at me like that? My name is Wang Yanzu . I’ve been called this since childhood . If you don’t believe me, I’ll show you my ID card now . ”

When the young man said his name, the woman who rebuked him just now turned her head and casted a look of disdain and contempt . He immediately explained and took out his ID card . Any sharp-eyed person could see it clearly . Alas, this man was actually called Wang Yanzu .

One name amused everyone in the first class and it relaxed the atmosphere .

Wang Yanzu? !

Xiao Luo shook his head and chuckled, unknown and complete .

“This elder brother, what’s your name?” Wang Yanzu said .

“Xiao Luo . ”

Xiao Luo gave a lukewarm response, he didn’t want to say much to this guy, he just wanted to stay quiet .

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“This name is good, without losing its personality and connotation . It makes people feel very comfortable . The suit you are wearing is also very suitable for your body, and it looks elegant in personality . You dressed very tastefully . At first glance, you are not a common layman . You have a ruddy complexion and a bright face . At first glance, one will know that you are a person with a regular life, good maintenance and successful career . ” Wang Yanzu put up his thumb and talked a lot .

“Are you a salesman?” Xiao Luo lightly asked .

Wang Yanzu exclaimed with surprise, “Hey, how do you know?”

“If you can be eloquent at kowtowing, you can only be a salesman . ” Xiao Luo said straightforwardly .

Many passengers around heard this and couldn’t help laughing again .

Wang Yanzu seriously corrected Xiao Luo’s statement, “Brother, that’s not it . I call it praising others . Praising others is an art and is also a kind of cultivation, which cannot be described by flattery . ”

Xiao Luo stopped talking, this guy was very talkative, and he was very sure that this guy was definitely trying to sell his products .

Sure enough, Wang Yanzu’s next sentence was, “Brother, this is my business card . I sell insurance . It doesn’t matter if you buy it or not, we can be friends . But I have to say to you that there are three kinds of insurance in one’s life . The first is pension insurance as everyone gets old, this is certainly useful .

The second is health insurance, everyone will get sick, if not, it’s mostly because of accidents; There is also accident insurance to prevent people from running out of money, people without money, money without money, money with money, love without debt . ”

“I don’t need it!”

Xiao Luo very impolitely refused .

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Seeing that the customer’s resistance was high, Wang Yanzu put the topic aside for the time being, “Don’t worry, I just want to pass on the knowledge of insurance for you . I didn’t say you must buy it . By the way, brother, how about guessing a riddle?” Before Xiao Luo could reply, he simply said, “Men have long legs, like the name of a dessert with one or two characters . ”

Xiao Luo felt funny when he heard about jokes, Zhang Dashan was the granddaddy of jokes . Staying with Zhang Dashan for a long time, he naturally was exposed to a lot of it, such as now, the riddle Wang Yanzu said, was what Zhang Dashan had said before .

He said the answer to the riddle without thinking: “Cake!”

I hope this guy will stop when I answer the question .

“Yes, it turns out that my brother is also an old driver¹ . ” Wang Yanzu said in surprise .

[TN¹: old driver means someone who is experience]

“Why cake?” Next to them, a woman was very curious .

Wang Yanzu smiled with a wretched smile and explained, “Men’s eggs are very high when their legs are long, so they are called cakes . ”

Such a meaningful explanation instantly made the woman blush on half of her face . The first class was not very big, and the flight attendant Tan Ning Fu also heard it with a slight blush on her cheek .

Wang Yanzu was even more energetic when he was able to attract the attention of the girl he liked . He patted Xiao Luo on the shoulder, “Brother, since you know that a man’s leg length refers to cake, then you certainly know what a woman’s leg length refers to?”

“Lipstick, how simple . ” A male passenger answered loudly .

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Lipstick? Lips …?

Oh, my god!

Such connotation and pollution made all the female passengers who came back to their senses blushed with shame .

At that time, Wang Yanzu became the focus . Men had a train in their hearts . Once the train started, the whole world would run in a “dirty” way . Many men had joined these kinds of yellow jokes² .

[TN²: Yellow: a slang for pornographic or sexual . In this context, it means dirty jokes]

Xiao Luo went back to minding his own business . He put on headphones to listen to songs . He just put up a sign with three words: Do Not Disturb!

He would not contradict such jokes, but he would not talk to such a guy who he had just met for less than ten minutes .

At this moment, an old man got up and went to the bathroom . But he suddenly fell to the ground after taking a few steps . His wife immediately howled, “Somebody, somebody, help my husband!”

Hearing her cry, Tan Ning Fu left the flight attendant’s seat and ran . After a cursory examination of the old man who fainted on the ground, she immediately informed another flight attendant, “A guest has fainted!”

A little while later, the flight attendant and the safety officer arrived at the first class in a panic .

“What’s going on?” The chief flight attendant rushed at the old man’s wife and asked .

“I don’t know, I don’t know, please help my husband, please …” The old woman held the old man’s hand tightly and cried out to the people around her in tears .

The chief flight attendant made a quick decision and rushed to Tan Ning Fu and said, “Ask if there is a doctor on the plane . ”


Tan Ning fu went to the radio room and asked, “Is there a doctor? Is there a doctor on the plane? Please come to first class . An old man fainted . If there is a doctor on the plane, hurry to first class . ”

The radio rang several times in a row, but no one came .

“Isn’t there a doctor?”

The chief flight attendant, who was doing the simplest care, sighed heavily . She rushed to the security officer and said, “Contact headquarters to inform them of the situation regarding the elderly and request to land at the nearby airport . Go!”

A staff member left quickly and returned quickly, shaking his head . “The nearest airport is Xia Hai . It will take another hour and a half to arrive . The headquarters has contacted the airport in Xia Hai to get them ready to rescue the patient . ”

“Is it too late?”

The flight attendant looked at the old man with his eyes closed and a full face of pain . Her heart was jumping about in fear and trembling

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