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Chapter 27

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"If you are right, money must be the root of all evil!"

"'Wan' does not mean' everything' . If you don't understand it, you should read Cihai . "

"Xiao Luo, it's up to you to refute this time . "

The female students who had a good relationship with Huang Ruoran booed and applauded warmly, expressing their support for Huang Ruoran and hostility to Xiao Luo .

Huang Ruoran quietly looked at Xiao Luo, eyes full of hostility .

Xiao Luo looked at her and chuckled, "An apple, no matter how it is cut, can only be an apple . Huang Ruoran seems to have listed many "evils", but in fact there is only one kind, that is, greed for money . And "all evil" is only one kind of greed for money? The answer is obviously no .

You also said that "ten thousand" is not called "everything" and is not "all" . then I want to ask, today you said "I must not had agreed with your position" . Does it mean that you disagree most of the time, but occasionally you can agree? The answer, of course, is no, so the word "ten thousand" here means "everything" . "

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Xiao-fei Zhu couldn't help but scold a dirty word, because Xiao Luo's retort is too powerful, letting a person be convinced to Huang Ruoran's statement cannot be done, if comparing Huang Ruoran's statement, if hers is stormy, then now Xiao Luo's response is waves, the whole world is under the power of these two languages turmoil .

The others pricked up their ears, and they found out that not only Huang Ruoran's eloquence and English ability were strong, but also Xiao Luo's was not bad .

Xiao Luo still maintained a little smile on his face and continued: "Money cannot comprehensively cover all the evil in the world . According to anthropological research, the forms of evil are mainly divided into four categories, and three of them have nothing to do with money . The other category is greed for money .

Now I will not talk about greed for money . I will talk about the extreme evil of faith . In 1995, a poisonous gas incident occurred in a subway station in Tokyo, killing 12 people and sending more than 5,000 people to hospital for treatment . Also, during the Crusades, not only adults were victimized, but many innocent, unarmed women and children hid in churches and were burned alive .

This kind of case with the most casualties and bleeding and the most dead is not in the so-called "all evil"? If it is in "all evil", what does it have to do with money?

Wu Sangui let the Qing soldiers enter the customs . He wanted Chen Yuan, not US dollars . Some time ago, it was said on the news that there was an infatuated Han who split his girlfriend into 13 parts because of her new love . Is this evil caused by his inner hatred, or is it because his girlfriend did not give him a break-up fee?

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All kinds of examples can show that money is not the cause of all evil, so I think money is not the source of all evil, at least it has nothing to do with many evil! "

The whole class took a deep breath . The rebuttal was so powerful that it directly hit Huang Ruoran's point of view .

A bit of surprise sprang up in the eyes of Zhong Meili's teacher . His class had not been so lively for many years . The new student Xiao Luo not only pushed his class to an unprecedented climax, but also excited him as a teacher . He never thought that a topic he had thrown out could actually trigger such a fierce verbal duel .

Huang Ruoran spoke at this moment and confronted Xiao Luos question: "The first question you mentioned is essentially a question of evil and religion . The poison gas incident in Tokyo subway station was masterminded by Shoko Asahara . He is the founder of Aum Shinrikyo . One of his hair is sold to his followers for 30,000 yen and a cup of bath water for 50,000 yen . What is he thinking about, or is it for money?

If Wu Sangui is really for the sake of Chen Yuan, he has become the king of Yunnan after the Qing army entered the customs, and Chen Yuan has already got it, then why does he still want to be a high-ranking official? Why does he not relax in his heart and become an emperor? Or is it for the money?

The Chinese people say that the hatred of killing one's father and taking away one's wife is hatred, but now some people have no money that they sell their wives and sell their father, isn't it hatred? The greatest hatred is caused by money .

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You said just now that "absolutely not" means "everything" . Then you are mistaken . The word "ten thousand" of "absolutely not" is an adverb, while the word "ten thousand" of "the source of all evil" that we said today is an adjective . if you compare adverbs with adjectives, is this irrelevant?

Balzac once said: Money permeates our society everywhere . It controls the law, the politics, the economy and the morality . When everything we have is controlled by money, where will we go?

Therefore, I still hold the view that money is the root of all evil . "

The whole classroom fell into silence once again . There was no smoke here, but it was even more fierce than the battlefield, with no blood .

Everyone held their breath and was deeply shocked by the confrontation between Huang Ruoran and Xiao Luo . They spoke in good faith and faced each other's statements . They quoted foreign cases, famous quotes and such knowledge level made them deeply moved . The figures of Huang Ruoran and Xiao Luo were like two mountains standing in front of them at the moment .

Xiao Luo smiled and said indifferently: "'Wan' is not only an adverb, but also an adjective . What does it mean to be safe? What is gravity, the spirit of all things? Do these "tens of thousands" not refer to all but to exceptions?

"Ci Hai" is indeed very authoritative, but is it a bit out of context and digressive to read only the word "Wan" and not the four words "the source of all evil"? Also, we ask ourselves, is it true that human beings have no evil nature and are all induced by money? Where does one's own greed and beast come from?

If money is the source of all evil, then before money was invented, why was this beast and greed suddenly not called evil? Therefore, whether the greed and evil thoughts in human heart are the source of all evil or money is the source of all evil, does this need me to continue to explain? "

A narrative, impact on the soul of all people .

This is undoubtedly a fatal blow . Yes, before money came into being, was there no evil? {1}

Can't explain, can't refute, this is completely a dead game!

Huang Ruoran could not say words at the moment . Even she could not refute Xiao Luo's statement at the moment . She only clenched her teeth and looked at Xiao Luo unwilling .

It is now clear who will lose and who will win!

The crowd was really persuaded by Xiao Luo, especially the final statement, which was simply destructive and crushing .

The girl who used to speak sarcastically at Xiao Luo couldn't say a word . Xiao Luo's ability to organize speech, argue and speak English were first-class, so excellent that they even laughed at people's carelessness . They didn't know how many pounds and taels they had . now they suddenly realized that they had played the role of buffoon!

They can't help but feel hot face, all dare not look up and look straight into the eyes of Xiao Luo .

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