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Chapter 251

“Big boss, where have you been these days?”

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After all the other key members of the company left the conference room, Luo Qi became animated . As the minister of the creative department, she was dressed with girlish temperament and blinked her beautiful eyes, just like a teen .


“Xiao Luo bathed in bubbling urine!” Zhang Dashan joked .


Bath-pee? !


Luo Qi, Li Zimeng and Lin Chong were stunned . What bubbling urine? Thinking of such a scene, the three people couldn’t help but get goose bumps .


Xiao Luo mercilessly stared at Zhang Dashan .


Zhang Dashan spat: “Bah, Bah … not pee, but girls . Just now my tongue didn’t work right . I made a mistake . ”


It turned out to be girls!


The three people were relieved, fortunately it was just picking up hot chicks . If it was really bubbling urine… They couldn’t even comprehend its pungency .


However, Luo Qi felt a little hurt and said with her mouth curled: “Big Boss, why are you going and picking up hot chicks? Why don’t you even pick me up?”


Hey, what was this?


Lin Chong gasped . They’ve just known about Xu Guansong and Guo Fu’s relationship, and now Luo Qi and Xiao Luo?


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“Mr . Xiao, as the boss of the company, your every move represents the image of the company . I think you have gone too far . ” Li Zimeng’s jealousy exploded . Leaving with a reprimand, she turned and left the conference room .


“Big Boss, you make us so sad, huh!”


Luo Qi also left like an angry little girl .


What was this?


Lin Chong was dumbfounded . The two beautiful flowers in the company were both unhappy when they heard that Xiao Luo went to pick up girls . No … This was a love triangle, and it was Luo Qi and Li Zimeng falling in love with Boss Xiao at the same time?


This material is also a bit too fierce!


At that moment, he found Xiao Luo staring at him .


His body shuddered and smiled awkwardly: “Boss Xiao, I … I don’t know anything …”


“Lin Chong, it is not what you think . I have nothing to do with them . ” Xiao Luo defended himself .


Lin Chong quickly echoed: “Yes, yes, Boss Xiao certainly has nothing to do with them . Don’t worry, Boss Xiao, even if I rot in my stomach, I will never say anything . Boss Xiao, I have work to do, so I’ll go out first . ”


Saying so, he respectfully backed out of the room .


Xiao Luo was extremely depressed . What do you mean by ‘even if you rot in your belly you will never say anything?’ There was really nothing between the three of them .

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“Holy, this is what I call a big misunderstanding!”


Zhang Dashan felt aggrieved and then said regretfully and sympathetically, “Lao Xiao, I feel that your reputation is going to spread in the company . ”


Xiao Luo looked at him ferociously and thought to himself: Isn’t it your big mouth talking nonsense?


“HAHA, I’m just saying casually . It’s just a lively atmosphere . Lin Chong misunderstands that you have an affair with the two beautiful flowers of the company . It’s none of my business . ” Zhang Dashan defended himself .


Xiao Luo really wanted to send him flying with a kick .





In the evening, Xiao Luo bought a large table of wine and dishes and invited Feng Ge to eat hot pot outside his rented house .


The air was very good, the breeze was gentle, eating hot pot and drinking wine, it didn’t feel cold at all .


Tang Ren and Xiao Ruyi still had to work, so they didn’t come . Xiao Luo also said more than once that he wanted them to come to his company . Although Tang Ren looked silly, he was somewhat manly and insisted on working in the hospital . He also liked the profession of a doctor .


Xiao Ruyi married a chicken and followed the chicken . She was also determined to be a little nurse beside Tang Ren .


Xiao Luo sat on a stool and drank a glass of beer, looked up at the night sky, this period of time felt like a dream . Five months ago, he was just a bitter force of the HuaHai group of engineers . Now, five months later, he was the boss of Luo Fang .

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Although looking at the whole country, Luo Fang was nothing, but in River City, it was able to squeeze into the top 20 .


At this moment, Feng Ge stood up, holding his glass in both hands, and stretched out his hand to Xiao Luo: “Xiao Ge, if it weren’t for you, the five of us would have been hacked to death by the Dragon gang, and we wouldn’t be able to survive in River City . I’m afraid we would have starved to death . Now, Xiao ge, you are the benefactor of our brothers . Your kindness, I, Feng Ge, will not forget in my entire life!”


The other four people also stood up, holding their wine, with serious and respectful eyes .


Xiao Wu said in an orderly way: “Xiao Ge, we propose a toast to you!”


Xiao Luo got up and patted Feng Ge on the shoulder: “I don’t like melodramatic people, so, you all shouldn’t be melodramatic with me in the future . ”


Saying so, he lifted his head, and downed the cup .


“Yes, Brother Xiao . ”


The five people followed his lead and also downed their own cups of wine .


“If you want to make eggs, eat hot pot . If you say anything sensational, thanks Lao Xiao . When you finish eating hot pot, you will be given the task of tidying up . ”


While eating a piece of fat beef, Zhang Dashan said, “By the way, why didn’t you buy the cow penis that I wanted? Didn’t I tell you to buy it?”


“Zhang Ge, I walked through several markets and didn’t see anyone selling that stuff . ” Feng Ge frowned and explained .


“Nonsense, the supply of cow penis is in short supply . If you don’t order in advance with the cow seller, you can’t buy sh*t . ” Zhang Dashan reprimanded .


Xiao Wu then reminded: “Elder brother Zhang, that’s not the cow penis, it’s the bullwhip . ”


“Bullwhip, your younger sister, I’d be happy to call it cow penis and cow egg . Can you boy control me?” Zhang Dashan raised his voice .




They were left speechless .


After being satiated with food and drink, Zhang Dashan began to brush up his circle of friends and watch entertainment news . After they have stayed in River City during these times, the five also became avid mobile phone users . After tidying up the desktop, they took out their mobile phones and played with relish just like Zhang Dashan .


“Holy, national goddess Su Li actually came to River City to hold a concert . I didn’t know!” Zhang Dashan suddenly struck the table and cried out in frustration .


“What a shock! What are you looking for?”


Xiao Luo angrily leered, because Zhang Dashan just struck the table, almost knocking over the cup on the table . If it were to spill, the tea inside would’ve spilled on his crotch .


“Hit an egg, come on, look at this news . Goddess Su came to River City on the 30th to hold a concert of 50,000 people . ” Zhang Dashan put the mobile phone near Xiao Luo .


Xiao Luo sarcastically said: “You don’t want Huang Ruoran?”


“Yellow sister, of course, I idolize her . But Su Goddess is a real goddess, a kind of fairy who can only be seen from afar and cannot be profaned . I have seen all the TV plays and movies she has played . All the roles she has played are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people . My mother is a huge fan of her . She always taught me to choose objects according to the goals of Su Goddess . She used to ask me to run errands in Su Goddess’s works just because she wanted to get an autograph from Su Goddess . ” Zhang Dashan said .

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