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Chapter 259

Time passed by quickly, and it was time for the party .

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Zhang Dashan was very concerned about his image . He put on a formal suit and put hair wax on his hair to set it . Then he sprayed some perfume on his armpit . He turned around and put on a pose and said to Xiao Luo, “Lao Xiao, look at me . What do you think?”

Saying so, his two eyebrows raised .

“One word to describe . ”

“Handsome, right? As I said, I am still very handsome even if I only dress up a little . ” Zhang Dashan burst out laughing .

Xiao Luo shook his head in denial .

“Then cool?”

“No, it’s healthy!” Xiao Luo said in a very sure way .

Zhang Dashan’s face changed on the spot, frowning and shouting, “Healthy your sister, believe it or not, I’m sh*tting you!”

Xiao Luo indifferently shrugged and turned to put on his shoes, compared with Zhang Dashan, he is much more simple and casual . River city’s weather was not too cold, wearing a black sweater was enough .



Zhang Dashan was different from Xiao Luo in character . He liked to show off . With a Land Rover, he was anxious to let all the people know . Let’s not mention how happy he was, fantasizing about everyone’s praise, he was humming a ditty and had gone out first .

Xiao Luo was accustomed to Dashan’s style anyway…

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“A good car is cool to drive . This feeling, this speed, is simply amazing!”

Zhang Dashan drove the car, steering the wheel like a woman’s skin, immersed in a dream that he did not know was possible . “Lao Xiao, since the headquarters is under my care, I have to buy a house to live here next year . With our wealth, we could have long ago stopped living in such a miserable place as Gongcun . ”

“Don’t be too full of yourself, you have to keep your heart . ” Xiao Luo lifted his face and scolded .

“As a boss, is it too much for me to buy a house? It is not too much at all . You can’t just let the donkey run, and not feed it . ” Zhang Dashan argued .

Xiao Luo couldn’t help laughing: “You’ve compared yourself to a donkey? Well, that’s a good analogy . ”

“Good your sister, can you be serious? I’m serious with you . ” Zhang Dashan was furious .

“You decide for yourself, don’t need my permission . ” Xiao Luo, to his brother, has always been generous .

“I didn’t say I wanted your permission, but I just reported to you . ” Zhang Dashan dug his nostrils and dismissed it .

Xiao Luo was speechless .

Suddenly, a van jumped out of a nearby alley at extremely fast speed .

“What the f*ck?!”

Zhang Dashan was shocked and slammed on the brakes .

The van sped past the front of his Land Rover . The nearest distance between the two cars was no more than 10cm . It almost made contact .

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Zhang Dashan put down the window glass and hurled insults at the van: “Can you even drive? Don’t you even know how to slow down at the intersection?”

This was his newly bought Land Rover, just like a new daughter-in-law . It was very precious . If it got a scratch, his heart would bleed .

The men on the van apparently heard Zhang Dashan’s scolding . A sharp brake sounded and the van stopped at the side of the road . Then the door opened, and four big strong muscular men got down with steel bars in hand .

They came running angrily . One of them grinned grimly at Zhang Dashan and shouted, “It’s amazing to drive a Land Rover . Why don’t you give this boss another scolding? And I’ll smash your car! ”

Zhang Dashan was very angry and thought to himself: You almost shaved my car, but you still dare to find fault with such arrogance . This is really…

“You stay in the car and don’t move, I’ll go down to deal with it!”

Xiao Luo didn’t want Zhang Dashan’s car to be smashed . He pushed open the door and went down .

He walked to the side of the road, stretched out his hand towards the one who threatened, square-faced big fellow, and said faintly, “Come here . ”

The four men laughed in anger . The square-faced man said, “It’s really weird . I didn’t think I’d be meeting two brain-dead people . ”

Having said that, the four men walked towards Xiao Luo .

“You just threatened to smash my friend’s car, didn’t you?”

Xiao Luo looked at the square-faced man, his face was calm, as if there was no threat at all . In essence, when the four men came running to rush at Zhang Dashan with steel bars, his fangs were already exposed .

The four people looked at each other, in their hearts they wondered, all of them had weapons in hand, but this guy was still incredibly calm .

“F*ck you, what calm! Brothers, fight to the death and smash their Land Rover!” The square-faced man thundered .

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Three people cried and rushed at Xiao Luo, obviously at ordinary times, they were daring, but this time they were destined to kick an iron plate .

As soon as one of them rushed to Xiao Luo and raised the bar, the bar in his hand was taken away by a strong force . Looking closely, the bar suddenly seemed to get in the other’s hand .

Xiao Luo looked cold and took the steel bar and smashed it directly into the man’s forehead .

“Peng ~”

The man only felt severe pain in his head, and then a stream of boiling liquid poured down from his forehead, as if someone was pouring water slowly onto his forehead .

After seeing this, his companions changed color one by one .

And when a handful of liquid was running down his forehead and filling his face with it, he realized . Blood, blood!

“ah ~”

The man’s mouth issued a scream as he kept going backwards, finally he fell down with his butt and sat on the ground, horrified at Xiao Luo .

The other two men who rushed at Xiao Luo froze .

“Why are you scared? Didn’t you take out steel bars to fight hard? Come on, go on!” Xiao Luo smiled playfully .

What he disliked most were these kind of bastards who bully the weak . There was no reason first and foremost, but they were still so arrogant . If he hadn’t restrained himself, he would have killed the man with that bar just now .


The square-faced man rushed up with a ferocious look, and the steel bar in his hand whipped at Xiao Lou’s head .

Xiao Luo airily dodged to the side, pulling the square face man conveniently on the arm, and smacked on top of his shoulder .

“Ow ~”

Shrill shrieks sounded, the square-faced man’s elbow was abruptly broken, and the steel bar in his hand fell to the ground .

“Have some flowers on your head too!”

Xiao Luo smiled, the steel bar in his hand fiercely swung down .

“Poof ~”

Blood sprayed, the square face man’s shrieks intensified .

The remaining two people looked at Xiao Luo in horror . If they didn’t realize they had met a malicious character by now, they would be idiots .

When Xiao Luo’s eyes swept over them, the two men turned and ran .

“It’s too unfair to leave one’s companions and run away . ”

Xiao Luo’s eyes suddenly flashed cold ruthlessness . Throwing the steel bar to the side, he rushed up to the two men, his two hands became like claws and grabbed their necks, then with a hard swing…

“Poof ~”

There was a sharp collision between the two heads, just like two bumper cars . Their heads became bloody and both fell to the ground with miserable cries .

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