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Chapter 252

Xiao Luo couldn’t help laughing . He did not expect that Zhang Dashan’s mother was also a star chaser . After all, she was in her fifties . Star chaser, a young and fashionable behavior, seldom happened to people of this age group .

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“Elder brother Zhang, it seems your mother is very trendy, ha, ha, ha …” Feng Ge quipped .

Zhang Dashan clapped his thigh: “Yes, since she was taught how to use a mobile phone, she has become addicted to it . Watching TV, listening to music, making friends … etc . She is a cosmopolitan . Do you know my mother’s internet name?”

“What?” Xiao Wu was extremely curious .

“She calls herself ’18 years old uber girl!'” Zhang Dashan showed everyone his mother’s ID in his cell phone WeChat .

“Poof ~”

Xiao Luo couldn’t resist, he was drinking water and it sprayed out .

The five people were also laughing . A woman in their fifties named herself ’18-year-old uber girl’, which was too wonderful .

“Do laugh, just like when I saw it, I can’t help but laugh . My mother has such a name . She also found a beautiful girl’s picture on the Internet, which attracted countless love rats . For this reason, my father had a big fight with her . Then my father gave me a good lecture, saying that I had taught my mother bad . ”

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Zhang Dashan sighed, “Who do you think I should talk to? My original intention is to chat with my mom via video call . Who would’ve known my mom is a young girl on the inside? Besides chasing stars, she also wants to find the excitement of marriage and affair . ”

“Dashan, I finally know why you are so colorful . ” Xiao Luo suddenly said .

“Color your sister, grass!” Zhang Dashan was flustered .


At this time, Xiao Wu suddenly let out a cry .

“What are you doing?” Zhang Dashan bluntly said to Xiao Wu .

Xiao Wu turned over his mobile phone and felt a little anxious: “Xiao Ge, Zhang Ge, we have made headlines in Luo Fang!”


Zhang Dashan soon calmed down, took Xiao Wu’s cell phone and looked at it carefully . The more he looked at it, the more indignant he became . Then he handed the phone to Xiao Luo: “Damn, that Xu Guansong sent a long article about his grievance, which somehow was forwarded by Jia Zhengyi to his microblog name, causing quite a stir on the Internet . ”

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Xiao Luo took the mobile phone and glanced at it roughly . It was really Xu Guansong who sent a long article . The general meaning was that Luo Fang was too dark . Even as a veteran employee, he said he was dismissed . In order to have a grandiose excuse, he was framed for embezzling the company’s tax revenue, and even paid a female minister of finance to falsely claim that she had an affair with him, tarnishing his reputation . Finally, he even spared no effort to use his personal relationship and got JC to put him into detention .

Every word had profound emotion, just like words from the bottom of one’s heart . Xu Guansong’s literary accomplishment could be seen clearly, which made people feel sympathy and felt that Xu Guansong was really wronged and suppressed maliciously .

Seeing the number of times this microblog had been shared and commented on, Xiao Luo’s eyebrows could not help wrinkling because it had been shared 70 million times, with more than 90,000 comments, and the comments were one-sided, all of which were aim to bury Luo Fang for Xu Guansong’s grievance .

“Who is this Jia Zhengyi?”

Xiao Luo couldn’t help but ask as there must be some connections for so many people to pay attention to Weibo, but he had never heard of it .

“Come on, you don’t even know that . ‘Lao Jia Talk Show’ was hosted by him . The show was so popular that it attracted a lot of fans . You can see that his micro blog followers’ attention has reached 10 million, not to mention superstars, first-line stars can definitely be counted . ”

Zhang Dashan was anxious, the company’s reputation was very important, if the reputation was affected, it would directly affect the pastry sales, “F*ck, that Xu Guansong is really a degenerate, even for the sake of his past contribution to the company, he is still not ready to deal with his responsibility ‘properly,’

And now that we let him return the 200,000 dollars he had embezzled and detained him for half a month, he wanted to reprimand us directly with a long article, and let a talk show host who is very influential in the country support him . What the f*ck is this?”

Xiao Luo’s expression sank down . Early next year, Luo Fang planned to expand across the country, now with this incident, with Luo Fang suddenly being in the forefront, not only would it greatly affect Luo Fang’s progress to expand across the country, but it might also decrease stock value and would reach a freezing point . Basically, it would go back to the previous state where Taste Buds suppressed Luo Fang and it came near to bankruptcy .

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Zhang Dashan’s cell phone rang one after another . After receiving the call, he said to Xiao Luo: “Li Zimeng and Luo Qi saw it too . They were all anxious like ants on a hot pan asking us what to do . ”

“Let Zhang Yong, Minister of Legal Affairs, sue Xu Guansong . In front of absolute evidence, his long article could only be turned upside down and hit him in the face . ”

Xiao Luo seemed very calm, but anger was deep in his eyes . Xu Guansong’s ignorance and provocation, had made him decided to let Xu Guansong pay a heavy price .

“Well, let’s do it . If we don’t let that pig lose a thousand pounds, it’s for nothing . We’ll let him stay in prison for seven or eight years . ”

Zhang Dashan was also very angry . He knew best what was going on . Xu Guansong even distorted the facts on the Internet and poured dirty water on his old employer’s face . This was clearly an *sshole .



Chu YunXiong’s facial expression was not looking very good . Looking at the public opinion on the Internet, he sighed: “Xiao Luo has been involved again!”

“What did he do now?”

Sitting opposite to him, Ge Zhongtian lifted his glasses and asked doubtfully .

“Take your mobile phone and watch the news . ”

Chu YunXiong didn’t want to say more, he poured a cup of hot tea and slowly sipped from it .

Ge Zhongtian, according to Chu Yunxiong’s words, turned on his mobile phone and looked at it . His face changed and said: “Xiao Luo was denounced by the former vice president of the company . Because of his brother he pushed out a veteran backbone of the company . Then Jia Zhengyi forwarded it, pushing Luo Fang to the forefront . What is this? Jia Zhengyi was full and had nothing to do, why did he take the initiative to stir up trouble?”

“Don’t forget, Jia Zhengyi started his fame with his outspoken poisonous tongue by criticizing stars . Recently, there was not enough news about stars . It was reasonable that he would forward such a long article full of emotion to make himself the focus of public opinion . In the eyes of many people, this is called grounding gas, and it was often used by these artists and stars . ”

Chu Yunxiong’s words revealed the mystery .

Ge Zhongtian was stunned and lost his smile: “He did not know Xiao Luo . If he knew what kind of person Xiao Luo was, he would not dare to provoke Xiao Luo even if he was given 100 more courage . ”

“Some people just need to learn some lessons to know which people they can’t provoke . ”

Chu Yunxiong raised his eyebrows, shook his head and chuckled, “But I really want to know how Xiao Luo will deal with this public opinion crisis . ”

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