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Chapter 268

Xiao Luo said with a faint smile on his face . If he knew earlier that this party would be so boring he wouldn’t have come . He was hoping to see the past, even a little bit, the kind of pure classmate friendship . But instead, it was full of some show off work and boyfriend, flattery, and even ignorant self-righteousness .

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To tell the truth, the reason why he would stay was because they were his old classmates . He couldn’t just walk away, he wouldn’t disregard everyone’s face .


“What’s the crime, Xiao Luo, you must sing, must sing, this is a competition, let’s be serious!” Hu’s mood was the most excited .


Everyone had more than 60 points, he was the only one who had less than 60 points, by 11 points in fact . His face was thrown to grandma’s house . He seldom sang in college, so he guessed that Xiao Luo was also tone deaf . Once the score came out, his 11 points might not be the lowest . Even if Xiao Luo’s score was a little higher than his, it wouldn’t matter, at least he won’t the only one who sang such a low score .


“That’s right, Xiao Luo . Speaking of which, it seems that I haven’t heard you sing yet . Now that you have a chance, you must not flinch . ” Tang Wantian put down her cell phone and looked up at Xiao Luo .


“Sing a song and feel more alive . ”


“Show when you should . Seriously, Xiao Luo, you have to change your character . ”


“All the students present were classmates . Even if they didn’t sing well, everyone would be very happy . They wouldn’t really laugh at you . Why don’t you look at somebody else like Ah shui, he sang and cried?”


They also followed suit, they advised .


Hu’s face was black and he looked at the girl who said he was singing and crying . He also showed the bitter melon face . Of course, everyone chose to ignore .


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“Since he doesn’t want to sing, let’s forget it . Why do we have to act tough!”


Qin Guiyue said with a strange expression, sarcastically, “It is ironic to have a good-looking skin . But have the singing level as Ah Shui . ”


Zhao Mengqi pulled Qin Guiyue’s arm and whispered, “Guiyue, can you stop targeting him?”


She was already very guilty to attend the party . Her main purpose was to meet Xiao Luo, the man who once belonged to her, but did not dare to have any more hope . She was also very sure that the little girl named Beibei was not Xiao Lou’s daughter, it must have been a misunderstanding .


“I didn’t target him, I’m telling the truth . He is really handsome . If his singing is like crying, it will naturally affect his handsome image . I didn’t mean to criticize him with this sentence . ” Qin Guiyue argued with her hands crossed on her chest .


“I could do you, can’t I?”


Zhang Dashan directly broke a foul language .


“Zhang Dashan, what did you say?” Qin Guiyue’s face changed color immediately .


“I said I want to do you . This is not a criticism, but a compliment to you . Praising you for your beautiful appearance, otherwise how could I want to do you?” Zhang Dashan’s eyes provoked .


“You …”


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Qin Guiyue’s face turned red and her chest heaved with anger .


Xiao Luo stood up at this moment, patted Zhang Dashan on the shoulder and said earnestly, “Dashan, don’t insult the female students in the class . If you are really that thirsty, you can spend some money to go to the nightclub and take any one back to roll the sheets . ”


Damn, this …


People were startled . Originally they thought Xiao Luo stood up to blame Zhang Dashan, but who would’ve expected even without having a single dirty word, he directly scolded Qin Guiyue by lumping her with prostitutes, too harsh .


Before Qin Guiyue broke out, Xiao Luo walked up to the male classmate sitting in front of the song selector and said, “Help me choose the song ugly, thank you!”




Pssssssshh, this was another hit, another one for Qin Guiyue!


They couldn’t believe their eyes . Was this still Xiao Luo? Was this still the silent Xiao Luo who worked in the university?


Only Zhao Mengqi knew that Xiao Luo was still Xiao Luo . If others bullied him once or twice . He could bear it because of their schoolmate’s friendship, but would he bear it three times or four times more? Why should he bear it to begin with?


Qin Guiyue gnashing her teeth, hated Xiao Luo and Zhang Dashan that her teeth ached .


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“… as long as you are hypocritical enough, you are not afraid of the devil … if the script is written well, who is nobler than who …”


As soon as Xiao Luo started singing, the wonderful song was just like inculcation, and also like a simple talk . It reached people’s hearts, and then it was sung out of their hearts and filled the whole room . Sometimes it was moving, singing softly like gurgling water, with unique charm and sometimes poignant beauty . It sounded like ling ling¹ with bamboo leaves, which was intriguing .


This was a voice that could touch the soul!


Tang Wantian stopped, stared at Xiao Luo and listened to his singing carefully .


“Is this the original song?”


A boy raised his doubts in a low voice, but he shut up automatically when he saw the accompanying singing status on the system screen .


This song was very popular . Everyone could hear it whether it was sung originally or accompanied . Who would have thought that Xiao Luo’s singing skills were so superb that it was absolutely extraordinary and amazing .


“What the h*ll!”


Hu’s face was ashen and bloodless . Judging from this, he could not escape from being on the bottom . He was extremely ashamed of his 11 points .


“Daddy, Beibei will sing too!”


At this time, the little girl jumped down from the sofa, holding Xiao Luo’s thigh and strongly begged .


Xiao Luo smiled and saw her interest was so high that he gave her a chance, he squatted down and handed the microphone to her mouth .


“Ugly monster can not turn on the light, I want love, haunt the dark stage . In this ambiguous era, I am not surprised to exist . ”


It happened to be the climax . Although the little girl was only three or four years old, she was very good at singing . The immature child’s voice had a special flavor when singing this song, just like an Oriole coming out of the valley . It was pleasing to the ear, making people sigh .


Xiao Luo was also surprised . He didn’t think the little girl could sing so well, and the lyrics were not wrong either . Just now, she said she could sing nursery rhymes . Was this song a nursery rhyme?


He touched the little girl’s head to show his affirmation and reward .


One big and one small sing together, singing this song to a new level . It made people feel the emotion, it made people feel like their ears would get pregnant .


Until the end of the song, everyone did not return to absolute being from this wonderful moving song . It was really too good to listen, especially the voice of an adult colliding with the voice of the little girl, which produced the kind of up and down timbre that impacted the souls of all people .


“Congratulations, your singing score this time is: 100!”


The high-pitched woman’s tone of the singing system rang out from the stereo, and then the number “100” appeared on the huge screen . The whole screen was permeated with the atmosphere of congratulations, setting off firecrackers and fireworks . At the same time, the disco ball lamp flashed violently, the whole room became colorful, and the system was equipped with thunderous applause and cheers .

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