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Chapter 297

Anyuanpo’s nostrils were turned upside down . She was on top of others . She was so proud of her own person that she despised Xiao Luo . Today, the main lesson was to teach Xiao Luo . By the way, she also clearly told everyone in Luo Village that their family was the largest and no one was allowed to bully them .

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“Uncle Chaofa, Luo Zi is not that kind of person . There must be some misunderstanding!” Xiao Ping ran up and stood on Xiao Luo’s side to speak for Xiao Luo .

Xiao Qiu, who was full of blood, immediately got angry and said, “Hey, you are so loyal because he lent you money, Xiao Ping, do you know that now you are like a dog?”

“Xiao Qiu, are you looking for a beating?”

Xiao Ping was furious and stared at Xiao Qiu with wide eyes .

Xiao Qiu retorted with a disdainful sneer .

“Did what I just said needs to be repeated? Xiao Ping, I know you have a good relationship with Xiao Luo, but you’d better stay away honestly, or I’ll beat you! ” Xiao Chaofa’s face was full of anger, staring at Xiao Ping and rampantly threatened .

“Pa Pa ~”

A burst of applause broke out, and at this time it was extremely ironic .

Xiao Luo clapped his hands and smiled thoughtfully, “Yes, the emotional language is in place and the performance is wonderful, excellent!”

Xiao Chaofa and his fellow brothers were slightly stunned, they didn’t know what tricks Xiao Luo had .

“What the fuck are you doing here? Believe it or not, I will chop you now! ” Xiao Dehong picked up his kitchen knife and pointed to Xiao Luo angrily .

Xiao Luo bowed and shook his head with a cold smile, the next second, his whole person turned into a black lightning that swept to the front of Xiao Dehong . He then fiercely kicked Xiao Dehong’s abdomen .

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“Poof ~”

A mouthful of thick blood from Xiao Dehong’s mouth spewed out, the power of the kick spread towards his whole body to the point that his body was bent into a “C” shape, like a bullet being discharged, flying six or seven meters away . Both his mouth and nose were spilling blood as he struggled for a moment before completely fainting, as if nothing happened, silence pervaded the air .

“Hiss …”

All the people present widened their eyes in horror and gasped for air . Who could have thought that Xiao Luo would have such a terrible skill? It was shocking and unbelievable . Even Ji Siying was deeply shocked by Xiao Luo’s instantaneous explosive force .

Xiao Chaofa’s groupgroup of people also suddenly changed expressions as they looked at each other .

After being slightly stunned, Anyuanpo threw away the pumpkin seeds in her hand and ran to Xiao Dehong regardless of everything . Her mouth kept calling out her son’s name: “Dehong, Dehong …”

“Whoosh ~”

Xiao Luo like a ghost, appeared in front of her .

“You … What are you doing? Get out of the way!”

Meeting Xiao Luo’s eyes, Anyuanpo shuddered, completely unlike her proud appearance before .

“Didn’t you just say I hit you?”

Xiao Luo’s face is that of frost, his right hand raised, then unceremoniously fanned it at Anyuanpo’s dark face .

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“Pa ~”

With a loud slap, Anyuanpo spun around before falling to the ground . A bloody tooth flew out at the same time .

The pain made her send out a shrill scream, her left face swelling at the speed visible to the naked eye . Blood poured out from her mouth, she looked at Xiao Luo horrified . In her eyes, Xiao Luo at this time was just like a devil .

“This time, I’ve hit you for real!”

Xiao Luo with indifference to her hubris, had a sneer hung on his mouth .

“Rabbit, this boss will kill you!!!”

Xiao Chaofa loved his wife very much . Seeing Anyuanpo fall to the ground by Xiao Luo’s slap, he became extremely furious . With a loud roar, Xiao Chaofa picked up a mountain stone with clear water caltrop that was used to build foundation from the ground, rushed up to Xiao Luo, and then smashed it down against the back of Xiao Luo’s head .

Xiao Luo wasn’t idle, he sent a punch back .

“Peng ~”

A fist and a stone collided, fierce strength like beasts churned . Accompanied by an explosive blast, the mountain stone weighing more than 10 kg completely split into rubble, fragments flew everywhere like stray bullets . To Xiao Chaofa’s surprise, Xiao Luo hit him in the face with a high kick .


Xiao Chaofa screamed on the ground, his mouth spitting blood .

The full-scale screams, these scenes that only appear in martial arts TV dramas, were actually performed in front of them, bringing visual shock that could not be described in words .

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Xiao Ping was stupefied .

Xiao Qiu was horrified and couldn’t believe that Xiao Luo who had a weak body would turn out to be like this .

Xiao Chaolai and their group of people, after seeing Xiao Luo’s abnormal skill, froze . At this time, they did not dare to rush up .

“What, scared?”

Xiao Luo turned his head and scanned them with a sneer .

“Xiao Luo, you … you don’t dare, you’re too cruel!” Xiao Chaolai anxiously shouted .

“I was cruel?”

Xiao Luo couldn’t help laughing, “What you brothers have done is obvious to all in the village, who is cruel to everyone in the mind of the people is clear, come on, continue . Won’t you guys teach me a lesson? Don’t you want me to kneel on the ground and apologize to you? Then why are you shivering right now? Where is that power and courage? ”

Xiao Chaolai and his group of people really couldn’t help shivering, feeling a shortness of breath . They never thought Xiao Luo’s strength to be so strong, he was like a monster that made them deeply afraid .

“If you don’t come, then I will!”

Xiao Luo had a cruel smile, his eyes suddenly constricted . He rushed at them with an evil sneer, he turned into a cheetah and leaped up . He rampaged, immediately there were three people screaming their lungs out . They felt their insides move, and followed with Xiao Chaofa spewing a mouthful of blood .

One of them reacted, he raised the wooden stick in his hand and threw it at Xiao Luo .

But Xiao Luo’s fist broke the stick with a sweeping force, and then a strong bombardment hit the other’s chest . Another one fell down and vomited blood .

The last two were cut down with hand knives that struck on their necks, they then immediately fainted .

Only one Xiao Chaolai left . Xiao Luo came to him like a gust of wind and stared at him coldly .

“It’s your turn!”

His cold words devoid of any emotion, it was like it came from the nine deep and remote hell .

Xiao Chaolai broke out in a cold sweat, kneeling on the ground like a pool of soft mud . He was so frightened that he pissed himself, his crotch was filled with the smell of urine .

“No … no, I … I was wrong, Xiao Luo, I know I was wrong …” Xiao Chaolai looked pale and scared .

“You know you’re wrong? Where are you wrong exactly?”

Xiao Luo coldly asked, his rage was at its strongest at this time, Xiao Chaolai felt like he was facing a bloodthirsty devil .

“I shouldn’t have asked Anyuanpo to frame you for slapping her, and shouldn’t have urged our five brothers to deal with you . I deserve it . ”

Xiao Chaolai kept slapping himself and said in horror, “There is also … there is also me cheating with my brother’s woman!”

The fear of Xiao Luo made him lose his reason, he spilled out all the dirty things he had done .

All the people present gaped and looked at Anyuanpo . Their mind suddenly realized that it was no wonder that the two were often together and they would often go to the mountain to cut firewood . It turned out that the two had this relationship!

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