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Chapter 267

Qin Guiyue scored 98 points, which could basically be said to be first place, but at least there was still second and third place . Everyone’s singing enthusiasm was still very high .

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Some sang love songs, some sang inspirational songs, and some sang mixed songs of men and women …

Zhang Dashan was more realistic and chose “Brother Hug” . His voice was straightforward and it was appropriate to sing this song .

“Brother, give me a hug and tell me what you are really saying . Tell me all about your grievances and vicissitudes of life over the years . Brother, give me a hug and you can shed tears . Let’s shed all the bitterness that have been deeply buried over the years . ”

When this song was sung, all the boys present had an inexplicable feeling recalling their youth; the frivolous, and the dared to love and hate . However, the years have spared no one . Everyone’s water caltrop would gradually be worn down by society . As it said in “A Chinese Odyssey”, ‘they live more and more like a dog . ’

Xiao Luo’s mood was quite different, shaking his head and muttering to himself: “This song is almost rotten!”

Every time he would go to KTV, this song was a must for Zhang Dashan . Sometimes he would sing it twice . Xiao Luo was tired of listening to it . Now that he heard it again, even if Zhang Dashan could sing well, he thought it was noisy . However, compared with Hu’s singing, this sound was like the sound of nature .

The little girl sat beside him very obediently, with her two little snow-white hands on his lap, and a pair of big eyes looking at the KTV screen earnestly . She seemed very interested in the MV content on the screen .

“Little girl, can you sing?” Xiao Luo jokingly asked her .

The little girl nodded and said as if taking credit: “Beibei can sing nursery rhymes taught by her mother . ”

Xiao Luo intimately touched her head, he did not speak again .

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At this time, Zhang Dashan finished singing and the system scored 96 points .

The sh*t!

All the people present could not sit still . Qin Guiyue was able to sing 98 points . They were not surprised by that at all . After all, she was the lead singer of the band when she was in college . However, Zhang Dashan never showed musical talent when he was in college . How could he have sung such an outrageous high score?

“Show, ha, ha, ha …”

Zhang Dashan’s mouth was modest, but in fact he was laughing and smiling .

“There is definitely a problem with this scoring system . Even you can sing 96 points . Why am I only 11 points? Can’t I sing the high notes?” Hu was on fire, he had always thought that Zhang Dashan was like him, a singing ugly thief . But this score came out, his heart was unbalanced to the extreme .

Zhang Dashan patted him on the shoulder and said, “That’s because I, your brother, sings well . ”

Hu gave him a dirty look and then said to Guo Qinghe, “Monitor, I want to sing again!”

“Sing your sister . It is enough to hear you sing once, we don’t need a second time . I might as well kill myself if you do . ”

“Just now, my earwax was almost shaken out . Ah Shui, don’t sing any more . ”

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“If you dare sing again, you will be dragged out to play * * * to death!”

All the people objected . At first, they only listened to Hu’s song looking for fun . If they listened to him sing another song, they felt they would vomit .

Guo Qinghe endured the smile and earnestly urged, “Ah Shui, everyone has only one chance . Now that the score has come out, then accept the score calmly . Don’t feel embarrassed . Everyone won’t laugh at you . ”

As a result, as soon as this remark was made, everyone burst out laughing .

Hu assumed his trademark grievance expression; frowning, pouting and dead fish eyes, making the laughter in the room more intense .

Tang Wantian has been using her cell phone to communicate with her colleagues about the investigation progress of “3,000 waterinfo” . However, she has not been missing out . She has chosen a song of Phoenix Legend, and her score was also quite high, with 92 points, which had everyone praising her .

Guo Qinghe’s chosen song was inspirational .

“Nothing can stop you, your yearning for freedom, your unconstrained life, your heart has no care …”

His voice was soft and warm, full of magnetism, which made people’s feelings surged and excited beyond words .

Although the score was only 86 points, it won unanimous praise and favorable comments from all .

“The score is not important, the monitor sings very well . ”

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“Yes, yes, at first glance, he has experienced many things, otherwise he cannot sing the feeling of vicissitudes . ”

“Come on, let’s clap for the monitor!”

Applause and cheers .

Xiao Luo frowned, struggling in the society for three years, everyone’s mood was very different . Although it was a simple singing competition, flattery could also happen . The once pure friendship between classmates no longer existed .

Guo Qinghe shook his head and sighed, “I can’t sing well . By the way, who else didn’t sing?”

Everyone looked at each other, and shook their heads, obviously everyone has sung .

“Lao Xiao hasn’t sung yet . ” Zhang Dashan voiced .

As soon as this was said, they realized that Xiao Luo indeed has not sung .

“Xiao Luo, when you were in college, you didn’t have much sense of being . It’s been three years . Why are you still like this?”

“Yes, people have to learn to change . It’s too low-key . People can’t find your talent . It’s no good . ”

“Xiao Luo, although the old saying goes ‘start a family and then start a career’, for the present society, home is a burden . It will tie your feet and make you afraid to advance . Among our college students, you should be the only one who has a child . Having a child is more stressful than it is difficult to go to work . ”

Everyone was preaching .

“What are you on about? Now we are talking about singing . ” Zhang Dashan gave the crowd a white look .

“What we are talking about is singing . Xiao Luo is really too ignorant of the world . He always looks like he sees through the world of mortals . He is out of step with the society and has no sense of existence . If you hadn’t mentioned it just now, I would have forgotten that he came to the party . ” A girl said .

Qin Guiyue put her hands around her waist and said coldly, “He cheated and played with Mengqi’s feelings . If I were afraid to come to this party, how could I still dare to talk and find a sense of being?”

Hearing this, although they were not like Qin Guiyue but they also felt that it made sense . This could explain why Xiao Luo was so silent . Obviously, it was to deliberately reduce his sense of existence .

“Ahem … what are you on again?!”

Guo Qinghe gave a dry cough and quickly turned the conversation away . “Xiao Luo, do you want to sing?”

Xiao Luo smiled, “Monitor, I abstain . ”

“You abstain?” Guo Qinghe frowned .

“Yes, if you can’t sing well, you shouldn’t let everyone’s ears suffer . ” Xiao Luo nodded .

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