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Chapter 260

At this moment the square-faced man was looking at Xiao Luo in horror . Who would have thought that he would encounter such a malicious stubble? As the old saying goes, ‘one should not be too arrogant . ’ One should not always feel that one’s fist was hard and use it to bully others at will, because one day one would encounter a guy whose fist was harder than one’s own .

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At that time, Zhang Dashan also got out of the car .

Picking up a steel bar from the ground, he rushed at the square-faced man on the ground and shouted, “Damn, you want to smash my car . I’ll smash your car first!”

Saying so, he walked to the front of the four men’s van, raised the bar and smashed it against the windshield .

“Pa Cha ~”

The strong windshield immediately splashed with cracked glass under the impact of the steel bar, and a hole appeared . The dense cracks started at the hole and emanated outward from the central point of impact .

Zhang Dashan’s anger was overwhelming . He smashed the windshield with his second and third strike, strike after strike . The whole van also sent out sharp shrieks, as if it were a living creature being beaten and abused .

“Bastard stop, if you dare to hit again, I’ll kill your family!!”

People say that a car was a man’s face, when he saw Zhang Dashan smashing his car, his eyes turned latosolic red as he shouted loudly . His angry face was full of blood, looking ferocious .

But his voice fell quiet when Xiao Luo walked up to him, and his right foot raised, he then brazenly stepped down on the man’s left hand .

“crack ~ crack ~”

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The sound of a broken bone seeping through the human body was heard . Five fingers and the entire left hand were all destroyed . The broken bone spur broke the flesh and blood flowed gurgly out .

A shrill scream came from the square faced man, his facial features were extremely distorted .

He raised his head and looked at Xiao Luo with heightened fear . The other three were also coughing uncontrollably . Before, they felt that they were fierce enough, but in front of this person whose viciousness let them sincerely feel a deep sense of fear .

Xiao Luo didn’t say a word, he just lightly smiled at the square face man and motioned for him to be honest, otherwise there would be more severe pain to meet him .

Did the square face man still dare not be honest? In his eyes now, Xiao Luo was like a devil .

“Lao Xiao, there is a situation, you come here quickly!”

Zhang Dashan suddenly stopped, turned towards Xiao Luo and called out .

Hearing this, the facial expression of the four men suddenly changed and their eyes trembled as if something shady had been discovered .

Xiao Luo’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled as he walked over .

At the moment, Zhang Dashan was looking at the back seat of the van and found a sack, which was moving, as if some living creature was bound inside it . At the same time, there were low moans .

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“What do you think is inside?” Zhang Dashan looked dignified .

“Open it and have a look . ”

Xiao Luo pushed open the door of the van, stretched out his hand to open the sack .

Zhang Dashan got a fright and stopped him . “Don’t be so impulsive, Lao Xiao . If there is a bag of poisonous snakes in it, wouldn’t you be kissed by snakes when you open it?”

“Do you think it might be snakes?”

Xiao Luo gave him a look, the outline of the sack was propped up obviously it won’t be a snake or any small animal .

“Even if it’s not a snake, what if it’s a beast? The four of them are not good people to begin with . It’s not impossible for them to sell beasts . It’s always right to be careful anyway . Don’t capsize in the gutter . ” Zhang Dashan was still not at ease . He was very afraid of the unknown .

“If you’re afraid, go away . ”

Xiao Luo really couldn’t stand it, was opening a sack that dangerous? Unlike Dashan, for him, not as much caution was needed .

He stretched out his hand directly to untie the rope to the sack opening . Both he and Zhang Dashan were dumbfounded, their eyes wide open, and both were shocked .

Inside the sack was not poisonous snakes nor a beast, but a pretty and lovely little girl .

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Her age was about three or four years old, with a pair of bright eyes; clear and shimmering like stars . Black and soft hair, like a waterfall, with cute bangs . A small immaculate nose, with a white face and long eyelashes . She was like a carved jade, like a little fairy .

Just that this little fairy’s hand was tied up and her mouth was stuffed with white cloth . She looked at Xiao Luo and Zhang Dashan with horror . However, after seeing Xiao Lou’s face clearly, the look of horror seemed to disperse at once .

“Motherf*cker, these four punks actually kidnapped the little girl!” Zhang Dashan’s face was full of anger .

Although he never felt that he was a good man, he could still remember the girl who was controlled by the Dragon gang to beg . Xiao Luo found it difficult to control the anger in his body . Now, this little girl was undoubtedly kidnapped . If the two cars didn’t meet, the little girl would surely be put in a bottomless abyss .

He didn’t speak, he just stretched out his hand to untie the rope that bound the little girl, and then took the white cloth out of her mouth .


After the little girl got her freedom, she immediately jumped up, hugged his neck and buried her head into his chest like a cat begging for favor from its owner .


At that time, Xiao Luo was stunned, confused .

Zhang Dashan immediately said, “Little girl, you must have mistaken him for someone else . This is not your father . ”

It was not like he didn’t know his brother Lao Xiao . How could he have a daughter? Not to mention a wife, he didn’t even have a girlfriend .

The little girl looked up at him timidly, she did not speak, though she was still clinging to Xiao Luo, it was as if she let go, Xiao Luo would disappear .

Xiao Luo only thought that the little girl was too frightened, thus she behaved in an abnormal manner .

He took her out of the van, while the little girl held him tightly like an octopus . She said happily with a bulging mouth: “Beibei finally found you, dad . Mom didn’t cheat me . Dad was indeed in this city . ”

Xiao Luo smiled at her and then said to Zhang Dashan, “Call the police and let the police handle it!”

Zhang Dashan thought it made sense to call too, They had only saved a kidnapped little girl by coincidence . They couldn’t just be responsible for it in a muddle-headed way . Besides, they had a party and had no time to be responsible .

After being questioned, the four men explained the reason for the incident . They did not only kidnap, but were also trafficking . The four men were selling children . The little girl, who claimed to be Beibei, looked like a fairy and would naturally fetch a good price . So when they found the opportunity, they immediately pushed the little girl’s parents away and put the little girl into a sack and forced her onto the car .

“Two eldest brothers, we are wrong, I apologize to you, please … Please let us go …”

The square-faced man, who lost his previous arrogance, lowered his face, he endured the pain and cried out, “If the police come, we will be finished… Please…”

“Let you go? Dream on, scums like you guys should be sentenced to death!” Zhang Dashan outright stated, the movie “Orphaned” had a great impact on him, he hated traffickers .

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