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Chapter 282

Xiao Chaolai’s words were like a sharp dagger, plunged deep into the hearts of his grandparents .

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Because Xiao Zhiyuan went home to start a business and set up a farm, a lot of money was thrown into the farm . Over the past few years, the family had been living a very miserable life . Not only Xiao Zhiyuan, but also his grandparents had been enduring the cynicism of the people around them . In Luo Village, Xiao Chaolai was one of the representative figures . From time to time, he would say a few words to spit on Xiao Zhiyuan in his two old ears .

“Xiao Chaolai, you … you …”

Grandma was so angry that she picked up a broom and was about to drive people away . “Get out of here, all of you . Don’t stay at our door!”

Anyuanpo looked slightly alarmed and stepped back for fear of being hit by grandma’s broom .

Xiao Chaolai immediately widened his eyes and shouted with a ferocious face: “You old hag, dare to touch me, I’ll dig a pit and bury you alive!”

His words just fell when a big hand stretched toward him without warning . It grabbed him by the collar, and a powerful force generated from its five fingers . Xiao Chaolai only felt his feet lifted off the ground . His collar was gripped and there was pressure around his neck . A strong sense of suffocation instantly filled his brain .

Xiao Chaolai was stunned, staring with big eyes at the present Xiao Luo . He couldn’t believe Xiao Luo’s strength would be so great, incredible, he could lift him with one hand .

The other people present were also shocked, they really didn’t expect Xiao Lou’s strength to be so massive .

Xiao Luo looked indifferent and said coldly, “Uncle Chao, let’s call you uncle for the moment . I just said, whoever bullies my grandparents will roll as far as possible . Why did you take my words for nothing?”

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Meeting Xiao Lou’s eyes, Xiao ChaoLai’s whole body felt cold . They were like the breath of an angry beast full of dangerous aura . He knew of this, since when he was still young he would often go up the mountain to play and hunt . He knew they were very similar to a wolf’s eyes, they could see through one’s soul . He couldn’t be wrong!

Xiao Luo’s eyes narrowed slightly, and a mocking smile hung on his mouth: “It doesn’t matter what you say about me . I’ve never smiled at you either behind or in front of me . But my family, my grandparents, I won’t allow any of you to humiliate them . This is a small punishment . If there is another time, I’ll scrap your leg!”

It was said in a light tone, but it was filled with chills .

After saying this, Xiao Chaolai was thrown out without any resistance . He fell heavily on the paddy field in front and “Hua” became a drowned rat, covered with mud .

“Gu Dong ~”

Everyone couldn’t help swallowing a mouthful of saliva . In addition to being awed by Xiao Luo’s strength, they were also shocked by the malicious meaning he showed . They only found out now that they didn’t know anything about the child they took care of had grown up .

When Xiao Luo’s eyes turned towards her, Anyuanpo’s body trembled and said in panic: “Little bastard, what are you … what are you doing?”

Xiao Luo didn’t say a word, he just walked towards her step by step, he was as cold as frost, coldness scattered within his pair of eyes .

He’s killed a lot of people so when the rage broke out, this anger, Anyuanpo was an ordinary rural woman, how could she withstand such a powerful energy and oppression? Her legs immediately felt soft as she fell on the ground .

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Xiao Luo walked up to her and looked at her from a high position, “Can you leave now?”

It looked like a request, but his tone was not to be disobeyed .

Anyuanpo was in cold sweat as she rolled and crawled away from Xiao Luo’s family area .

Xiao Luo looked at her thoughtfully and said, “I have to call you aunt according to seniority . In fact, that’s what I have called you . I have always respected you . But calling me ‘little bastard’ left and right, you think I owe you? Or is it because my father runs a farm so I deserve to be teased and scolded by you for not having a rich family? ”

“I …”

Anyuanpo was speechless and did not know what to say to refute him .

“Women who raised their voice loudly to swear, that kind of behavior is like a b*tch . It will only damage your image in everyone’s mind . It is good for you to listen to my advice and practice silent Zen! ” Xiao Luo said with a smile .

Then, facing all the people, he said without delay: “Uncles and Aunties are all Xiao family members . Harmony is the most important thing . With less sarcasm and more sincerity, I still respect you, and my family still welcomes you!”

The faces of those who were neutral and watching the bustling scene could not help but feel a burning heat . Xiao Luo called them unfriendly in front of their families by laying down the law .

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Xiao Luo didn’t say much, he turned his head and smiled gently: “Grandma, I’m hungry . ”

Grandma quickly put down her broom and gave a kind smile: “Well, I’ll cook and make your favorite vegetable taro paste . ”

Xiao Luo nodded: “Hm . ”

“Xiao Luo, you have grown up!”

Grandpa approvingly patted Xiao Luo on the shoulder and followed grandma into the house to help cook lunch .

Xiao Luo didn’t want to continue to stay outside, he turned and headed for the house .

“Xiao Luo, if you don’t apologize to me and compensate me a few hundred dollars, I tell you, Chao Fa will soon come back to celebrate the New Year, by then you will cry . ” Xiao Chaolai had already got up from the paddy field, and his whole body was muddy and wet . He couldn’t bear this tone and made vicious remarks toward Xiao Luo .

Hearing this, Xiao Luo stopped, turned around and laughed playfully: “If I remember correctly, you have five brothers . ” Pointing to Xiao Chaolai and An Yuanpo, he continued, “There are so many people, which is why you are so confident when preaching to others, that you are not afraid of anything?”


Xiao ChaoLai lightly hummed, he proudly raised his head .

This was indeed the case . The five brothers, together with their respective sons, made a large group of people . No one in Luo Village had more males than their family .

Although they did not fight to teach people in the same village, there was a history of them going to other villages to teach people . The reason was that the daughter-in-law of one of the brothers insisted on a divorce . The five brothers went to his daughter-in-law’s family’s home to make trouble and beat his daughter-in-law’s family . It was said that the daughter-in-law’s brother was hung up and beaten by them .

It was precisely because of these glorious deeds that dignity has been erected in Luo Village . Few people in the village would dare to disobey their wishes .

For example, when the villagers came back from Jiang City to ask for God’s protection, the stone was directly carried back to the front of their own house by the five brothers and became their private property . The villagers only dared to complain privately, but no one came forward to say that this was unreasonable .

How could public property be privatized when everyone else contributed?

However, the five brothers dared to do so . Xiao Chaolai used to make wild remarks when he had too much to drink, saying that the big stone was an heirloom of their family . Whoever dared to criticize would be beaten .

“Uncle Chao, I must remind you that in a society governed by law, no one with a large fist and a large number of people can dominate the world . Everything must be done in a reasonable way . ” Xiao Luo remarked with a laugh .

If he was not a member of the same family, he would’ve been too lazy to waste his breath .

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